How to unlock the Battle Axe in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

How to unlock the Battle Axe in Warzone and Cold WarActivision

The Battle Axe is a new melee that players can get their hands on during Season 6: here’s how to unlock it in Warzone and Cold War.

With the launch of Season 6, players can grasp the brand-new Battle Axe. This joins the Hammer and Sickle as another melee that is coming this season and a long list of others that players can yield in the streets of Verdansk or the realms of Multiplayer.

While melees haven’t made their way into the Warzone meta or are the go-to for dropping a nuke in Cold War, they can still bring a trollish and fun way to play the game.

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For players looking to get a heavy hitter in Season 6, we’ve got everything you need to know about unlocking this in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

Warzoneand Cold War Season 6 RoadmapActivision
The Roadmap for Season 6 of Warzone features five new weapons including the Battle Axe.

How to unlock Battle Axe in Warzone & Cold War

The Battle Axe may be a bit tough to unlock. Players can unlock this by completing an in-game challenge, recently revealed as part of the Season 6 update. Another option is for players to purchase a blueprint for the Battle Axe from a bundle when it appears in the store later.

The Battle Axe unlock challenge is as follows: “Get a kill with a gun, melee weapon, and piece of lethal equipment in the same life in 15 different completed matches”

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Like the Sai, Cane, and Sledgehammer, it’s almost certain the Axe will bring a new way to beat down enemies. Get your hands on it now Season 6 is here.

Battle Axe in the Black Ops Cold War menus.Treyarch
The Battle Axe is now available in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

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