Warzone Redacted weapons signal big perks change for Vanguard integration

warzone vanguard integrationActivision

Warzone will be getting full integration of Call of Duty: Vanguard guns this November and the new Redacted weapons have given players a lot to think about, including a big perks change. 

Details on that integration are slim at the time of writing, in terms of how the roadmap will look. However, it’s safe to assume that – just like Black Ops Cold War integration – it will refresh the current options at the disposal of players.

In BOCW, a load of new firearms were added to the action, and that’s expected again this time.

However, the mysterious inclusion of Redacted weapon rarity with 8-10 different attachments, more than anything else in the game, has sparked some rumors.

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Warzone Redacted weapons spark Vanguard rumors

Vanguard Hackers end gamesActivision
Vanguard will bring a new list of weapons and items to use, but a Warzone tweak to perks might be the most game-changing.

On September 30, the Warzone subreddit was once again packed out with questions about Redacted weapons.

One user posted: “Anyone knows what type of weapon this is? Called Redacted AR. Found in iron trials.”

While they might not have got the memo on what they are, and what they do, it appears there is a lot of confusion about why these have been added to the battle royale.

Greed perk coming to Warzone?

“Maybe the 8 attachments thing is gonna be a feat for vanguard weapons in order to phase out the Cold War weapons,” a fan said.

Another added: “It’s a teaser of the perk greed coming to Warzone. It’s a full modded weapon without the 5 attachments limit.”

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While a consensus is starting to form in the community that Raven Software is conditioning players to a changing gameplay experience ahead of Vanguard integration, there has been no confirmation of a Greed perk being added.

In Black Ops Cold war, there is a Perk Greed wildcard that allows you to have up to six perks with each loadout, which would massively change how Warzone is played and shake up the meta.

Although Warzone hasn’t introduced wildcards, it could be something we see with the Vanguard integration. That said, it hasn’t taken much for some players to be convinced by the theories.

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