Warzone Season 6 map changes: Stadium, Downtown, WW2 bunkers and return of OG Gulag

warzone season 6 map changes gulag stadium destroyedActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 6 roadmap is out and the map changes earn the spotlight. Stadium and Downtown are getting destroyed, WWII bunkers are being added, and the original Showers Gulags are returning.

Warzone fans were not fond of the Season 5 event, Numbers, as it felt particularly boring (and, sonically, quite annoying). But the expectations for Season 6 rose when it was teased that the Stadium and Downtown POIs (points of interest) might get demolished.

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Well, now we have confirmation that not only are both those locales being changed (via destruction), but other major map changes are happening when Season 6 drops on October 7.

Bunkers are coming back to Verdansk as well, but this time they’ll be WW2-themed. And, in a major surge of nostalgia, the original Shower Gulags are making their return — albeit apparently with some tweaks.

Warzone Season 6: Destruction of Stadium & Downtown

stadium warzone destroyed season 6Activision
Look at Stadium, man, it is not at full health.

As seen in the cinematic trailer for Season 6 and now confirmed with the roadmap patch notes, explosions are set to cause massive fissures through Stadium and into Downtown.

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It’s not quite clear how far-ranging these will be or if they’ll even touch the tallest of Downtown’s buildings, but players will likely be happy just to see some variety in what’s become one of the most camped sections of the map.

Warzone Season 6: Reveal of WW2 Bunkers

warzone season 6 bunkers ww2Activision
New to us, old to the world: WW2 bunkers are coming in Season 6.

This is an interesting change and one that few, if any, saw coming: bunkers are coming back to Verdansk, but they’re not the regular ones players might remember from the Modern Warfare days.

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Instead, the devs have revealed that these are “old German war bunkers” and will tease what fans can expect once Warzone integrates with CoD Vanguard.

Warzone Season 6: Return of OG Gulag

warzone season 6 shower gulag return

After season after season miniaturizing retro Black Ops maps for the Warzone Gulag, the developers are breaking the pattern. And, in doing so, players will return to as classic a space as any in Verdansk history: the Shower Gulags.

While the devs have mentioned that the “arena may not be just as you remember it,” it’s nonetheless exciting to see a lot of players’ favorite Gulag come back from the dead. Now, we’ll just have to wait for Season 6 to find out who’s ready to hit the showers and come back from the dead themselves.

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