Warzone fans amped after new Season 6 trailer absolutely obliterates Stadium

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The new trailer for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 has been revealed and fans are already hype, as the cinematic showed the Stadium (and some of Downtown) POI get absolutely demolished.

If you were worried that there would be no changes to Verdansk before Warzone’s integration with CoD Vanguard, we’ve got some good news for you. And, if you’re one of many who dislike the Stadium and Downtown POIs (points of interest), we’ve got even better news.

In the brand-new cinematic for Warzone Season 6, fans have noticed that Stadium gets sent to kingdom come with a gigantic explosion — one so big that it seems to trickle into Downtown. 

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That means, even before we get the new Pacific map with Vanguard, a lot of the buildings in Verdansk may be subjected to an early demolition with the new season’s launch on October 7. 

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 trailer

As you can see in Call of Duty’s official tweet, there’s a lot of narrative elements at play with the new season. Stitch, Adler, and others are messing around with scary explosions and injections and Red Doors and more, but Warzone fans have honed in on the architectural changes.

Posted across Twitter, players have noticed that the Stitch-fueled explosion seems to erase Stadium off of the face of Verdansk. Additionally, the rippling blasts tore into the border of Downtown before the clip cut off.

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Unsurprisingly, this has become an exciting aspect for fans of the game (or former fans who think Verdansk has grown too stale).

Warzone Season 6: Stadium, Downtown destroyed

Overall, the majority of responses are excited for the changes. One user quote-tweeted with pure joy: “watching stadium crumble to the ground makes me happy,” while another’s “GET IT OUTTA HERE” was even more passionate.

Still, while most are excited for Verdansk to change, some are a little melancholic about Season 6 being our last on the map. 

And one user summed it up perfectly. While it is exciting for Warzone to shift into a colorful Pacific map, it’s hard not to remember the good times on Verdansk, where “memories have been made.”

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