Warzone Season 4 update hub: Game changes, guides & tips

Warzone Season 4 feature piece update guides reactions leaks more.Activision

Warzone Season 4 is finally here! Raven Software promised a big June 17 update for the Call of Duty battle royale, and they’ve certainly delivered; if you’re looking for all the breaking news, or just want tips & tricks to get the win, we’ve got you covered in our ultimate live hub. 

On launch day, we’re keeping you on top of all the live updates as they happened for all things Warzone, from the new “Red Doors” to the Satellite POI, and more.

As well as all the breaking battle royale news, on Day 1 we’re posting everything you need to be equipped properly for battle, including guides, Warzone news, leaks, and reactions from streamers and fans – see it all below!

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Warzone Season 4 essentials

Warzone cosmetic eventTreyarch
Season 4 launched in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War on Thursday, June 17.

Warzone Season 4 launch day: As it happened

Newbz nailing it with Warzone Season 4’s new gun

June 17, 19:00pm GMT

The new Nail Gun is getting a lot of attention early on, with streamers like Newbz wiping duos with ease.

Warzone’s latest addition to the arsenal is extremely deadly at close ranges, and high-frag skirmishers will probably like that a lot.

Warzone players stunned by Armored Trucks in regular BR modes

June 17, 14:24pm GMT

It was hoped that the Season 4 update would bring further adjustments to the Cargo Trucks that run rampant around Verdansk, but instead, the latest content drop has managed to make things even worse.

Catch up with all the latest community drama here.

Symfuhny left speechless by the MG 82’s TTK

June 17, 12:07pm GMT

The new LMG is impressing a lot of streamers on Twitch and looks like it could break into the list of top-tier weapons. Symfuhny was lost for words after instantly downing a player from long-range with the new gun.

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If you’re looking to kit out your MG 82 with the best attachments possible, consider checking out our dedicated loadout guide.

All the weapon buffs and nerfs from the update

June 17, 7:21am GMT

We’ve seen the new weapons, but what about the big changes to the guns already in the game?

Well, there’s a comprehensive list of them. Assault rifles are in the firing line, with nerfs all across the board. You can find them here.

Just a reminder, there is a Warzone tournament in less than 24 hours with the new update

June 17, 6:44am GMT

The Dallas Empire $100K Warzone Heist is set to kick off later on June 17 on the Season 4 patch.

If you want to hear what the pros think about that, Aydan sums it up perfectly: “We have to play a $100K tourney with this sh*t tomorrow. Oh my God.”

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It’s not just the LMG… The Nail Gun and C58 are insane too

June 17, 6:23am GMT

That’s if you ask Swagg and Repullze, who were both talking up the Nail Gun.

You can unlock the Nail Gun by completing an in-game challenge.

The C58 AR is unlocked via the Season 4 Battle Pass. Here’s the best C58 build to use once you unlock it.

Is the MG 82 LMG the new meta gun for Warzone?

June 17, 6:01am GMT

Booya is certainly making it look like that, shredding through opponents with ease.

You can unlock the MG 82 LMG by reaching Tier 15 in the battle pass!

New Satellite Crash POIs added as Verdansk changes in Season 4

June 17, 5:53am GMT

Four new Satellite Crash POIs have been dotted across Verdansk as part of the Warzone Season 4 map update.

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There are a few more changes too, so be sure to check out Brad Norton’s wrap. You can also find all the satellite crash locations right here.

Goodbye, Roze. We won’t miss you.

June 17, 5:48am GMT

Roze’s reign over Warzone is finally over. They finally fixed the broken skin, making it painfully visible with a dusting of white.

First Ultra-rarity skin released for Jackal

June 17, 5:35am GMT

Jackal has received a super-cool Iridescent ultra-rare skin as part of the Warzone Season 4 battle pass. Want to grab it for yourself? Follow our guide.

Iridescent Jackal Operator Skin

Want to see the new Red Door fast-travel?

June 17, 5:18am GMT

Here’s Warzone pro Biffle showing just how good the loot is on the other side of those Red Doors.

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All the details about Warzone’s new Ground Fall event

June 17, 4:40am GMT

It’s not as big as past seasons, but Warzone Season 4 is kicking off with the Ground Fall event. There’s a chance to earn limited-time rewards, including an exclusive blueprint.

Once again, Brad Norton has everything you need to know right here.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Ground Fall eventActivision
A look at the bonus reward for the Ground Fall event.

Warzone Season 4 Battle Pass details

June 17, 4:25am GMT

Keen to grind the battle pass and unlock the new weapons? We’ve got all the details for the Warzone Season 4 battle pass here.

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Battle Pass

Warzone devs aim to increase time to kill

June 17, 3:12am GMT

Warzone’s time to kill is a little bit too low, according to the deevelopers. Raven has outlined big plans to allow for more “skill expression” by increasing the average TTK by 60 to 100 milliseconds.

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The average weapon TTK is currently 500 to 700 milliseconds. Brad Norton has the wrap right here.

Custom weapon build saves added in Season 4 update

June 17, 2:32am GMT

Raven has finally heeded the calls of Warzone players across the globe by adding the ability to save custom weapon builds as blueprints, giving you up to five unique builds.

This will be a lifesaver for when you grab your favorite Warzone pro’s loadout!

First look at new weapons!

June 17, 2:26am GMT

As we mentioned, three new weapons are available in the Season 4 update! These include the C58 Assault Rifle, the MG 82 LMG, and the special new Nail Gun.

Here’s how to unlock each new gun:

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warzone nail gun season 4Activision / Treyarch
Warzone players have three new guns to unlock after the Season 4 update.

Warzone patch is out!

June 17, 2:19am GMT

The new Warzone patch is here! Raven Software promised a big one, and delivered.

Notable changes include the following:

  • Satellite POI added
  • New weapons: C58, MG 82, Nail Gun, more
  • New limited-time Warzone event: Ground Fall
  • Red Doors fast-travel system
  • Battle Royale finally gets 120hz support

If you’re looking for a quick summary of everything that’s changed for the new Season 4 update, check out the full patch notes here.