Warzone Season 4 brings new Red Door fast-travel system: How it works


Months after a Verdansk ‘84 survey leaked their existence, Red Doors are finally in Warzone’s Season 4 update. Here’s how the fast-travel system is expected to work.

Shortly after Warzone’s biggest update arrived on April 22 with the introduction of Verdansk ‘84, a brand new feature was accidentally revealed as part of a survey from Activision. Having been teased in the Season 3 launch trailer, Red Doors were spotted across various sections of the new map.

After playing a key role in the Black Ops Cold War story, and even serving as the internal codename for the 2020 release, it was no surprise they were finally making the leap to Warzone. However, Season 3 came and went without any further mention of the leaked feature.

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After weeks of silence, we finally got confirmation that Red Doors would arrive in Season 4. Now that they’re live, here’s how the new fast-travel system works.

How Red Doors work in Warzone Season 4

Warzone Red DoorsActivision
Red Doors were a key focus in the Black Ops Cold War narrative. Now, they’re in Warzone.

Red Doors are a new fast-travel system in Warzone. Similar to how the underground train network once teleported players from place to place, Red Doors come with a similar function.

Upon finding a Red Door out in the open, players are able to walk through and teleport to another part of the map. Not only is a quick way of rotating, but it also allows you to access high-tier loot with ease.

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Reaching the new area puts you inside a room filled to the brim with extremely valuable loot. From Armor Satchels to Durable Gas Masks and more, it’s well worth the effort of tracking down a Red Door.

Raven Software
There’s loads of rare loot behind the new Red Doors scattered across Warzone.

Warzone Red Door locations in Season 4

As a new fast-travel system, Red Doors are now appearing across a number of POIs. Unlike previous additions to the map, however, their locations are always changing.

Red Doors spawn in fixed locations, though their appearance isn’t guaranteed. For instance, if a Red Door appears in the Stadium during one match, there’s no telling if it’ll be there in the next match. Red Doors are always changing up, meaning players can’t flood the same location at the start of every game for early loot.

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Players quickly discovered a few set locations for the Red Doors early into Season 4. Though that’s not to say things won’t change with each passing week. For now though, below is a quick overview of typical spawn locations for Red Doors in Warzone.

Warzone Red Door locations in Season 4Charlie Intel / Activision
All current Red Door locations at the start of Season 4 in Warzone.
  1. In the center building of Summit
  2. In the Old Mine south-west of Summit
  3. Upstairs in the north-west end of Salt Mine’s most northern building
  4. In the large building south-west end of the Salt Mine
  5. Inside the fully-built plane in Factory
  6. Underneath the half-built plane in Factory
  7. On the scoreboard at the west side of the Stadium
  8. Underneath the commentator’s box at the south end of the Stadium
  9. In the second floor of Nakatomi Plaza

We’ll be sure to keep you updated if these locations change or if new spawns are added throughout Season 4.

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