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ScummN & UnRationaL win Dallas Empire’s $100K Warzone Heist tournament: results & recap

Published: 18/Jun/2021 22:49 Updated: 19/Jun/2021 2:47

by Theo Salaun


The CDL’s Dallas Empire hosted a $100,000 Warzone tournament that featured some of the game’s best players, but it was ScummN and UnRationaL who ran through the bracket, secured first-place honors, and a whopping $40,000.

  • ScummN & UnRationaL win tournament without dropping a map.
  • Tommey & Almond led field in Day 1 with 213 kills.
  • Full $100,000 gifted in Season 4’s biggest tourney yet.

While a lot of Warzone competitions follow a linear structure, some add a twist and allow players to earn prizes through completing challenges. The Empire $100k Warzone Heist did exactly that, offering $75,000 in prize money and $25,000 in challenges alone.

$100k Warzone Heist: results & recap

Day 2: ScummN and UnRationaL dominate

They simply could not be denied. After imperfect finishes in multiple tournaments, UnRationaL and ScummN proved they’re a duo to be reckoned with by bursting through the entire bracket and securing first place without dropping a map.


A clear MVP of the tournament, ScummN posted a ludicrous 13.0 K/D on Day 2 (with 20 average kills and 6,805 average damage, all according to In The Zone). UnRationaL wasn’t too shabby either, dropping a Rocking the MG 82 and an XM4 as his secondary, ScummN was a one-man wrecking crew all day long. And then he capped it off by securing the W solo, while his duo UnRationaL provided relentless gas.

This win marks a major one, as it’s the first big tournament since the Season 4 update and was in a stacked field of competitors. Here are the full results for Day 2’s Duo Quads bracket, followed by a recap of Day 1’s Kill Race qualifiers.


Day 2 Results

Place Teams Prize
1st UnRationaL & ScummN $40,000
2nd IceManIsaac & Bbreadman $16,000
3rd Newbz & HusKerrs $8,000
4th Swagg & Booya $4,000
5th-6th PicNick & Nickool $2,250
5th-6th Destroy & Zlaner $2,250
7th-8th Metaphor & Smitty $1,250
7th-8th Tommey & Almond $1,250

Day 1: Tommey and Almond show up

The first day of the $100k Warzone Heist had duos thrashing matches in hopes of getting the highest kills. In the end, it was Tommey and Almond who would stand atop the heap with a scorching 213-kill tally.

Along with the top duo, Newbz and HusKerrs also cracked the 200 mark, but just barely. Throughout the day we saw a ton of teams adopt the new MG 82 LMG and Nail Gun SMG meta shift to rack up kills.

Top contenders like Superevan and Biffle as well as Aydan and Rated missed out the cut to advance to Day 2. Those are huge names to not see in the Grand Finals, which goes to show how cut-throat kill races can be.


Day 1 Results

Place Teams Points
1st Tommey/Almond 213
2nd Newbz/HusKerrs 200
3rd Swagg/Booya 167
4th Destroy/ZLaner 155
5th UnRationaL/ScummN 149
6th Metaphor/Smitty 147
7th pickNICK/Nickool 145
8th Angel/Lenun 137

$100k Warzone Heist format & challenges

Dallas Empire’s Warzone tournament took place over the course of two days and provided some incredible content for viewers. With a series of unique challenges to complete, it shook up the action and pushed competitors to play differently to secure some extra cash.

  • Day 1: Kill Race Qualifier + Challenges
  • Day 2: Double Elimination Best of 3 Bracket

As you can see, players only had one day to complete as many challenges as possible while taking part in the kill race. Although ticking off each of the challenges was tempting, competitors had to make sure they don’t get distracted to ensure they qualified for Day 2.

You can check out a full list of the available challenges below which include winning the game with an airstrike and landing a sniper kill over 400m.


Warzone Heist challenge list
Twitter: Dallas Empire
Here’s the full list of challenges for the event.

$100k Warzone Heist teams & players

This is definitely a competition that was worth tuning into and with so many entertaining challenges for players to complete, it was guaranteed to be action-packed.

Tommey/Almond Rallied/OtterEyes
Newbz/HusKerrs IMAngelikaa/Fuzzn
Destroy/ZLaner Galex/Shway
SuperEvan/DiazBiffle Speros/Fluxuryy
Vikkstar123/Warsz MrDaft/BasedGodXenon
KaleiRenay/Pork JoeWo/Stukawaki
HollyLive/JerKy26 TTinyy/Zepti
Neslo/OPMarked Metaphor/Smitty
JessieCooks/Luvey Jordy2d/Spidey
LEGIQN/SloppyHarry Jukeyz/Fifakill
P90Princess/Jxsephs BobbyPoff/Mayappo
MarkClark/Frozone ClutchBelk/Med1cine
NuFo/Bartonologist exzachtt/DougisRaw
Blake/Jorge iSmixie/Flxnked
SebasBeron/FazeBloo TeeP/DKarma
Rated/Aydan JaredFPS/zColorss
IceManIssac/breadman Swagg/Booya
pickNICK/Nickool UnRationaL/ScummN