Warzone removes Season 4’s Armored Trucks due to new invisibility glitch

Armored Truck WarzoneActivision / Treyarch

Despite the near-constant complaints from pro and casual players alike, frustrations surrounding Warzone’s Cargo Trucks reached a new level with the start of Season 4. Just hours into the new update, however, and the controversial vehicle has already been removed.

Cargo Trucks have been a huge point of contention in Warzone, particularly after the C4 nerfs made it rather difficult to counter them. Not only do these trucks have a sizeable health pool, they instantly down any players that happen to get in the way.

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While the developers nerfed the spawn rate of these overpowered vehicles in the game’s solo mode, they still run rampant in quads and trios. 

It was hoped that the Season 4 update would bring further adjustments to the Cargo Trucks that run rampant around Verdansk, but instead, the latest content drop managed to make things even worse. Armored Trucks could be obtained in Warzone’s regular battle royale modes at the beginning of Season 4.

Naturally, the community was sent into a frenzy before they were quickly removed.

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Warzone Trucks continue to cause frustrations

While Armored Trucks were previously only available in Warzone’s Armored Royale LTM, many players spotted them in solos and squad-based modes in Season 4. To make matters worse, they could also be upgraded with permanent UAVs, a Trophy System, even more armor, and a heat-resistant gun barrel. 

Even if you did manage to somehow damage one of these drivable death machines, the crew of the Armored Truck could simply repair any damage from the onboard Buy Station. “We nerfed Bertha, so get your fresh new armored Bertha on battle royal,” said Andreah2o

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It certainly felt like a strange decision, especially given how potent the regular Cargo Trucks had been in recent months. However, the decision to add Armored Trucks outside of LTMs shocked a lot players, further fueling the sentiment that Warzone’s developers don’t listen to their fans. 

“Millions of active monthly players and I bet not a single person wanted this s**t,” said lafleur-42. Meanwhile, another player joked that “the real Warzone meta is Activision seeing how much ridiculous s**t they can pull and still make money.” 

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Armored Trucks removed from Warzone Season 4 due to invisibility glitch

Just hours into Season 4 and Armored Trucks have since been removed from Warzone entirely. Despite frustrations due to their power, community complaints weren’t the reason Armored Trucks were removed.

Instead, the powerful vehicles were scrapped due to an “ongoing issue with players becoming invisible,” Raven Software outlined in a June 18 tweet.

There’s currently no telling just how long it may take for the issue to be resolved. Therefore, there’s no telling when Armored Trucks might return to Warzone in Season 4.

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The invisibility glitch is currently under investigation. As soon as it’s resolved, it’s safe to assume Armored Trucks will be back to their rampaging ways shortly after.