Warzone devs want to up Time to Kill in drastic Season 4 change

Brad Norton
Warzone Season 4 TTK changes

Raven Software has outlined big plans for a drastic Time to Kill (TTK) change during Warzone Season 4, one that aims to offset the current meta and allow for more “skill expression.”

With the arrival of Warzone’s Season 4 patch notes, all eyes were on the latest weapons changes, new additions to the map, and of course, the fresh limited-time event. However, the developers at Raven Software also teased something major in the works for a future update.

Alongside an enormous list of weapon tweaks for the Season 4 launch, Raven laid the groundwork for a future TTK adjustment. This broad change is set to drastically impact Warzone on the whole, not just specific weapons.

Here’s how the state of balance in Warzone is set to change in the next few Season 4 updates, including this week’s June 17 patch.

Warzone gameplay
With a 60-100ms TTK increase, players will be surviving more gunfights than usual.

“At a high level, Warzone is a game about engagements,” the devs outlined in their June 17 blog post. In order to increase Warzone’s skill-ceiling, it’s all about adding to “mechanical and strategic expression within engagements,” they explained.

This relates not only to aim and gun skill, but to movement as well. “We want to enable more escapes from impossible situations, moments of finesse, epic outplays, and opportunities to flex exquisite marksmanship.”

With the current power levels in Verdansk, these moments aren’t easy to come by. At least, they’re not as common as Raven would like. Therefore, drastic weapon changes are on the way to “bring the average TTK up by approximately 60-100 milliseconds.

Most weapons in Warzone today currently fall between the 500-700ms range on average for clean chest shots. Obviously, kills are even faster with shots to the head as well. With this major TTK increase, weapons will take longer to kill and players will be able to survive longer than ever before.

On one hand, Raven wants this TTK increase to pave the way for more “skill expression” in Warzone. On the other, it also allows for a drastic change to the meta. Certain weapons that haven’t quite had their time in the spotlight, may soon have a “chance to shine.”

There’s no telling exactly when this TTK adjustment will come into effect, but with Season 4 now underway, it’s only a matter of time.

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