Warzone Season 4 Ground Fall event: Missions & rewards

Brad Norton
Warzone Ground Fall event

The Warzone Ground Fall event kicked off the start of Season 4 and gives players a chance to earn a series of limited-time rewards, including an exclusive blueprint.

Warzone Season 4 is finally upon us and Raven Software has plenty of new content lined up for players. With a brand new set of POIs, multiple new weapons, and a mysterious set of red doors to open, there’s a lot of excitement within the community.

Of course, as with any new season, a limited-time event has been added to the game that allows players to complete missions for a set of exclusive rewards. In Season 4, the event is called Ground Fall and there’s a series of objectives to complete if you want to earn every single cosmetic.

These missions will involve you visiting the various new POIs scattered across the map at the launch of the new season.

Warzone Ground Fall event objectives & rewards

Season 4 Ground Fall challenges
There are six unique challenges to complete as part of the Ground Fall event in Season 4.

In total, the new Ground Fall event boasts six unique challenges for players to complete. Three of these are exclusive to Warzone and the other half for Black Ops Cold War. Below is a complete overview of all six challenges.

Black Ops Cold War Ground Fall Challenges & Rewards

Challenge Objective Reward
Uplink Online In Cold War, earn 1000 points from captured Uplink Stations in Fireteam Sat-Link. Cosmic Commuter – Arcade Game
Global Network In Cold War, get 250 Eliminations in matches on Collateral, Collateral Strike, Hijacked, or Amsterdam. Comrade Pupper – Emblem
High Caliber In Cold War, get 15 kills with the Hand Cannon Scorestreak. Race to the Surface – Calling Card

Warzone Ground Fall Challenges & Rewards

Challenge Objective Reward
Uplink Secure In Warzone, secure 5 Uplink Stations. Satellite – Charm
Firewall Security In Warzone, Eliminate 10 enemies while near an active Uplink Station or recently crashed Satellite. To the Moon – Calling Card
Crash Site Recovery In Warzone, collect 3 rewards from crashed Satellites. Launch Time – Emblem

Ground Fall Bonus Reward

Completing a full set of three challenges in either title unlocks an additional bonus as well. The special Private Party Blueprint is available exclusively through the Ground Fall event.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Ground Fall event
A look at the bonus reward for the Ground Fall event.

Warzone Ground Fall event schedule

Warzone’s Ground Fall event began alongside Season 4 on June 17, meaning players could jump into the game and start earning the rewards right away.

This unique event won’t be around for long, however. You’ll have until 10AM PT on June 24 to drop in, complete the challenges, and claim every reward.

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