Who Is Erin Carter? All actors & characters in Netflix series

Daisy Phillipson
Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Here’s your guide to the full cast and characters in Who Is Erin Carter?, a new Netflix thriller series that has captured the attention of viewers from across the globe. 

Netflix has pumped out a wide variety of hit thrillers in 2023, with The Night Agent, Unseen, Sky High, and You Season 4 being just a few examples.

Who Is Erin Carter? is the streamer’s latest entry, bringing mystery, mayhem, and murder to the table as the lead character’s secrets come back to haunt her.

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So, with the series now available for streaming, we’ve broken down the cast, including the actors and the characters they play.


Who Is Erin Carter? cast & characters

Before we get into it, here’s the official synopsis for the Netflix series: “Meet Erin Carter, a British substitute teacher who lives in Barcelona with her loving husband, Jordi, and young daughter, Harper. 

“Erin has managed to build an ordinary life for herself in Santa Alma, a fictional upmarket community on the outskirts of the city, until one day she gets caught up in a violent robbery at the local supermarket. And when one of the robbers claims to recognise her, Erin’s life begins to unravel. She’s forced to battle to clear her name and protect her family… But is she really who she claims to be?”

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Erin Carter: Evin Ahmad

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Evin Ahmad plays Erin Carter, the lead character in the series and a seemingly regular mom and wife who works at an international school in Barcelona. However, when she gets caught up in a robbery, we soon realize that there is far more to this character than meets the eye – and she’s got some serious skeletons in her closet. 

Speaking about the character, Ahmad said: “She obviously has a past which she tries to hide, but I think she’s ultimately a person who wants to do right. She really loves her family and her new life, and at the same time, she has something dark within her. 

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“She isn’t the person who always follows the rules. She can get a huge kick out of doing some illegal things and sometimes her just being a substitute teacher gets a bit boring. It made me think, ‘Do you always have to be just the wife or just the teacher or just the mother or just a criminal?’ You can be everything all at once. There are multiple sides to Erin which I really enjoyed playing.”

Ahmad has appeared in a number of TV series over the years, including Snabba Cash, The Rain, The Restaurant, and Quicksand. 

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Jordi: Sean Teale

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Sean Teale plays Jordi, Erin’s husband and an ER nurse. He’s a loving, caring, and loyal partner, and though he’s not Harper’s biological father, he helps to raise her. But how will he deal with the consequences of Erin’s double life coming to the fore?

“There is an argument to the fact that he is in denial,” explained Teale while discussing Jordi. “There is a lot of space for ambiguity in their relationship but it’s only when their world starts imploding that the cracks start to appear. The fissures start to enlarge. His feelings for Erin, his love and his trust are real and he feels them very deeply. The issue is their root cause, which is slightly more complicated, and not as pure as the emotions he feels.”

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Teale first rose to fame in the popular UK drama Skins. Since then, he’s appeared in Mr Selfridge, Reign, The Gifted, and Rosaline. 

Harper: Indica Watson

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Indica Watson takes on the role of Harper in the Who Is Erin Carter? cast. At the start of the series, Harper is whisked away from the UK to Barcelona by her mom Erin, seemingly to start a new life – but what is she running from?

Ahmad spoke about what it was like working with Watson, stating: “Indica is a lovely person and actress. She is so professional and honestly amazing. She’ll win an Oscar or a BAFTA one day for sure. She has so much talent and so smart that you forget she’s a kid.”

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Watson has been acting from a young age, starting out in the 2016 series The Missing, before taking on roles in Sherlock, Deep State, Gold Digger, and The Midwich Cuckoos. 

Lena: Denise Gough

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Denise Gough plays Lena, a mysterious woman from Erin’s past – no spoilers here, folks. All will be revealed in the show.

When asked why she opted to join the Who Is Erin Carter? cast, Gough explained: “I was looking to play something entirely different and had never done anything action based before. Good to try new things.”

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Gough is perhaps best known for playing Dedra Meero in the Star Wars series Andor. She’s also appeared in The Fall, Under the Banner of Heaven, and Robin Hood, as well as lending her voice to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Daniel Lang: Douglas Henshall

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Douglas Henshall plays Daniel Lang, a businessman and the father of one of Harper’s classmates, Dylan. He and Erin don’t get off to the best start after she marks Dylan zero for one of his tests, but they soon see eye-to-eye after she explains his son’s academic struggles and acting out in class may be a cry for attention.

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Elaborating on the character, Henshall said: “He’s not the top of the food chain but he’s not exactly middle management. He is doing very well for himself but in such a precarious business as his he is wary of everything. Because he lives his life in an extremely difficult situation he is constantly quite held and repressed.”

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Henshall is best known for Outlander, Shetland, Primeval, Angels and Insects, and Dorian Gray. 

Emilio: Pep Ambròs

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Pep Ambròs plays Emilio, the lead characters’ neighbor and Jordi’s best friend, who is first seen sleeping in his car after having broken up with his wife, Ana. He works as a police officer and is a key figure in the chaos that ensues as Erin’s life begins to unravel. 

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While discussing the creation of Emilio as a character, showrunner Jack Lothian said: “We wanted somebody who was a lovable disaster and who is best friends with Erin’s husband Jordi. Pep did a self-taping for his audition where he smeared himself with tomato ketchup as blood. That just sold it for me. Any time anyone uses a prop they’ve gone that extra half-mile.”

He added: “Pep has got a lot of warmth and great humour to him. It was important that you understood Emilio was best friends with Jordi and why Erin would want to help him out rather than just ignore him.”

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Ambròs’ other acting accolades include Cuéntame, Les Coses Grans, The Olive Tree, and Matadero, to name a few. 

DI Jim Armstrong: Jamie Bamber

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Jamie Bamber takes on the role of DI Jim Armstrong in the Who Is Erin Carter? cast, an investigative officer who is another person from Erin’s past. 

“Jamie’s such a phenomenal actor as anyone who has seen him in Battlestar Galactica or Strike Back or any of the many things he’s done will know,” said Lothian. “He plays an old colleague from Erin’s past and we feature his story in her past.”

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Alongside the aforementioned shows, Bamber has starred in Marcella, Law & Order: UK, and Band of Brothers. 

Olivia: Susannah Fielding

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Susannah Fielding plays Olivia, the school secretary and a confidant to Erin. The character provides some comic relief, which is why Fielding was an excellent choice for the role. 

“I knew Susannah from her work on This Time with Alan Partridge,” commented Lothian. “I thought she was fantastic in that so when I had the option to hire her that was amazing. That’s way beyond what I imagined we would be able to get for the character of Olivia. Her comic timing is brilliant and she really understood the character and fleshed it out.”

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Alongside her work on This Time With Alan Partridge, Fielding has taken on roles in Life, Catastrophe, and Sticks and Stones. 

Penelope: Charlotte Vega

Still from Who Is Erin Carter? on NetflixNetflix

Charlotte Vega joins the Who Is Erin Carter? cast as Penelope, Erin’s snobby neighbor, one who is harboring a secret of her own. 

Lothian described Vega as “fantastic,” adding: “She’s got a great sense of humor. She is English but she is also half-Spanish. When she read the part she brought it to life in ways that you didn’t expect which gives you lots of opportunities. She has also got a warmth to her underneath the coldness of Penelope, which is quite important.”

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Vega starred in the 2021 Wrong Turn reboot, as well as American Assassin, The Lodgers, and Warrior Nun

Ana: Núria Deulofeu

Still from 2022 short film PetricorPol S. Mas

Núria Deulofeu plays Ana, Emilio’s ex-wife. Emilio still carries a torch for her, with Erin telling Harper: “He misses her a lot, so he’d rather sleep in the car than an empty bed.”

Deulofeu has starred in La Riera, Buga Buga, Polvotron 500, and Haciendo Cerveza.

Tabarez: Andy Lucas

Still from the BBC's Witless seriesBBC

Andy Lucas plays Tabarez, a police investigator who interviews Erin after the robbery – and he suspects there might be more to the story than she’s letting on.

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Lucas has been acting since the late 70s, with a number of his roles including Alien vs. Predator, The Commuter, and Sexy Beast. 

Margot: Ana Ularu 

Still from NBC's Emerald City seriesNBC

Ana Ularu takes on the role of Margot in the Who Is Erin Carter? cast. Margot is another mysterious character who appears to know Erin – but why?

Ularu has appeared in Emerald City, Alex Rider, Inferno, and Outbound, among others. 

That’s everything we know about the cast of Who Is Erin Carter?, which is available to stream on Netflix now. You can check out some of our other Netflix hubs below: 

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