The Surrogacy cast: All actors & characters

Kayla Harrington
A close up of Yeni in The Surrogacy

The Surrogacy, Netflix’s newest drama series, has dropped this Wednesday. Here’s a guide to the show’s cast and characters.

It’s been a huge week for Netflix, as they’ve released three of the biggest projects of the summer so far: Extraction 2, Black Mirror Season 6, and The Surrogacy.

The show follows a woman who rents out her womb to a wealthy family but, when she gives birth to fraternal twins and the boy has a disability, she is left with that boy baby while the family takes the other twin. Years later, she has to confront the family and the truth comes out.

The Surrogacy released on Wednesday, June 14 but, before you binge the series, here’s a guide to its cast and characters.


The official synopsis for The Surrogacy reads: “A woman rents her womb to a powerful family of Mexican businessmen to save her father’s life. After her delivery, she wakes up in a hospital, where she is given a baby who was born with a physical disability. Years later, her life will confront her again with that moment, to discover the truth.”

Yeni: Shani Lozano

A close up of Shani Lozano in The Surrogacy

Shani Lozano plays Yeni, a resilient and courageous woman who finds herself making the difficult decision to become a surrogate mother in order to save her father’s life.

This is Lozano’s acting debut, which is pretty exciting as she’s leading an entire Netflix series.

Elena: Leticia Calderón

A close up of Leticia Calderón in The Surrogacy

Leticia Calderón plays Elena, a member of the powerful Mexican business family that hires Yeni as a surrogate.

Calderón is a well known TV actress appearing in projects such as Amor bravío, El corazón nunca se equivoca, and Imperio de mentiras.

Ana: Marcela Guirado

A close up of Marcela Guirado in The Surrogacy

Marcela Guirado plays Ana, another member of the wealthy family involved in the surrogacy agreement.

Guirado is best known for her role as María López in the TV show Así en el barrio como en el cielo, and as María José “Majo” Villaseñor in the series Silvana sin lana.

Roberto: Luis Ernesto Franco

A close up of Luis Ernesto Franco in The Surrogacy

Luis Ernesto Franco plays Roberto, a significant presence within the Mexican business family as he plays a vital role in shaping the events that unfold with Yeni.

Franco is an experienced actor who starred in the television show Señora Acero as Daniel Phillips, but he has appeared in several movies such as Colosio: El asesinato, Dariela los martes, and Two Plus Two.

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