Where to buy Pokemon LEGO-style building sets, Pikachu, Pokemon Center & more

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While official LEGO brand Pokemon sets are yet to exist, there are still brick-based building sets featuring everyone’s favorite pocket monsters.

LEGO dominates the brick-building toy scene with their acquired licenses, with more LEGO Star Wars, Marvel, and Harry Potter sets than we can possibly imagine, which covers a lot of bases for all sorts of fans for that definitive gift during the holiday season.

LEGO also loves a good video game tie-in with new Sonic the Hedgehog and Animal Crossing sets and the ongoing LEGO x Fortnite collaboration event but has yet to catch the Pokemon license to fulfill that infinity gauntlet of video game sets.

Where to buy Pokemon LEGO-style sets

LEGO has yet to officially create any Pokemon sets. However, Mattel has, with their brand of MEGA, formerly Mega Blocks and Mega Construx, building sets on Amazon so you can recreate your favorite Pokemon in blocks.

MEGA Pokemon Jungle Voyage

The MEGA Pokemon Jungle Voyage set comes with 1,362 pieces, making up a detailed environment, including a tall mountain with a cascading waterfall, archway, palm trees, and treestump. This set features three Pokemon: Squirtle, Butterfree, and Rowlet.

MEGA Pokemon Forest Pokemon center

The MEGA Pokemon Forest Pokemon center set contains 648 pieces, making up the pocket monster hospital. This set also features four iconic Pokemon, including Pikachu, Eevee, Togepi, and the healing Pokemon found in most Pokemon Centers, Chansey. This set is currently 40% off on Amazon.

The set features some motion capabilities with a small handle on the side, which, when cranked, will spin the Pokeball, replicating it being healed, and at the same time will also move Chansey, Pikachu, and Eevee as they all excitedly await their recovering friends.

MEGA Construx Pokemon Charizard

The MEGA Construx Pokemon Charizard set contains 222 pieces, making up the mighty fire-type Pokemon. Charizard comes with complete articulation in its jaw, wings, arms, legs, and tail and also comes with a fire-breathing effect part that attaches to its mouth. This set is currently 50% off on Amazon.

MEGA Pokemon Motion Gyarados

The MEGA Pokemon Motion Gyarados set has 2,186 pieces, making up the mighty water-type. Gyarados comes with a winch on the side when cranked, activates motion as if Gyarados is swimming along the surface of the water, moving its head, tail, and the surrounding waves, creating a fantastic display piece. This set is currently 18% off on Amazon.

MEGA Pokemon Motion Pikachu

The MEGA Pokemon Motion Pikachu set contains 1,095 pieces, making up the adorable electric-type face of the Pokemon franchise himself, Pikachu. A small winch on the side of moving his arms and legs to mimic Pikachu running across the land. This set is currently discounted 18% off on Amazon.

MEGA Pokemon Motion Butterfree

The MEGA Pokemon Motion Butterfree set comes with 582 pieces making up the beautiful butterfly Pokemon Butterfree, which would make any Pokemon fan worth their badges extremely sad. This set comes with a crank on the side, making Butterfree’s wings flap as if they’re flying. This set is currently on offer from Amazon with a 50% discount.

MEGA Pokemon Mini-Motion Dugtrio

The MEGA Pokemon Mini-Motion Dugtrio set contains 343 pieces making up the iconic earth-type Pokemon. The motion capabilities of this set are limited compared to other MEGA Pokemon Motion sets as Dugtrio just moves up and down replicating its movement from the Pokemon series.

MEGA Pokemon Dragonite Figure

The MEGA Pokemon Dragonite Figure set contains 388 pieces, making up the mighty dragon-type Pokemon. Dragonite comes with full articulation, and on Dragonites back is a knob which, if turned, makes his wings flap as if he is flying. This set is currently on offer for 50% off from Amazon.

MEGA Pokemon Lapras Figure

The MEGA Pokemon Lapras Figure set contains 527 Pieces, making up the iconic water type. Lapras features full articulation in her fins, mouth, and a small knob hidden by her shell turns her head left and right. A hidden wheel under Lapras allows her to ride along the surface as if she were swimming. This set is currently on offer for a 46% discount from Amazon.

MEGA Pokemon Kanto Region Team

The MEGA Pokemon Kanto Region Team set contains 130 pieces, making up the three figures of Kanto Region starter Pokemon Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. It also features Pikachu as well as type-appropriate biomes for each Pokemon. This set is currently 24% off from Amazon.

MEGA Pokemon Every Eevee Evolution

The MEGA Pokemon Every Eevee Evolution set contains 470 pieces, making up figures of every single evolution of the Pokemon Eevee, including Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Slyveon, and, of course, Eevee. This set is currently 29% off on Amazon.

Those are the best LEGO-style Pokemon sets available from Amazon, some of which are on excellent discounts for the holiday season. These sets would make a perfect gift for the young LEGO fan in your life. Pokemon may be for all ages, but more mature LEGO enthusiasts may want more complex builds in their collection.

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