Pokemon Legends Arceus had a Z-A Easter egg all along and no one knew

Em Stonham
'From A to Z' screengrab from Pokemon anime.

The announcement of a new Pokemon Legends title had players going back to Pokemon Legends Arceus to see if they missed anything about Z-A. Turns out, they did.

Pokemon Legends Z-A was announced on Pokemon Day this year and the community has been incredibly excited about it ever since. Many fans have been revisiting Pokemon Legends Arceus to see if they missed anything – and turns out, they did.

A possible hint about Pokemon Legends Z-A can be found right at the beginning of PLA and players have been unpacking it online, trying to see if there’s anything more to the story.

Pokemon players spot Z-A hint in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Originally popping up in this X post, a Pokemon player put up screen grabs from Pokemon Legends Arceus and Pokemon X & Y side by side, comparing the t-shirts seen on both characters. It’s very clearly the same design and the original poster commented that it “makes a lot of sense”.

If you’ve not seen anything about Pokemon Legends Z-A yet, it’s set entirely in Lumiose City which is one of the key locations from Pokemon X & Y. Some fans believe that the lore of PLA will cross over directly with the lore from this new game.

The “essential t-shirt” can be seen in the opening sequence for Pokemon Legends Arceus on one of the player characters. The other player character can be seen wearing an Alola shirt, kickstarting fan theories and debates in the community.

Pokemon players responded to this post with their own theories and speculation about the potential links between PLA and Z-A, with one person saying, “Imagine if the opening for Arceus is the end credits scene of Pokemon Z after he helps rebuild Kalos”.

Another player mentioned “Imagine you insert the game to Switch, it reads your Arceus data, then keeps your clothing, hair, pokemon and etc when u play ZA” which would certainly be a fun link between the two titles.

Not everyone was sold on the idea of the shirt theory, though. One frustrated player replied to the original post by simply saying, “It’s… just a t-shirt”. Another said that it’s “just a coincidence”.

Whichever side you’re leaning towards, it will be interesting to see what the story of Pokemon Legends Z-A is like. The last Legends game added a lot of depth (and confusion, in places) to the world of Pokemon so it makes sense to see fan theories and wishes popping up already.

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