Pokemon Sword and Shield: Spawn locations guide for every Pokemon

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The Galar region is full of Pokemon to catch – 400 to be precise. Here are the spawn locations for the species you can find in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

With 400 Pokemon in the Sword and Shield Pokedex, it isn’t going to be easy to ‘catch ’em all’. That slogan is only going to get trickier too, with the addition of at least 200 more Pokemon across the two expansion packs.

Before we list where to find all the Pokemon that can be found in the Galar region, it’s important to note that not all of them can be caught. This is because of the version exclusives between Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

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You can see Pokemon in the overworld but there are also hidden spawns, too…

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The Galar region is a vast area and in some cases there are species that will only appear in one particular location and have very rare spawn rates. An example of this is Deino which can only be found in the Lake of Outrage with a 2% spawn rate. This is in addition to only spawning in specific weather conditions. There are other Pokemon that can only be found in gifts too, with Leon’s Charmander one such case.

Where to find Pokemon guides

Firstly though, here are some separate guides for the more tricky and rarer Pokemon to catch. Click the name of the Pokemon to be taken to a specific guide.

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Spawn locations table

The table listing every Pokemon in Sword and Shield and where you can find them can be found below.

It also distinguishes between overworld and non-overworld spawns, which refers to the Pokemon that will appear in the overworld and ones that are hidden before you encounter them, respectively. Here’s where to find all the Pokemon residing in Galar.

Pokedex # Pokemon Overworld Non-Overworld
1 Grookey Starter  
2 Thwackey Evolve Grookey  
3 Rillaboom Evolve Thwacket  
4 Scorbunny Starter  
5 Raboot Evolve Scorbunny  
6 Cinderace Evolve Raboot  
7 Sobble Starter  
8 Drizzile Evolve Sobble  
9 Inteleon Evolve Drizzile  
10 Blipbug Route 2, Giant’s Cap (3), Slubering Weald Route 1, Route 2, Slumbering Weald
11 Dottler Giant’s Cap (2) Route 5, Stony Wilderness, Giant’s Mirror, Giant’s Cap
12 Orbeetle Slumbering Weald Lake of Outrage, Slumbering Weald
13 Caterpie Route 1
14 Metapod Rolling Fields Rolling Fields
15 Butterfree Giant’s Mirror, Rolling Fields, East Lake Axwell Slumbering Weald
16 Grubbin East Lake Axwell, Slumbering Weald Route 1, Dappled Grove, Slumbering Weald
17 Charjabug Dusty Bowl, Hammerlocke Hills
18 Vikavolt Route 1, Route 2, Slumbering Weald
19 Hoothoot Dappled Grove, Giant’s Cap (2) Route 1, Route 2, Slumbering Weald
20 Noctowl Motostoke Outskirts, Giant’s Cap Motostoke Riverbank
21 Rookidee Route 1, Route 2, Motostoke Riverbank, Slumbering Weald Route 2, Route 3, Slumbering Weald
22 Corvisquire Giant’s Mirror, Hammerlocke Hills Motostoke Riverbank
23 Corviknight Slumbering Weald Route 7, Lake of Outrage
24 Skwovet Route 1, Route 2, Slumbering Weald Route 1, Rolling Fields
25 Greedent Axew’s Eye, Route 6
26 Pidove Rolling Fields, East Lake Axwell Watchtower Ruins
27 Tranquill Giant’s Mirror Giant’s Seat
28 Unfezant Hammerlocke Hills, Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness Axew’s Eye
29 Nickit Route 1, Route 2, Stony Wilderness, Dusty Bowl
30 Thievul Route 7 Bridge Field
31 Zigzagoon Route 2, Route 3, Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness
32 Linoone Giant’s Cap
33 Obstagoon Lake of Outrage
34 Wooloo Route 1, Motostoke Riverbank Route 4
35 Dubwool Motostoke Riverbank
36 Lotad West Lake Axwell Route 2, Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove
37 Lombre Dappled Grove Giant’s Seat, Route 5, Giant’s Cap
38 Ludicolo Evolve Ludicolo
39 Seedot West Lake Axwell Route 2, Dappled Grove
40 Nuzleaf Dappled Grove, South Lake Miloch Rolling Fields, Giant’s Seat
41 Shiftry Evolve Nuzleaf
42 Chewtle Stony Wilderness (3), Giant’s Cap (3) City of Motostoke, Lake of Outrage, Town of Hulbury
43 Drednaw Giant’s Cap Bridge Field, Giant’s Mirror
44 Purrloin Dappled Grove, West Lake Axwell, Motostoke Riverbank Route 2, Watchtower Ruins
45 Liepard Giant’s Cap Axew’s Eye, Route 9
46 Yamper Route 2, Motostoke Riverbank, Dusty Bowl, Stony Wilderness (2)
47 Boltund Motostoke Riverbank, Lake of Outrage
48 Bunnelby Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove, West Lake Axwell, Giant’s Cap (3) Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove
49 Diggersby Giant’s Cap Axew’s Eye, Giant’s Seat
50 Minccino Giant’s Cap Rolling Fields, East Lake Axwell
51 Cinccino Evolve Minccino
52 Bounsweet Stony Wilderness (3) Rolling Fields, Watchtower Ruins
53 Steenee Axew’s Eye
54 Tsareena Evolve Steenee
55 Oddish Dappled Grove, East Lake Axwell Rolling Fields, East Lake Axwell
56 Gloom Giant’s Cap, Hammerlocke Hills Axew’s Eye
57 Vileplume Evolve Gloom
58 Bellossom Evolve Gloom
59 Budew West Lake Axwell Rolling Fields, East Lake Axwell
60 Roselia Axew’s Eye, South Lake Miloch
61 Roserade Evolve Roselia
62 Wingull Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch, East Lake Axwell Rolling Fields, West Lake Axwell
63 Pelipper Route 9 Axew’s Eye, Dusty Bowl
64 Joltik South Lake Miloch, Giant’s Mirror Rolling Fields, Giant’s Seat
65 Galvantula Route 7, Lake of Outrage
66 Electrike Rolling Fields, Giant’s Seat Rolling Fields, East Lake Axwell
67 Manetric Hammerlocke Hills Axew’s Eye, Giant’s Seat
68 Vulpix Route 1, South Lake Miloch, Route 3 Route 2, East Lake Axwell
69 Ninetales Lake of Outrage
70 Growlithe Dusty Bowl Hammerlocke Hills
71 Arcanine Evolve Growlithe
72 Vanillite Route 2, West Lake Axwell Rolling Fields, West Lake Axwell
73 Vanillish Route 8, Dusty Bowl Axew’s Eye, Route 10
74 Vanilluxe Route 10, Lake of Outrage
75 Swinub Dusty Bowl Rolling Fields, Hammerlocke Hills
76 Piloswine Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
77 Mamoswine Evolve Piloswine
78 Delibird Route 1, Watchtower Ruins Route 2, Giant’s Seat
79 Snorunt East Lake Axwell, Giant’s Seat Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch
80 Glalie Route 9, Lake of Outrage
81 Froslass Evolve Snorunt (Dawn Stone)
82 Baltoy East Lake Axwell, Stony Wilderness Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch
83 Claydol Axew’s Eye Lake of Outrage
84 Mudbray East Lake Axwell, South Lake Miloch Rolling Fields, North Lake Miloch
85 Mudsdale Axew’s Eye Giant’s Seat
86 Dwebble West Lake Axwell, North Lake Miloch, Stony Wilderness (2) Rolling Fields, Giant’s Seat
87 Crustle Axew’s Eye Axew’s Eye
88 Golett Watch Tower Ruins, Route 8, Stony Wilderness Watchtower Ruins, Giant’s Cap
89 Golurk Lake of Outrage
90 Munna East Lake Axwell, Stony Wilderness (2) Rolling Fields, Giant’s Cap
91 Musharna Evolve Munna
92 Natu Giant’s Seat, Giant’s Mirror Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch
93 Xatu Giant’s Seat
94 Stufful East Lake Axwell, Bridge Field Dappled Grove, North Lake Miloch
95 Bewear Axew’s Eye Giant’s Seat
96 Snover Axew’s Eye, Route 10 Dappled Grove, Giant’s Cap
97 Abomsanow Lake of Outrage Dusty Bowl, Route 10
98 Krabby West Lake Axwell, South Lake Miloch West Lake Axwell
99 Kingler Axew’s Eye Route 9
100 Wooper West Lake Axwell, Stony Wilderness (3) West Lake Axwell
101 Quagsire Giant’s Cap Giant’s Seat
102 Corphish South Lake Miloch South Lake Miloch
103 Crawdaunt Axew’s Eye Axew’s Eye
104 Nincada West Lake Axwell, South Lake Miloch
105 Ninjask Stony Wilderness, Stony Wilderness (2)
106 Shedinja Evolve Nincada (need open slot)
107 Tyrogue Rolling Fields, Rolling Fields (2), South Lake Miloch (2) West Lake Axwell, South Lake Miloch
108 Hitmonlee Dusty Bowl
109 Hitmonchan Dusty Bowl
110 Hitmontop Lake of Outrage
111 Pancham East Lake Axwell, Rolling Fields (2) West Lake Axwell
112 Pangoro Lake of Outrage
113 Klink West Lake Axwell, North & South Lake Milloch Hammerlocke Hills
114 Klang Route 10, Dusty Bowl
115 Klinklang Lake of Outrage
116 Combee Rolling Fields, Rolling Fields (2)
117 Vespiquen Evolve Combee
118 Bronzor Axew’s Eye, Giant’s Seat Giant’s Seat
119 Bronzong Axew’s Eye Dusty Bowl
120 Ralts Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove Dappled Grove, South Lake Miloch
121 Kirlia Evolve Ralts
122 Gardevoir Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
123 Gallade Evolve male Kirlia (Dawn Stone)
124 Drifloon Watch Tower Ruins, South Lake Miloch Watchtower Ruins
125 Drifblim Axew’s Eye
126 Gossifleur Route 3, Motostoke Riverbank Route 2
127 Eldegoss Dusty Bowl
128 Cherubi Rolling Fields, Watchtower Ruins
129 Cherrim Evolve Cherubi
130 Stunky North & South Lake Miloch Dappled Frove, North Lake Miloch
131 Skuntank Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
132 Tympole Dappled Grove, West Lake Axwell Dappled Grove, South Lake Miloch
133 Palpitoad Giant’s Seat, Dusty Bowl Bridge Field
134 Seismitoiad Axew’s Eye Route 7
135 Duskull Watchtower Ruins, Giant’s Seat Watchtower Ruins
136 Dusclops Route 8
137 Dusknoir Evolve Dusclops
138 Machop South Lake Miloch, Stony Wilderness (3) Watchtower Ruins, South Lake Miloch
139 Machoke Axew’s Eye, Hammerlocke Hills Giant’s Seat, Hammerlocke Hills
140 Machamp Evolve Machoke
141 Gastly Watchtower Ruins, Giant’s Seat Watchtower Ruins, North Lake Miloch
142 Haunter Giant’s Seat, Route 8
143 Gengar Evolve Gengar
144 Magikarp South Lake Miloch, West Lake Axwell Route 2, Route 5, North Lake Miloch
145 Gyarados Route 2 Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Cap
146 Goldeen West & East Lake Axwell East & West Lake Axwell
147 Seaking
148 Remoraid West Lake Axwell West Lake Axwell, South Lake Miloch
149 Octillery Route 9 Axew’s Eye, Route 9
150 Shellder West & East Lake Axwell East Lake Axwell, Giant’s Seat
151 Cloyster Giant’s Seat
152 Feebas Route 2
153 Milotic Evolve Feebas (Prism Scale and trade)
154 Basculin Motostoke Riverbank Giant’s Seat, Motostoke Riverbank, Town of Hulbury
155 Wishiwashi East & West Lake Axwell, Town of Hulbury
156 Pyukumuku South Lake Miloch, Route 9 South Lake Miloch, Giant’s Seat, Route 9
157 Trubbish Route 3
158 Garbodor Lake of Outrage
159 Sizzlipede Route 3
160 Centiskorch Evolve Sizzlipede
161 Rolycoly Galar Mine, Route 3, Giant’s Cap Galar Mine
162 Carkol Giant’s Cap Bridge Field, Route 10
163 Coalossal Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
164 Diglett Rolling Fields Galar Mine, Giant’s Mirror
165 Dugtrio Giant’s Mirror Dusty Bowl, Hammerlocke Hills
166 Drilbur Galar Mine, Dusty Bowl Galar Mine, Stony Wilderness
167 Excadrill Lake of Outrage, Giant’s Mirror
168 Roggenrola Rolling Fields, Stony Wilderness (2) Galar Mine, Motostoke Outskirts
169 Boldore Lake of Outrage, Giant’s Mirror Stony Wilderness
170 Gigalith Evolve Boldore
171 Timburr Galar Mine Galar Mine
172 Gurdurr Route 8 Stony Wilderness
173 Conkeldurr Evolve Gurdurr
174 Woobat Giant’s Mirror, Watchtower Ruins Galar Mine
175 Swoobat Evolve Woobat
176 Noibat Galar Mine 2, Watchtower Ruins Bridge Field, Galar Mine 2
177 Noivern Lake of Outrage
178 Onix East Lake Axwell, Giant’s Seat, Motostoke Riverbank
179 Steelix Evolve Onix (Holding Metal coat and trade)
180 Arrokuda Motostoke Riverbank Route 2, Motostoke Riverbank, Town of Hulbury
181 Barraskewda Lake of Outrage, Route 2 Motostoke Riverbank, Dusty Bowl
182 Meowth Route 4 Route 4
183 Perrserker Route 7 Route 9, Lake of Outrage
184 Persian Evolve Meowth
185 Milcery Route 4, Bridge Field, Giant’s Mirror
186 Alcremie Evolve Milcery
187 Cutiefly Galar Mine 2, Bridge Field Route 4
188 Ribombee Stony Wilderness
189 Ferroseed Stony Wilderness (1) (2) (3) Motostoke Riverbank, Route 4
190 Ferrothorn Dusty Bowl
191 Pumpkaboo Route 4, Giant’s Mirror, Hammerlocke Hills
192 Gourgeist Evolve Pumpkaboo
193 Pichu TBD
194 Pikachu Route 4, Stony Wilderness (1) (2) (3) Stony Wilderness
195 Raichu Evolve Pikachu
196 Eevee Route 4
197 Vaporeon Evolve Eevee (Water Stone)
198 Jolteon Evolve Eevee (Thunder Stone)
199 Flareon Evolve Eevee (Fire Stone)
200 Espeon Level up Eevee in day, happiness >220
201 Umbreon Level up Eevee at night, happiness >220
202 Leafeon Evolve Eevee (Leaf Stone)
203 Glaceon Evolve Eevee (Ice Stone)
204 Sylveon Level up Eevee, know Fairy type move, happiness >220
205 Applin Route 5, Stony Wilderness, Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Mirror
206 Flapple Evolve Applin (Tart Apple)
207 Appletun Evolve Applin (Sweet Apple)
208 Espurr Motostoke Riverbank, Hammerlocke Hills
209 Meowstic Route 7, Dusty Bowl
210 Swirlix Route 5, Glimwood Tangle, Giant’s Mirror Route 5, Glimwood Tangle, Stony Wilderness
211 Slurpuff Trade Swirlix with Whipped Dream
212 Spritzee Route 5, Glimwood Tangle, Giant’s Mirror Route 5, Glimwood Tangle, Stony Wilderness
213 Aromatisse Trade Swirlix with Sachet
214 Dewpider Stony Wilderness (2) (3) Route 5
215 Araquanid Lake of Outrage
216 Wynaut TBD
217 Wobbufffet Route 5, Hammerlocke Hills Bridge Field
218 Farfetch’d Route 5, Giant’s Hill
219 Sirfetch’d Evolve Farfetch’d (3 critical hits)
220 Chinchou West and East Lake Axwell Town of Hulbury, Giant’s Mirror
221 Lanturn Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
222 Croagunk Galar Mine 2, Dusty Bowl Galar Mine 2, Motostoke Outskirts
223 Toxicroak Stony Wilderness (2)
224 Scraggy Galar Mine 2, Bridge Field, Giant’s Cap (2)
225 Scrafty Galar Mine 2, Motostoke Outskirts
226 Stunfisk Galar Mine 2, Dusty Bowl
227 Shuckle Watchtower Ruins, Giant’s Cap (2) (3) Galar Mine 2, Stony Wilderness
228 Barboach North & South Lake Miloch North & South Lake Miloch, Galar Mine 2
229 Whiscash Slumbering Weald
230 Shellos Galar Mine 2, Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Mirror Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field
231 Gastrodon Route 9 Route 9
232 Wimpod Galar Mine 2, Motostoke Riverbank Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Galar Mine 2
233 Golisopod Lake of Outrage
234 Binacle Galar Mine 2 Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Galar Mine 2
235 Barbaracle Route 9 Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
236 Corsola Giant’s Mirror
237 Cursola Evolve Corsola
238 Impidimp Motostoke Outskirts, Stony Wilderness, Giant’s Mirror
239 Morgrem Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle
240 Grimmsnarl Lake of Outrage
241 Hatenna Motostoke Outskirts, Stony Wilderness (2) Hammerlocke Hills
242 Hattrem Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle, Dusty Bowl
243 Hatterene Lake of Outrage
244 Salandit Stony Wilderness (1) (3)
245 Salazzle Evolve Salandit (Female)
246 Pawniard Motostoke Riverbank, Route 8, Giant’s Mirror Motostoke Riverbank, Motostoke Outskirts, Stony Wilderness
247 Bisharp Lake of Outrage
248 Throh Motostoke Outskirts, Bridge Field, Giant’s Mirror
249 Sawk Motostoke Outskirts, Giant’s Mirror
250 Koffing Motostoke Riverbank, Dusty Bowl Giant’s Mirror
251 Weezing Lake of Outrage, Slumbering Weald Slumbering Weald
252 Bonsly Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness (2)
253 Sudowoodo Motostoke Outskirts, Hammerlocke Hills Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl
254 Cleffa TBD
255 Clefairy Motostoke Riverbank, Giant’s Cap (2)
256 Clefable Evolve Clefairy (Moon Stone)
257 Togepi Bridge Field
258 Togetic Stony Wilderness
259 Togekiss Dusty Bowl
260 Munchlax Motostoke Riverbank
261 Snorlax Bridge between North Lake Miloch and Motostoke Riverbank
262 Cottonee Stony Wilderness
263 Whimsicott Evolve Cottonee (Sun Stone)
264 Rhyhorn Motostoke Riverbank, Giant’s Mirror Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness
265 Rhydon Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
266 Rhyperior Trade Rhydon (holding Protector)
267 Gothita Giant’s Cap (1) (2)
268 Gothorita Giant’s Cap (3), Dusty Bowl
269 Gothitelle Lake of Outrage
270 Solosis Giant’s Cap (1) (2) (3)
271 Duosion Dusty Bowl
272 Reuniclus Lake of Outrage
273 Karrablast Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills
274 Escavalier Trade Karrablast for Shelmet
275 Shelmet Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field, Route 7
276 Accelgor Trade Shelmet for Karrablast
277 Elgyem Bridge Field Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field
278 Beheeyem Lake of Outrage
279 Cubchoo Bridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness
280 Beartic Route 10
281 Rufflet Route 8, Stony Wilderness (2) Bridge Field
282 Braviary Dusty Bowl
283 Vullaby Route 8, Stony Wilderness (2) Bridge Field
284 Mandibuzz Dusty Bowl, Lake of Outrage
285 Skorupi Motostoke Riverbank Motostoke Riverbank, Route 6
286 Drapion Lake of Outrage Route 8
287 Litwick Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field
288 Lampent Lake of Outrage
289 Chandelure Evolve Lampent (Dusk Stone)
290 Inkay Route 7, Dusty Bowl and Giant’s Mirror Bridge Field, Hammerlocke Hills
291 Malamar Evolve Inkay (hold Switch upside down in handheld mode, > level 30)
292 Sneasel Motostoke Riverbank, Hammerlocke Hills Motostoke Riverbank, Bridge Field
293 Weavile Evolve Sneasel (Razor Claw at night)
294 Sableye Dusty Bowl
295 Mawile Dusty Bowl Bridge Field
296 Maractus Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness (2)
297 Sigilyph Lake of Outage, Stony Wilderness Motostoke Riverbank
298 Riolu Giant’s Cap (1) (2) (3)
299 Lucario Evolve Riolu (High friendship during day)
300 Torkoal Motostoke Riverbank, Giant’s Cap (1) (2) (3) Route 6, Giant’s Mirror
301 Mimikyu Giant’s Mirror
302 Cufant Bridge Field
303 Copperajah Lake of Outrage
304 Qwilfish Route 9, Bridge Field Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl
305 Frillish West Lake Axwell, North Lake Miloch
306 Jellicent Route 9 Lake of Outrage
307 Mareanie Route 9, Motostoke Riverbank Motostoke Riverbank, Giant’s Mirror
308 Toxapex Route 9
309 Cramorant Bridge Field, Stony Wilderness (1) (3) Route 9, Lake of Outrage
310 Toxel Motostoke Riverbank, Stony Wilderness Route 7, Stony Wilderness
311 Toxtricity Evolve Toxel (color depends on nature)
312 Silicobra Route 6
313 Sandaconda Route 8, Lake of Outrage
314 Hippopotas Dusty Bowl Route 6
315 Hippowdon Route 8, Giant’s Mirror, Lake of Outrage
316 Durant Giant’s Mirror Route 6
317 Heatmor Giant’s Mirror Route 6
318 Helioptile Route 6, Giant’s Mirror
319 Heliolisk Evolve Helioptile (Sun Stone)
320 Hawlucha Route 6, Hammerlocke Hills
321 Trapinch Route 6
322 Vibrava Evolve Trapinch
323 Flygon Lake of Outrage
324 Axew Axew’s Eye
325 Fraxure Evolve Axew
326 Haxorus Lake of Outrage
327 Yamask Route 6
328 Runerigus Take 49+ damage with Yamask, go to big stone arch in Dusty Bowl
329 Cofagrigus Evolve Yamask
330 Honedge Hammerlocke Hills Hammerlocke Hills
331 Doublade Lake of Outrage
332 Aegislash Evolve Doublade (Dusk Stone)
333 Ponyta Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle
334 Rapidash Evolve Ponyta
335 Sinistea Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle
336 Polteageist Evolve Sinistea (using Cracked Pot)
337 Indeedee Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle, Lake of Outrage
338 Phantump Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle
339 Trevenant Evolve Phantump (trade)
340 Morelull Giant’s Mirror, Hammerlocke Hills
341 Shiinotic Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle
342 Oranguru Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle
343 Passimian Glimwood Tangle Glimwood Tangle
344 Morpeko Route 9
345 Falinks Route 8, Lake of Outrage
346 Drampa Lake of Outrage
347 Turtonator Lake of Outrage
348 Togedemaru Route 8 Lake of Outrage
349 Snom Route 8 Route 8, Route 10, Lake of Outrage
350 Frosmoth Level up Snom at night, happiness >220
351 Clobbopus Route 9
352 Grapploct Level up Clobbopus knowing Taunt
353 Pincurchin Route 9
354 Mantyke Motostoke Riverbank, Lake of Outrage Route 9
355 Matine Lake of Outrage Route 9
356 Wailmer Route 9 Route 9
357 Wailord Route 9
358 Bergmite Route 9
359 Avalugg Evolve Bergmite
360 Dhelmise Route 9
361 Lapras Route 9
362 Lunatone Route 8, Giant’s Cap
363 Solrock Route 8, Giant’s Cap
364 Mime Jr. TBD
365 Mr. Mime Route 10 Lake of Outrage
366 Mr. Rime Evolve Mr. Mime
367 Darumaka Route 8, Route 10
368 Darmanitan Evolve Darumaka (Ice Stone)
369 Stonjourner Lake of Outrage, Route 10
370 Eiscue Lake of Outrage, Route 10
371 Duraludon Route 10 Lake of Outrage
372 Rotom Lake of Outrage
373 Ditto Lake of Outrage Lake of Outrage
374 Dracozolt Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Dino
375 Arctozolt Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Dino
376 Dracovish Fossilized Drake and Fossilized Fish
377 Arctovish Fossilized Bird and Fossilized Fish
378 Charmander Gift
379 Charmeleon Evolve Charmander
380 Charizard Evolve Charmeleon
381 Type: Null Gift
382 Silvally Evolve Type: Null (Happiness >220)
383 Larvitar Lake of Outrage
384 Pupitar Lake of Outrage
385 Tyranitar Evolve Pupitar
386 Deino Lake of Outrage
387 Zweilous Lake of Outrage
388 Hydreigon Evolve Zweilous
389 Goomy Lake of Outrage
390 Sliggoo Lake of Outrage
391 Goodra Evolve Sliggoo (Rainy weather)
392 Jangmo-o Lake of Outrage
393 Hakamo-o Lake of Outrage
394 Kommo-o Evolve Hakamo-o
395 Dreepy Lake of Outrage
396 Drakloak Lake of Outrage
397 Dragapult Evolve Drakloak
398 Zacian Legendary
399 Zamazenta Legendary
400 Eternatus Legendary

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Got all that?! If there are any spawns that we have missed please let us know on our Pokemon Twitter channel. The table will be continually updated as new information comes to light.