Pokemon Go regional exclusives list & where to find them

Regional Exclusives map in Pokemon GONiantic

There are loads of regional exclusives in Pokemon Go that can only be caught in specific locations around the world, so here’s a list of every region-locked Pokemon and tips on how to get them all.

Catching ’em all is the name of the game in Pokemon Go. While this often involves taking part in special events or searching different environments like parks and cities, some Pokemon can only be caught in specific regions in the real world.

These are known as regional exclusives, imitating the mainline games like Scarlet & Violet where some rare Pokemon only spawn in specific locations. Each generation has a few region-locked Pokemon, so we’ve listed them all right here.

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Tropius and Torkoal in Pokemon Go Fest 2022Niantic
Torkoal and Tropius are two region-exclusive Pokemon.

What are regional exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Regional exclusives are Pokemon that can only be found in certain parts of the world. This could be a single country, like Relicanth only appearing in New Zealand and its surrounding islands, or an entire continent, such as Mr Mime spawning across Europe.

Most of these region-locked Pokemon are available as wild spawns in their region, although some of them can also be hatched from Eggs obtained in those regions. Occasionally, regional exclusives will appear outside of their usual locations for limited-time events.

All regional exclusives listed in Pokemon Go

Here are all of the region-locked Pokemon available in Pokemon Go listed by their generation:

Gen 1 Kanto region exclusives

83Farfetch’dEastern AsiaFarfetch'd
122Mr MimeEuropeMr Mime
128TaurosUnited States of America & CanadaTauros

Gen 2 Johto region exclusives

214HeracrossCentral America & Southern AmericaHeracross
222CorsolaTropical regions near the coastCorsola

Gen 3 Hoenn region exclusives

313VolbeatEurope, Asia & AustraliaVolbeat
314IllumiseNorth America, South America & AfricaIllumise
324TorkoalSouth AsiaTorkoal
335ZangooseEurope, Asia & Australiazangoose
336SeviperNorth America, South America & AfricaSeviper
337LunatoneEastern HemisphereLunatone in Pokemon GO
338SolrockWestern HemisphereSolrock
357TropiusAfrica and Middle-Eastern regionsTropius
369RelicanthNew Zealand & surrounding islandsRelicanth

Gen 4 Sinnoh region exclusives

417PachirisuCanada, Alaska & RussiaPachirisu
422Shellos (West Sea)Western HemisphereWest Sea Shellos
422Shellos (East Sea)Eastern HemisphereEast Sea Shellos
439Mime JrHatches from Eggs obtained in EuropeMime Jr
441ChatotSouthern HemisphereChatot
455CarnivineSoutheastern United States (Florida & South Carolina)Carvinine
481MespritEurope, Middle East, Africa & IndiaMesprit
482AzelfNorth America, South America & GreenlandAzelf

Gen 5 Unova region exclusives

513PansearEurope, Middle East, Africa & IndiaPansear
515PanpourNorth America, South America & GreenlandPanpour
538ThrohNorth America, South America & AfricaThroh
539SawkEurope, Asia & AustraliaSawk
550Basculin (Red Stripe)Eastern HemisphereBasculin Red Stripe
550Basculin (Blue Stripe)Western HemisphereBasculin Blue Stripe
556MaractusCentral America, Southern United States, MexicoMaractus
561SigilyphEgypt & GreeceSigilyph
626BouffalantNew York & surrounding areasBouffalant
631HeatmorEastern HemisphereHeatmor
632DurantWestern HemisphereDurant

Gen 6 Kalos region exclusives

707KlefkiFrance & surrounding areasKlefki in Pokemon Go
669Flabébé (Blue Flower)Asia-PacificBlue Flower Flabebe
669Flabébé (Red Flower)Europe, Middle East & AfricaRed Flower Flabebe
669Flabébé (Yellow Flower)North America & South AmericaYellow Flower Flabebe
676Furfrou (Debutante Trim)North America & South AmericaDebutante Furfrou
676Furfrou (Diamond Trim)Europe, Middle East & AfricaDiamond Furfrou
676Furfrou (Star Trim)Asia-PacificStar Furfrou
676Furfrou (La Reine Trim)FranceLa Reine Furfrou
676Furfrou (Kabuki Trim)JapanKabuki Furfrou
676Furfrou (Pharaoh Trim)EgyptPharoah Furfrou
701HawluchaMexicoHawlucha in Pokemon Go

Gen 7 Alola region exclusives

741Oricorio (Baile Style)Europe, Middle East & AfricaBaile Style Oricorio
741Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style)North America, South America & GreenlandPom pom Style Oricorio
741Oricorio (Pa’u Style)African, Asian, Pacific & Caribbean islandsPa’u Style Oricorio
741Oricorio (Sensu Style)Asia-PacificSensu Style Oricorio
797CelesteelaSouthern HemisphereCelesteela
798KartanaNorthern HemisphereKartana

How to get regional exclusives in Pokemon Go

The main way to get regional exclusives in Pokemon Go is to travel to the location that they spawn and search for them yourself, but of course, this isn’t possible for most people as there would be a lot of time and money involved in truly catching ’em all this way!

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Another way to get regional exclusives is to trade with a Friend who has visited a location where the Pokemon you want spawns. The main problem with this method is that you can normally only trade with a Friend who’s in the same location as you.

If it’s starting to sound like regional Pokemon are out of your reach, here comes the good news: Many regional Pokemon will eventually appear globally for a limited time during events such as Pokemon Go Fest or the annual Tour events, so keep an eye out!

A good example of this was the recent Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event in February 2023, during which Relicanth, Torkoal, and Tropius – who are normally locked to certain regions – could be hatched from 10km Eggs no matter where you were in the world.

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One thing that has never appeared globally is region-specific forms like Furfrou trims or Vivillon patterns. This is likely because you can still technically complete your Pokedex without them, as these forms are purely cosmetic variations of the original Pokemon.

That’s everything you need to know about region-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Check out some more useful guides below:

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