Where to find rare Dreepy Pokemon in Sword and Shield

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Finding a wild Dreepy in the Galar Region might well be the toughest task put in front of trainers in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but we know exactly how to catch one. 

The brand-new Pokedex boasts a number of Galarian forms that are given to familiar faces from generations gone by, but it also features some fresh additions as well. One of which, of course, is Dreepy.

This Dragon and Ghost-type species has two further evolutions for players to look forward to, which arguably makes it one of the most sought after Pokemon in the whole region. They are Drakloak and Dragapult, and Dreepy will evolve into these forms at level 50 and 60 respectively.

But let’s not worry too much about that for now, as we have to focus on how to get the first form. After all, you wouldn’t be here if you had one already!

Pokemon / NintendoOnce you’ve found a Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield, it will soon evolve into Drakloak (left) and Dragapult (right).

Dreepy location in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Dreepy is a very picky Pokemon. It will only appear in different weather conditions, meaning the climate is going to have to be just right if you want to get your hands on one. That, in turn, makes the search for one super difficult.

First of all, you’re going to have to know where to look.

Open up your map and head over to the Wild Area – a part of the map where species are found at really high levels. It’s found in Route 9, as seen below.

Pokemon / NintendoHere’s the exact spot on the map where you can find Dreepy in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Crossing the Lake of Outrage

To get there, you will need to use the water mode for your bike, which is unlocked in a mission after defeating the sixth gym leader. Once you’ve got it, cross over the Lake of Outrage to find the long grass in which Dreepy can be spotted. It will also appear as an exclamation mark discovery in the grass.

Now you know where it spawns, but sadly that’s only one part of the mission if you are to catch it.

Pokemon / NintendoIf you want to catch Dreepy, you’re going to have to wait round for some bad weather.

Dreepy rarity in the Galar Region

As already mentioned, the chances of it spawning differ depending on the weather. When it’s overcast, there’s a one percent chance of seeing it appear, but a two percent chance in both foggy and thunderstorm conditions.

A huge bonus for players who are lucky enough to find it here is that the Pokemon appear between levels 50 and 52, meaning that in just one level it will evolve into a much stronger form.

Another way of obtaining a Dreepy is to catch two different Drakloaks and breed them. Although, even its stronger form has the same slim chances of being spotted here, so it might take a while to go down the egg-hatching route. For more information on spawn locations for every other species in Pokemon Sword and Shield, check out our comprehensive guide for some tips.

So, have a good few attempts at searching the long grass at this precise spot. If the sun comes out, though, you might be better fishing for a few hours because Dreepy won’t come out until proper British weather resumes.

Bad weather attracts good Pokemon, apparently.

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