Pokemon Go Greedy Gluttons Timed Research tasks & rewards

Pokemon Go Greedy Gluttons Time ResearchNiantic

Pokemon Go fans can complete a Timed Research during the Greedy Gluttons event that debuts Guzzlord. The limited-time tasks will offer fans rewards like Poffins and a Snorlax encounter.

Pokemon Go fans will finally be able to catch Guzzlord in the Greedy Gluttons event after months of anticipation. The event will feature species with greedy, snacky habits – including Snorlax, Mawhile, Swalot, and many others. Additionally, there will be an opportunity to complete a Timed Research for special rewards.

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The Greedy Glutton event has also announced that the long awaited Shiny Munchlax will debut in the game. Players can get the baby Pokemon in 7 KM Eggs during the event alongside Gible and Cherubi.

Below is everything Pokemon Go players need to know about the Greedy Glutton Timed Research tasks, and what rewards will be given for completing each one.

Pokemon Go Greedy Gluttons Timed Research tasks and rewards

According to Leek Duck, here are all the tasks and rewards for the Pokemon Go Greedy Gluttons Timed Research challenges:

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  • Walk 1 km – x3 Nanab Berries
  • Walk 2 km – x7 Razz Berries
  • Walk 3 km – x7 Pinap Berries
  • Walk 4 km – Encounter a Snorlax
  • Walk 5 km – x5 Nanab Berries
  • Walk 6 km – x3 Golden Razz Berries
  • Walk 7 km – x3 Silver Pinap Berries

Rewards: Snorlax Encounter, x1 Poffin, 7000 experience

In addition to the Timed Research, players will also be able to encounter Cherubi, Exeggcute, and Swirlix when completing the “Use 3 Berries to Catch Pokemon” Field Research Task. Each has a chance of appearing Shiny.

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