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How to get Magby, Magmar & Magmortar in Pokemon Shining Pearl

Published: 22/Nov/2021 21:28

by David Purcell


Magby, Magmar, and Magmortar are exclusive to Pokemon Shining Pearl, but there’s nothing stopping you from trading it to Brilliant Diamond. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all of them, how they evolve, and what you need to pull it off. 

The long list of exclusive Pokemon for both Diamond and Pearl might be a frustration for some members of the community, as many are among the best available. For example, while Pokemon SP gets a huge win with the Magby evolutions, it does lose out on Elekid and its evolved forms.

It also makes things harder when you’re looking to complete the National Pokedex. Some see it as a challenge, though, and enjoy working through the grind.


If you’re looking to hunt down Magby, Magmar, and Magmortar to check off your Pokedex – we’ve got some tips for you.

How to get Magby, Magmar & Magmortar

To get Magby in Pokemon Shiny Pearl, you’re going to need to visit the Grand Underground.

  • Magby: Spawns at the Grand Underground.
  • Magmar: Magby evolves into Magmar at level 30.
  • Magmortar: Evolve Magmar holding the Magmarizer item.

Magby spawn locations in Pokemon BDSP

Magby magmar and magmortar in pokemon diamond pearl
Magby hangs out in caves within the Grand Underground.

If you’re looking to catch a Magby in Pokemon Shining Pearl, it spawns at the following locations in the Grand Underground:

  • Volcanic Cave
  • Sandsear Cave
  • Typho Cave

Magby and the other Pokemon in its evolution line are all exclusive to Pokemon Shining Pearl, with Brilliant Diamond getting the Elekid chain.

How to get Magmortar in Pokemon Shining Pearl: Evolution method

Unlike many others in the Sinnoh Pokedex, Magmar evolves a little differently. You’re going to need a Magmarizer item. 


Here’s how it works:

  1. Load up Pokemon Diamond or Pearl on Nintendo Switch.
  2. Visit the Ground Underground.
  3. Head to any of these locations: Volcanic, Sandear, or Typho Cave.
  4. Find and catch as many Magbys as it takes until one is holding a Magmarizer.
  5. Level up Magby to level 30, until it evolves to Magmar.
  6. Trade Magmar with another trainer and it will evolve, holding the item.

How to get Magmarizer in Pokemon BDSP

The Magmarizer item – which is used to get a Magmortar in Pokemon BDSP – can be acquired by catching a Magby that’s holding one.

It’s estimated that around 5% of Magby in the Underground hold one, so you’re going to have to search around a fair bit.

Can you get Magmortar in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

There is a way to get Magmortar in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, despite it only spawning initially in Shining Pearl. To do that, you’re going to have to trade one for another Pokemon using the trading feature in-game.

How to trade in Pokemon BDSP

A Trainer trading Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
Trading Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl will allow you to evolve a number of Pokemon.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit a Pokemon Center. 
  2. Take the stairs downstairs to the Union Room.
  3. Speak to the character sitting in the middle at the desk, and select ‘Enter using a link code’.
  4. Set your link code and ask your trade partner to use the same code.
  5. Press Y and hit Call, Trade.
  6. Approach the trade partner, pick the Pokemon to trade, and confirm the trade.

There’s a whole list of Pokemon that evolve by trading if you’re interested.


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