How to get Emolga in Pokemon Go & can in be Shiny?

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Pokemon Go fans can finally get their hands on Emolga’s Shiny variation now that it debuted during the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 event. Here’s exactly how to get this Gen 5’s Pikachu clone in the game.

The sky squirrel lookalike, Emolga, is an Electric/Flying-type introduced to the franchise in Pokemon Black & White that caused quite a stir due to its resemblance to Pikachu.

As a Pokemon from the Unova region, Emolga was introduced into Pokemon Go when Gen 5 hit Niantic’s mobile game back in 2020, but it wasn’t until the start of the Pokemon Go Fest 2024: Sendai event that its Shiny version joined in.

Trainers looking to build up a collection of Emolga can find out where to get them right here.

How to get Emolga in Pokemon Go

Over the years, Emolga has appeared in Pokemon Go through different methods. Currently, this is how players can find it in the game:

  • As a wild encounter.
  • As a hatch from 7 km Eggs (during the Stadium Sights event).
  • As a hatch from 10 km Eggs (Adventure Sync).
  • As a reward for completing Field Research Tasks (during the Stadium Sights event)

The beginning of the new season, Shared Skies, is filled with important events such as the start of the Go Fest, as well as the Stadium Sights event, and both feature Emolga, giving players plenty of chances to add them to their Pokedex.

During the Go Fest, Emolga was seen in the Sky Arena Habitat from May 30, 2024, until June 2, 2024, and on Stadium Sights, players found it more often in the wild and Eggs, as well as a reward for completing Research Tasks from June 1, 2024, until June 4, 2024.

During Go Fest Global, Emolga can be encountered in the Creeping Dusk Habitat from July 13, 2024, until July 12, 2024, from 12 PM to 1 PM and again from 4 PM to 5 PM local time.

Previously, Emolga also hatched from 5 km Eggs, appeared as a Tier 1 Raid Boss, and was rewarded for completing other Field Research Tasks like “Walk 3 km” from the Crackling Voltage event in 2023.

Can Emolga be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Emolga can be Shiny in Pokemon Go, as this special variation debuted at the start of the Pokemon Go Fest 2024: Sendai event on May 30, 2024.

However, players might struggle to spot Shiny Emolga as the differences between the regular and Shiny versions are very subtle. Trainers will have to pay full attention to the tiny squirrel’s fur, as it changes from black to a light shade of brown.

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Does Emolga have an evolution in Pokemon Go?

No, Emolga does not have an evolution in Pokemon Go or in any other game for that matter, as it is the only member of its Pokemon family.

While this does take away some of the excitement of hunting Emolga down, it also means you don’t need to spend time stocking up on its Candy to evolve it, you can just focus on hunting its Shiny version.

Pokemon Go Emolga stats, moves, resistances & weaknesses

As a dual Electric/Flying-type Pokemon, Emolga has the following stats:


Emolga Fast Moves

  • Thunder Shock (Electric/STAB)
  • Quick Attack (Normal)

Emolga Charged Moves

  • Discharge (Electric/STAB)
  • Aerial Ace (Flying/STAB)
  • Thunderbolt (Electric/STAB)
  • Acrobatics (Flying/STAB)

Emolga resistances

Emolga weaknesses

That’s all you need to know about Emolga in Pokemon Go. For more guides, check out our list of the Best Pokemon for competitive play, as well as the lists with the Best Elite Fast TMs and the Best Elite Charged TMs. If you want your Pokemon to become your Buddy, learn How to get Best Buddy status.

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