Flying-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

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If Flying-type Pokemon are swooping down and ruining your day, here’s how to take advantage of their weaknesses in battle – and how to bring them down to earth with the best counters. We’ll also include the details of their resistances so you’re fully prepared.

Flying-type Pokemon are some of the most evasive and frustrating creatures you can battle in Pokemon games. They can fly up into the air, dodge your attacks, then hit back with devastating levels of accuracy. This is why it pays to end the battle quickly, but to do that, you’ll need to field a Pokemon that’s strong against Flying-types, and resistant to their aerial skills.

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As with any type in the Pokemon game series, Flying-types can be countered and have their own set of weaknesses that can be exploited. When you face a Flying-type Pokemon in battle, here’s what you need to know to stop them from pecking your head.


Pidgey flying-typeThe Pokemon Company
Pidgey was the first Flying-type Pokemon many people came across in Gen 1.

What are a Flying-type Pokemon’s weaknesses?

Flying-type Pokemon have three primary weaknesses when it comes to moves and opposing Pokemon types:

  • Rock-types
  • Electric-types
  • Ice-types

Therefore, when looking to take down a Flying-type Pokemon, bring along a team that includes Pokemon which belong to those types and make sure they have matching movesets.

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If you have a dual-type Pokemon that belong to two of these groups, even better. Alolan Golem, for example, is a Rock and Electric-type Pokemon, and is therefore supremely powerful against Flying-types.

Best counters for Flying-type Pokemon

When coming up against Flying-types, Pokemon like Pikachu, Glaceon, and Onix are reliable options. These are all pure Electric/Ice/Rock-types.

Always bear in mind a Pokemon’s secondary type when selecting your counter Pokemon and moves. While the above three examples are effective against Flying-types, the opposing Pokemon may have resistances based on their primary/secondary type.

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Shiny Galarian Articuno appearing in Pokemon Sword and ShieldThe Pokemon Company
Articuno is a Legendary dual-type Flying Pokemon.

Flying-type Pokemon strengths & resistances

As well as having weaknesses, Flying-type Pokemon are also resistant to certain other types and moves. Flying-type Pokemon are resistant to the following types:

  • Bug
  • Grass
  • Fighting

Pure Flying-types are also immune to Ground attacks, so try to bear this in mind when heading into battle.

So, that’s all of the weaknesses and resistances you need to know about to help you knock down Flying-type Pokemon in the series.

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