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Pokemon Sword and Shield: List of every missing Pokemon

Published: 23/Jun/2021 11:57 Updated: 1/Jul/2021 11:26

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Pokemon Sword and Shield have seen more Pokemon additions to the game with The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra DLCs, but there is still a lot that can’t be found in the Galar region.

The National Pokedex fiasco was as talked about in the build-up to Sword and Shield as the release was itself. Trainers were astonished when it was revealed that, for the first time in history, that not all Pokemon could be caught in the game. Threats of boycotting the game ensued but despite this, the Nintendo Switch game performed incredibly well commercially and received glowing praise from many Pokemon fans.


In the post-Nintendo DS era, only Diamond and Pearl (which has now been revealed to have a remake in the works) has outsold Sword and Shield. The teams behind Sword and Shield obviously heard the fierce criticism about the National Pokedex and have alleviated this somewhat by adding a host of species to the DLC. While the game still falls far short of the National Pokedex, at least more species have been added.


List of Pokemon still NOT in Sword and Shield

Here is the full list of Pokemon that can’t be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield:

Gen 1

Arbok Muk
Beedrill Paras
Bellsprout Parasect
Dewgong Pidgeot
Dodrio Pidgeotto
Doduo Pidgey
Drowzee Primeape
Ekans Raticate
Electrode Rattata
Fearow Seal
Geodude Spearow
Golem Venomoth
Graveler Venonat
Grimer Victreebell
Hypno Voltorb
Kakuna Weedle
Mankey Weepinbell

It’s amazing to think that there are still 34 missing Pokemon from Kanto. Dragonite is probably the most notable recent addition, but it is also strange to think there is a new mainline Pokemon game out there where a Pidgey won’t even spawn!


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Pokemon Let's Go Pokedex
Pokemon Company
One place you can get all the Kanto Pokemon is in Pokemon Let’s Go.

Gen 2

Aipom Hoppip Sentret
Ampharos Houndoom Skiploom
Ariados Houndour Slugma
Bayleef Jumpluff Smeargle
Chikorita Ledian Snubbull
Crocanaw Ledyba Spinarak
Cyndaquil Magcargo Stantler
Donphan Mareep Sunflora
Feraligatr Med Sunkern
Flaaffy Meganium Teddiursa
Forretress Misdreavus Totodile
Furret Mukrow Typhlosion
Girafarig Phanpy Unknown
Gligar Pineco Ursaring
Granbull Quilava Yanma

The 45 missing Johto Pokemon represent slightly less than half of the generation. Fortunately, the Johto beasts along with Lugia and Ho-Oh were released later this year.

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Ho-Oh Lugia Sword Shield
Pokemon Company
Ho-Oh and Lugia were released in the Crown Tundra DLC.

Gen 3

Banette Huntail Silcoon
Beautifly Illumise Skitty
Breloom Kecleon Slaking
Cacnea Luvdisc Slakoth
Cacturne Makuhita Spinda
Camerupt Masquerian Spoink
Cascoon Medicham Surskit
Castform Meditite Swalot
Chimecho Mightyena Swellow
Clamperl Minun Taillow
Delcatty Nosepass Tropius
Deoxys Numel Vigoroth
Dustox Plusile Volbeat
Gorebyss Poochyena Wurmple
Grumpig Seviper Zangoose
Gulpin Shroomish
Hariyama Shuppet

Gen 3 doesn’t get much love either. Again, well under half of the Pokemon originating from Hoenn are absent. A decent amount of popular and competitively popular Gen 3 Pokemon were added with the Crown Tundra DLC.

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Gen 4

Ambipom Floatzel Prinplup
Arceus Glameow Probopass
Bastiodon Gliscor Purugly
Bibarel Grotle Ramparados
Bidoof Honchkrow Shaymin
Buizel Infernape Shieldon
Burmy Kricketot Staraptor
Carnivine Kricketune Staravia
Chatot Lumineon Starly
Chimchar Manaphy Torterra
Chingling Monferno Turtwig
Cranidos Mothim Wormadam
Darkrai Pachirisu Yanmega
Empoleon Phione
Finneon Piplup

A large portion of the Gen 4 Pokemon are also not available. The only Gen 4 additions with The Crown Tundra were the Legendaries, Spiritomb, and Garchomp. Considering how fondly the generation is looked at these days, this will come as a blow to a lot of trainers.


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Shaymin Pokemon Sword Shield
The Pokemon Company
Legendary ‘mon Shaymin is still missing from Sword & Shield.

Gen 5

Alomomola Panpour Simisear
Blitzle Pansage Snivy
Deerling Patrat Swadloon
Dewott Pignite Swana
Ducklett Samurott Teping
Eelektrik Sawsbuck Tynamo
Eelektross Serperior Watchog
Emboar Servine Zebstrika
Leavanny Sewaddle
Meloetta Simipour
Oshawott Simisage

As a percentage, Gen 5 is one of the better generations when it comes to Galar region representation‚ just 20% are missing. We don’t know the logic behind this or if it was even intentional from the Pokemon Company.

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Gen 6

Braixen Florges Litleo
Chesnaught Froakie Pyroar
Chespin Frogadier Quilladin
Delphox Furfrou Scatterbug
Fennekin Gogoat Skiddo
Flabébé Greninja Spewpa
Floette Hoopa Vivillon

Only 72 Pokemon were added in Gen 6, which would explain why only 21 are missing.

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Xerneas Yveltal Zygarde
Amino Apps
Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde are some of the Legendary Pokemon that have now been added to Sword and Shield.

Gen 7

Bruxish Oricorio
Crabominable Pikipek
Crabrawler Toucannon
Gumshoos Trumbeak
Komala Yungoos

Gen 7 has the fewest missing Pokemon from any generation, but with only 86 added it, wasn’t going to be much more than this.

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According to this list, there are still 234 that are unable to be transferred. This represents nearly 20% of all Pokemon!


Fortunately, all of the previously missing Legendaries were added as part of the Crown Tundra expansion. However, there are still plenty unaccounted for.

It’s looking very likely that the National Pokedex will never come to Pokemon Sword and Shield now that both DLCs are out. This is especially true with Pokemon Arceus and Diamond and Pearl now confirmed.

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