10 best Dragon-type Pokemon ranked: Dialga, Rayquaza & more

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Dragon-types are some of the strongest Pokemon of all time, but not all of them are as ferocious as each other. We’ve put together a list of the best Dragon-type Pokemon, from Dragonite to Rayquaza.

If you ask any trainer which type of Pokemon is the most powerful, they’ll most likely say ‘Dragons’. As the name suggests, these beasts have gained a reputation for being incredibly powerful, with strong stats and impressive moves under their belt.

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It also helps that many Legendaries are Dragon-type, which only adds to their popularity. There are a few duds among the pack, though, so it’s important to know which ones are worth catching and spending your time and resources on to level up.

We’ve gone through every single Dragon-type, taking into account a range of factors like stats, move pool, how interesting their lore is, and the quality of their design, to decide on a list of the best Dragon-type Pokemon of all time.

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10. Dragonite

the dragon-type pokemon dragonite

Dragonite has been the go-to Dragon-type Pokemon for many trainers since its debut in the early Kanto days. It can hit hard, has decent bulk, and remains one of the most beloved creatures in the series, so it’s easy to see why Dragonite has earned its status as a pseudo-Legendary Pokemon.

It might not be as intimidating as some of the more recent Dragon-types, but it performs well against most enemies (except Ice-types, watch out for that 4x damage) and the hidden ability Multiscale was a brilliant addition to Dragonite’s perks, halving the damage it receives when it’s at full health.

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9. Dragapult

Dragapult in the anime

The second pseudo-Legendary on our list is Dragapult, which was introduced in Sword & Shield. It might not look very imposing, but with 142 Speed it’s one of the fastest Pokemon of all time, which pretty much ensures it will attack first. Combine this with 120 Attack and 100 Special Attack, and it’s a big threat.

Being a dual Dragon/Ghost-type gives it great coverage and some unique resistances, while access to attacks like Draco Meteor and Hex means it can pack a punch. It won’t last long in battle, but as long as you’re prepared for that, Dragapult will hit hard – and fast.

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8. Dracovish

Dragon-type Dracovish in the Pokemon anime

If you can look past its unnerving design, Sword & Shield’s bizarre fossil-based Dracovish is actually one of the best Dragon-type Pokemon the franchise has ever released – a bold statement when it only has 505 base stats, but hear us out on this one, okay?

Dracovish’s main strength is the move Fishious Rend, which is one of the most broken attacks in the history of Pokemon. It deals a massive 170 damage when attacking first, and that’s boosted by 50% with the ability Strong Jaw, which also works on moves like Crunch and Ice Fang.

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7. Salamence

Salamence rising high in Pokemon

Another pseudo-Legendary that makes it onto our list is the brilliant Salamence, which has a solid 135 Attack and 110 Special Attack, as well as 100 Speed which means it gets to move quicker than many of its Dragon-type Pokemon counterparts.

When Mega-Evolved, Salamence becomes almost unstoppable, as its stats rise to 145 Attack, 120 Special Attack, 130 Defense, and 120 Speed. It also gains the ability Aerilate, which turns Normal-type attacks like Hyper Beam into Flying-type attacks, giving them shocking STAB damage in the process.

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6. Eternatus

Dragon-type Eternatus in Pokmeon

As far as its design goes, Eternatus is probably the most terrifying Pokemon we’ve ever seen – and that’s backed up with some pretty scary stats, too. It has a huge 690 total base stats, with 140 of those going to HP, another 145 going to Special Attack, and 130 going to Speed. That’s pretty impressive.

Being a unique Poison/Dragon-type Pokemon also means it has no weakness to Fairies, the notorious Dragon-slayers. One of the reasons Eternatus is so popular in Sword & Shield is its move Dynamax Cannon, which deals double damage to Dynamaxed opponents – making it perfect for Max Raid Battles.

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5. Kyurem

Dragon-type Kyurem in the Pokemon anime

The next Legendary on our list is Kyurem, a member of the Unova region’s Tao Trio. While its normal form may be weaker than both Zekrom and Reshiram, it outshines them both because it has the ability to fuse with either one of them to become one of two ultimate forms: White Kyurem or Black Kyurem.

Both of these forms are superior to their counterparts, with 700 total base stats each that are split in different ways; Black Kyurem focuses on Physical Attack (170) while White Kyurem focuses on Special Attack (170). The ability to use it in multiple ways makes it one of the best Dragon-type Pokemon.

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4. Giratina

Giratina Origin Forme in the Pokemon anime

Giratina is one of the most fearsome Pokemon of all time, with a back story that’s earned itself icon status among the fandom; It’s the embodiment of antimatter, is able to travel through dimensions at will, and controls an alternate dimension known as the Distortion World. Scary stuff.

It can switch between two forms, Origin Forme for attack and Altered Forme for defense, although Origin Forme Giratina is considered supreme. It has brilliant stat distribution and powerful attacks, including the signature move Shadow Force, which can wreak absolute havoc on the battlefield.

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3. Garchomp

Garchomp in the anime

Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon Garchomp has been a fan favorite for years, especially due to its appearance in Diamond & Pearl, where many players saw it as a must-have on a winning team. Unsurprisingly, it remains a top choice to this day, largely thanks to its brilliant Ground/Dragon-typing.

Garchomp has access to some of the best moves across all the games it appears in, allowing it to fill different roles and gain coverage against most opponents, while the great hidden ability Rough Skin deals damage every time an enemy makes contact. It’s the most well-rounded Dragon-type you can get.

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2. Dialga

the dragon-type pokemon dialga

Dialga and Palkia both have a special place in our hearts, but Dialga is the clear winner. The main reason is its Steel/Dragon-typing, which means the two big weaknesses Dragons usually have – Fairies and other Dragons – are negated. This puts it at a huge advantage when battling other Dragon-type Pokemon.

It also has an immense 150 Special Attack, which makes its signature move Roar of Time a total show-stopper. All in all, Dialga is an absolute powerhouse with one of the best designs in the game – it’s a huge dinosaur covered in armor that can control time with the diamond in its chest, what’s not to like?

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1. Rayquaza

Rayquaza Pokemon

As well as being one of the best Legendaries of all time, Rayquaza is also the best Dragon-type Pokemon, hands down. It has an iconic design, it was the first Pokemon that could Mega-Evolve, and it saved humanity from the formidable Groudon and Kyogre, proving that it reigns supreme.

When it comes to battle, there’s really no better Dragon-type choice than Rayquaza. It has a devastating 150 Attack and 150 Special Attack, and the rest of its stats are pretty decent, too, especially with a solid 105 HP to keep it alive for longer on the battlefield.

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Those stats get even better when Mega-Evolved, with Attack and Special Attack stats both rising to 180. These impressive numbers are backed up by access to brilliant moves like Earthquake, Outrage, and Hyper Beam, which can easily dominate your opponents.

So, there you have it, the best Dragon-type Pokemon of all time. For more lists and guides like this one, check out some of our other content below:

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