10 best Ghost-type Pokemon ranked: Giratina, Hoopa, Gengar & more

Gengar as one of the best Ghost-type PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Ghost-types are some of the most popular Pokemon of all time, from OGs like Gengar through to Mythicals like Hoopa. Some are better than others, though, so we’ve put together a list of the strongest Ghost-types you need on your team.

Similar to Fairies, Ghost-types aren’t very common in the Pokemon franchise. While this does mean there aren’t as many to choose between as the big categories like Water-types or Fire-types, it’s still a difficult task to figure out which ones are worth your time.

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To try and make things easier for you, we’ve scoured the Pokedex (and the Distortion World) to find the spookiest fighters that will take your battle game to the next level, examining their stats, movepool, and the special abilities that rise above the rest.

10. Cofagrigus

Cofagrigus in Pokemon

The Unova region’s creepy Cofagrigus has one of the highest Defense stats (145) of all Ghost-types and a very respectable Special Defense stat (105) too, meaning it can take a beating and then some. Being a rare mono Ghost-type also means it also only has two weaknesses, and is completely immune to Normal and Fighting-type attacks.

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Cofagrigus is sadly let down by a ridiculously low Speed stat (30), but if you can look past that, it’s a really solid Ghost-type to have on your team. Besides, once you teach it Trick Room – a move that lets the slowest Pokemon attack first – this doesn’t really matter as you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the upper hand in battle.

9. Mimikyu


Mimikyu is simultaneously one of the cutest and creepiest Pokemon of all time, but don’t let its drawn-on smile and tiny stature fool you; It can be deadly when it wants to be. Mimikyu’s biggest advantage is its dual Ghost/Fairy typing, giving it access to a wide range of moves that can cover almost any Pokemon type.

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That Pikachu-inspired outfit isn’t just for show, either – its special ability Disguise allows it to absorb one hit and only lose an eighth of its HP, regardless of how powerful the attack is.

8. Froslass


As a Ghost/Ice-type, the Sinnoh region’s Froslass has one of the most unique typings in Pokemon. While it doesn’t have any particular standout stats, it’s solid across the board and does have an impressive 110 Speed stat, meaning it stands a good chance at landing one of its wide range of moves before its opponent.

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Froslass is a great opener, with moves like Spikes setting the groundwork for a successful battle and Blizzard targeting multiple opponents with huge damage. This, combined with powerful Ghost-type attacks like Shadow Ball and Hex, makes it a real threat to any Pokemon unfortunate enough to come up against it.

7. Hoopa (Confined)

Hoopa in Pokemon

Although Hoopa’s Unbound form may be superior, its Psychic/Ghost-type Confined form is still a force to be reckoned with. It has a massive Special Attack stat (150) and a great Special Defense stat (130), while its dual typing gives it a resistance to Psychic-type attacks, which are normally a huge threat to Ghosts.

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This same dual typing also gives it access to a really impressive STAB-boosted moveset that spans both Ghost-type and Psychic-type attacks, including Shadow Ball, Psychic, and of course its signature attack Hyperspace Hole. It’s not just a great Ghost-type, it’s also one of the best Mythicals.

6. Dragapult

Dragapult in Pokemon

Many Ghost-type Pokemon never reach their full potential because of a lack of Speed, but the pseudo-Legendary Dragapult breaks that mold with one of the highest Speed stats (142) ever, matched with a solid Attack (120) and Special Attack (100). It’s designed to hit hard and fast, but won’t necessarily last long in battle.

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As long as you’re prepared for that, it can be one of the most potent Ghost-types in the game. After being introduced in Sword and Shield, Dragapult quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to a solid movepool that contains attacks like Draco Meteor and Hex, and a dual Dragon/Ghost typing that gives it great coverage.

5. Gengar

Gengar Pokemon

Is there a Ghost-type Pokemon more iconic (or beloved) than Gengar? This Gen 1 favorite has become the mascot for all things dark and spooky in the franchise, partly because it continues to be an incredible addition to your team with great stats and access to some of the best Ghost-type moves like Shadow Ball.

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While its base form is great as is, it also has one of the best Mega Evolutions, both in design and in power. Mega Gengar’s Special Attack (170) is one of the highest of all time, and the combination of 130 Speed and the Shadow Tag ability, which prevents enemies from escaping, means it’s a Pokemon to be feared.

4. Lunala

Lunala in Pokemon

Pokemon Moon’s mascot Legendary, Lunala, is a clear standout Ghost-type, with brilliant HP (137) and Special Attack (137) stats, access to the destructive Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom, and the ability Shadow Shield, which reduces damage dealt to it by half when it has full HP, making it a very frustrating opponent.

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Lunala has some great moves, not least its signature move Moongeist Beam, which deals an incredible amount of damage with faultless accuracy and ignores all ignorable abilities in the process. Its unique dual typing means it can also learn powerful Psychic-type attacks like Dream Eater and Future Sight, too.

3. Aegislash

Aegislash in Pokemon

Form changes have become a common element in Pokemon games, but Aegislash is a creature that really excels because of its ability to switch between Blade Forme and Shield Forme in the heat of battle. This gives it the chance to be an attacker or a defender and makes it a very unpredictable Pokemon to fight.

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Aegislash also stands out thanks to its unique dual Steel/Ghost typing, which gives it a whopping nine resistances and three immunities. Even if an opponent does manage to target one of its very few weaknesses, they’ll also have to contend with its incredibly high Defense stat (140) if it’s in Shield Forme.

2. Shadow Rider Calyrex

Shadow Rider Calyrex

The Crown Tundra’s Legendary Spectrier is a worthy Ghost-type Pokemon by itself, but when fused with Calyrex to become the Psychic/Ghost-type Shadow Rider, it’s almost unstoppable. With shockingly good Speed (150) and an epic Special Attack stat (165), it can utilize its STAB moves to devastating effect.

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Being a combination of two Pokemon also means it gets two great abilities: Calyrex’s Unnerve, which stops opponents from consuming berries in battle, and Spectrier’s Grim Neigh, which boosts its already-massive Special Attack each time it knocks out an opposing Pokemon. Scary!

1. Giratina


Giratina is a firm fan-favorite thanks to its epic design and interesting lore, representing antimatter and hailing from the spooky Distortion World, but it’s not just a cool-looking Pokemon – it also has the stats and a great moveset to help it rise to the top as the best Ghost-type Pokemon that every Trainer should keep on their team.

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It’s a very well-balanced Legendary in either of its forms, but having the option to focus on Attack (120) in its Origin Forme and Defense (120) in its Altered Forme gives Giratina the versatility to rise to the top. Alongside this, it benefits from having the highest HP (150) of any Ghost-type, meaning it can last longer on the battlefield.

So, there you have it – the best Ghost-types in the franchise. For more lists and guides like this one, check out some of our other Pokemon content:

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