10 best Bug-type Pokemon ranked: Genesect, Buzzwole & more

One o the best bug type pokemon PheromosaThe Pokemon Company

Whether you think they’re cute or scary, these best Bug-type Pokemon are the ones you need on your team when nothing but a creepy crawly will do.

It’s fair to say that Bug-type Pokemon have a pretty bad reputation in the Pokemon games. As well as being some of the strangest-looking creatures, they don’t tend to be very strong in battle, either.

Surprisingly, there’s also never been a Bug-type Legendary. There’s the Mythical Genesect and the Ultra Beasts Pheromosa and Buzzwole, but they don’t technically count as Legendary Pokemon.

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Despite the fact that we’ve just ripped Bug-type Pokemon to shreds, there are some occasions where they’re exactly what you need, especially against Grass, Dark, and Psychic-type opponents.

Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are with us, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best Bug-type Pokemon right here.

10. Beedrill

BeedrillThe Pokemon Company

Starting things off is Beedrill, the Poison Bee Pokemon which many fans will remember from the OG days of Pokemon Red & Blue. While regular Beedrill by itself may be pretty lackluster, its ability to Mega Evolve is where things really start to become interesting.

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Mega Beedrill gets a huge 150 Attack stat, while its Speed stat rises from 75 to 145, which means it will almost always go first and deal massive damage when it does. It also gets the Adaptability trait, which means STAB moves like Poison Jab become even more powerful.

9. Ninjask

Ninjask in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Ninjask may seem like an odd choice for our best Bug-type Pokemon list, especially considering its stats are mostly underwhelming. But there’s one thing that stands out, and that’s its ridiculously high 160 Speed stat – making it the third fastest Pokemon of all time.

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With a decent 90 Attack, Ninjask does have the potential to deal some pretty good damage. Its biggest draw, though, is Baton Pass, which means it can pass stat boosts from the ability Speed Boost and moves like Swords Dance onto other Pokemon, setting them up to destroy.

8. Araquanid

Araquanid in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Araquanid is one of those Pokemon that doesn’t look great on paper, but in reality, it can be a powerful addition to your team – largely thanks to the ability Water Bubble, which negates its low 70 Attack and 50 Special Attack stats by doubling the damage of Water-type attacks.

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So what about defense? Not a problem; with 132 Special Defense and 92 Defense, it’s surprisingly bulky for a Bug-type. The big drawback is 42 Speed, which means it will pretty much always be attacked first – but with such good bulk, that might not be a problem.

7. Galvantula

Galvantula in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Joltik’s evolution Galvantula is the definition of a glass cannon, with just 60 Defense, 60 Special Defense, and 70 HP. But with a zippy 108 Speed and 97 Special Attack, it has the ability to outspeed most opponents and hit them where it hurts with some great moves.

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The ability Compound Eyes increases its accuracy, which means the risky Thunder is far more likely to land for some huge STAB damage. Being a Bug/Electric-type also means it only has two weaknesses, making Galvantula a lot more appealing than it initially seems.

6. Heracross

the bug-type pokemon heracrossThe Pokemon Company

Heracross is another longtime fan-favorite Bug-type Pokemon, having debuted back in Gold & Silver. It’s made regular appearances since then, with its 125 Attack stat often wreaking havoc and the Moxie ability raising that Attack even higher when knocking out enemies.

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If Mega-Evolving is a possibility in your game, then Heracross can become the strongest Bug-type Pokemon of all time in terms of raw power, with a monstrous 185 Attack stat. Take advantage of this with big STAB moves, and your opponents won’t know what’s hit them.

5. Volcarona

VolcaronaThe Pokemon Company

Known as the Sun Pokemon in the Pokedex, Volcarona is a fearsome Bug/Fire-type creature from the Unova region that’s gained a reputation as a Special stat beast with 125 Special Attack and 105 Special Defense – both of which can be boosted further with Quiver Dance.

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Volcarona has some great moves to choose from, two useful abilities in Flame Body and Swarm, and It’s also one of the few Bug-type Pokemon that’s not weak to Fire-type attacks (although it does have a double weakness to Rock, so watch out for that).

4. Scizor

Steel-type Scizor appearing in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Scizor is an iconic Pokemon that still remains popular after more than two decades since it debuted in Gold & Silver. A brilliant Bug/Steel-typing gives it a whopping eight resistances and one immunity, with only one weakness to worry about (although it is admittedly a big one: Fire).

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Its defenses are pretty good, while a 130 Attack stat means it can take out opponents with ease. Scizor also has the ability Technician, which boosts the power of moves with less than 60 Power (like Bullet Punch and Metal Claw) by 50%, which can be absolutely lethal.

That’s not to mention Mega Scizor, which gets a healthy boost in Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed to become easily one of the all-time best Bug-type Pokemon.

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3. Buzzwole

One of the best Bug-type Pokemon, BuzzwoleThe Pokemon Company

The first of two Ultra Beasts on this list is Buzzwole, the dual Bug/Fighting-type that clearly spends way too long in the gym. This creature first appeared out of an Ultra Wormhole in the Alola region and quickly established itself as one of the best Bug-type Pokemon of all time.

As its design suggests, Buzzwole is an absolute tank when it comes to Physical stats, with a massive 139 Defense and 107 HP that gives it huge staying power. Combined with a 139 Attack stat, and it can not only withstand Physical pressure, but also dish it out in spades.

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Buzzwole does fall down when it comes to Special stats, with only 53 Special Attack and 53 Special Defense – but in a Physical-leaning scenario, this buff bug can be unstoppable.

2. Pheromosa

The Bug-type Ultra Beast Pheromosa in PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Blending the aesthetics of a supermodel and a cockroach, Pheromosa looks ready to work the runway or infest your basement. Strange appearances aside, though, this Ultra Beast is absolutely devastating with 137 Attack, 137 Special Attack, and 151 Speed which means it almost always hits first – and hard.

It has access to some brilliant STAB moves like Bug Buzz and High Jump Kick, as well as plenty of coverage options. The main drawback here is that it has a laughable 37 Defense and 37 Special Defense, but as long as you’re aware of its glass cannon status, it can be an incredible teammate.

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1. Genesect

The best Bug-type Pokemon GenesectThe Pokemon Company

With the absence of any Bug-type Legendaries, the Mythical Genesect takes the top spot on our list – and there are plenty of reasons to love this ancient robot bug monster (yes, that’s what we’re calling it from now on).

Genesect’s stats are very nicely spread out, with the standouts being 120 Attack and 120 Special Attack that leave it capable of dealing both Physical and Special damage. It does have a relatively low 71 HP, but we can ignore that when everything else looks so good.

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Being a Bug/Steel-type also leaves it with just one weakness – Fire – and eight resistances including Dragon, Fairy, Steel, and Ice. Combine all of that with Techno Blast, a powerful signature move that can change type depending on the Drive it holds, and Genesect is a huge threat.

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