Best Pokemon toys for 2023: Pokeball Plus, Pikachu Funko Pops & cards

Pokemon guess and celebration boxAmazon / The Pokemon Company

Pokemon merch is reaching new heights of popularity in 2023, captivating fans of all ages with its vast assortment of options – but with such a wide range of choices, how do you decide which Pokemon toy is the best fit for you? Here are the best Pokemon, figures, toys, cards, and more for kids and adults in 2023.

It’s no secret that Pokemon is a global phenomenon, expanding far beyond its humble origins. From its captivating anime series and addictive video games to the high-stakes world of trading cards and iconic merchandise, the Pokemon franchise has truly taken the world by storm. Unsurprisingly, a significant portion of the Pokemon pie comes from its merchandise sales.

Whether you’re drawn to the irresistible Pikachu plush or are looking to add that elusive Funko Pop to your collection, there’s no shortage of options to satisfy your Pokemon cravings. Perhaps the latest Pokemon game has caught your attention, or maybe you’re on the hunt for that perfect Pokemon memento. No matter what you’re seeking, we’ve got your back. Here are the best Pokemon toys in 2023.

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Best Pokemon toys for 2023

Buying gifts can be really tough, especially when someone is a fan of a franchise as large as Pokemon. With hundreds of unique Pokemon toys for kids and adults, the search can often feel neverending. Luckily certain sites like Amazon and Walmart have a great selection. So, we’ve compiled some of the best gifts you can buy to ease up that neverending shop.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Nintendo Switch

Black Friday deal Pokemon Scarlet and VioletAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Try out Pokemon Scarlet on a brand-new Nintendo Switch.

The release of the highly anticipated Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has inspired a plethora of players to purchase both the game and the console required. Luckily, if you’re looking for a new Nintendo Switch so you can play this popular new game and catch all the brand-new Pokemon, this is a fantastic deal you can’t miss.

Eevee Funko Pop

Eevee Funko Pop black friday pokemon toysAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Collect the adorable Eevee in Pop figure form.

This is a great Pokemon gift for any fan of the games, series, or franchise in general. Eevee is an adorable normal-type Pokemon who is undeniably a favorite among most fans.

Pokemon Funko Pops are a fantastic collector’s item and will look great displayed on a shelf, or played with as your chosen companion. Either way, despite it no being cuddly like a Pokemon plush toy, this Funko Pop will be the pride of any Pokemon fan.

Pokemon Card Portable Storage Case

Pokemon card storage black friday dealAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Store your Pokemon Cards in style with this storage case.

The Pokemon card storage case is a perfect gift for any Pokemon Card collector. It allows them to organize their collection and display it in style, while still making sure none of the cards get lost or damaged.

Charizard Evolution Figure Pack

Pokemon Charmander and Charizard figures black friday dealAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Show off Charmanders evolution line with these adorable figures.

While everyone has their favorite starter Pokemon, few can ignore the cuteness and power of the legendary Charmander and its evolutions. You can show off all three of these memorable Pokemon in one go through their adorable figurines.

Starter Pokemon Figures

Pokemon starter figures black friday dealAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Catch ’em all with this great Pokemon set.

These adorable figures boast four of the most popular Pokemon meaning every fan will adore owning one of these packs.

Featuring Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur, you can rest easy knowing whatever Gen I starter that Pokemon fan will pick, it’s represented here.

Pikachu Funko Pop

Pikachu Funko Pop in front of a Pokemon backgroundAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Use this as a display piece or a collection item.

Pikachu comes in many different sizes with lots of styles, but few are as adorable and easily collectible as the Pikachu Funko Pop.

Complete with red cheeks, big eyes, and a smiling face, the Pikachu Funko Pop is both a collector and a Pikachu fan’s ideal toy. It’s also affordable and a great size for sitting on a shelf or on display.

Mega Construct Pokemon: Gyarados

Mega Construct Pokemon in front of a pokemon landscapeThe Pokemon Company / Mega Construx
Embrace creativity with the Mega Construct Gyarados.

When it comes to looking for a Pokemon toy you are typically looking for one of three categories, soft and cuddly, looks great, or is interactive. While Gyarados is hardly soft and cuddly, the Mega Construct Pokemon toy at least covers two of the three categories.

This Pokemon toy looks great. It’s wonderful for budding builders of all ages and is just complicated enough to make anyone feel like they have accomplished something. If you’re looking for a buildable Pokemon toy for kids or adults, then this toy is the one for you.

Throw ‘N’ Pop Poke Ball

Throw n pop pokeball over a Pokemon backgroundAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Feel like a real Pokemon trainer with this toy.

The TV show or video games Pokemon produce captures the hearts of many due to the enviable life Ash lives. He gets to go around expertly throwing Pokeballs at adorable Pokemon and going on adventures with them.

Well, now you can do the same. The Throw ‘n’ Pop Poke Ball set is ideal for catching and releasing the Pokemon figures inside. It contains a tiny Pikachu and Cubone for you to battle with.

Pokeball Plus

Pokeball plus in front of a Pokemon backgroundAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Bring your Pokemon along for the journey with the Pokeball Plus.

If you love playing Pokemon Go then this is the toy for you. It’s designed to make you feel like a real Pokemon trainer who carries around their Pokemon on adventures. You can use the Pokeball Plus as a joycon for your Nintendo Switch, or you can take it around with you when playing Pokemon go to track your steps.

This is the perfect Pokemon Go toy for any budding player and is one many would never leave the house without.

My Partner Pikachu

My partner Pikachu toy in front of a Pokemon backgroundAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Interact with Pikachu through touch.

Taking inspiration directly from Detective Pikachu, the My Partner Pikachu toy is perfect for any fan whose favorite companion is the adorable Pikachu.

While it’s primarily for children, anyone can pick up Pikachu and interact with him while he moves, makes noises, and has over 100 reactions.

Pokemon Trainer Guess

Pokemon trainer guess in front over a Pokemon backgroundAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Play who’s that Pokemon in real life.

It was one of the best games in the TV show and one that many will remember fondly. Who’s that Pokemon was the quiz everyone adored and one that even the adults watching would participate in.

With the Pokemon Trainer Guess, you don’t need to wait for a new episode or go searching, you can play it all over again. This Pokemon toy allows you to think of a Pokemon and watch as the Poke ball guesses it for you. It’s great fun and there are plenty of versions to try.

3D Crystal Ball Light

3d Crystal ball toy in front of Pokemon backgroundAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Light up the night with this Pokemon gift.

If looks and style are the main aims for a Pokemon gift then the 3D Crystal Ball Light is the perfect purchase. It looks beautiful, lights up the room for either aesthetics or for children to sleep, and makes it feel like they have a touch of the fantastic franchise near them.

You can choose from a variety of fantastic Pokemon and the ball itself looks like a Poke Ball. This is a subtle yet beautiful Pokemon toy for kids or adults.

Giant Plush Snorlax

Snorlax plus over a Pokemon backgroundAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Sleep well on this Snorlax Plush.

Pokemon plush toys can come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what, they always make the perfect cuddle companions for bedtime. In this Pokemon plush toys case, nothing says a good night’s sleep like Snorlax.

In 2023 you can buy a 200cm Giant plush of Snorlax and practically make this plush your bed, bringing comfort and cuteness in one soft Pokemon plush toy.

Pokemon Celebrations Elite Trainer Box

Elite Trainer Box in front of a POkemon BackgroundPokemon Center / The Pokemon Company
Become a pokemon trainer with this box.

Budding collectors or even seasoned players will adore the Pokemon Celebrations Elite Trainer Box. It comes with a fantastically designed box that holds the base Charizard set, a 25th Anniversary stamp, and some fresh card packs to open.

It’s got anything from shiny to starters inside this box and really feels like a present within a present. Making it a perfect present for any Pokemon card collector.

Pokemon Monopoly

Pokemon Monopoly in front of a Pokemon backgroundAmazon / The Pokemon Company
Claim regions and Pokemon in this Monopoly game.

The card game is not the only way to play Pokemon. Aside from the video games and the collectibles, there’s now a Pokemon Monopoly for the whole family or friends to enjoy.

It’s filled with adorable figures, memorable locations, and recognizable Pokemon dotted around the board.

Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are an easy gift for any Pokemon fan.

While there’s no guaranteed chance you’ll be able to give a Pokemon Fan their favorite card or one of the rarest available, there’s still nothing quite like opening a pack of Pokemon cards.

After all, if they do open up a valuable card, you may just become that Pokemon fan’s favorite person. Ultimately, Pokemon cards are an ideal Pokemon toy for kids, collectors or just fans of the franchise. Just know, there is no guarantee of its value.

Kids Pokemon Quartz Watch

Pokemon quartz kids watchAMAZON / THE POKEMON COMPANY
Tell the time in style with this kids’ watch.

Help someone tell the time while still showing off their passions with the Pokemon Kids Quartz Watch.

This adorable accessory is an ideal 2023 Pokemon toy for kids, or anyone looking for the ability to show off their love for the franchise and know exactly what time it is.

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith boxThe Pokémon Company
Collect some fantastically valuable Pokemon cards with the Elite Trainer Box.

As one of Pokemon TCG’s newest arrivals, this box will be on the mind of any budding card collector. Our review of the box gave it an impressive 9/10 and highlighted how the box is filled with beautiful, rare, and valuable Pokemon cards.

If your Pokemon fan is a lover of the Pokemon Card Game then this is easily the best Pokemon gift to buy for them.

Pokemon Squishmallows

Pokemon SquishmallowsTarget / The Pokemon Company
Two fan-favorite Pokemon have been turned into adorable Squishmallows.

Sure, Plushies are adorable and great for cuddling or displaying, but very few are as squishy or cuddly as Squishmallows, or as cute as the new Pokemon collaboration.

Choosing between Pikachu, Gengar, Snorlax, and Togepi can be a challenge but one look at the two and it becomes undeniable that these Squishmallows would make a perfect Pokemon plush toy for any fan.

Pokemon Ultimate Battle Figure Pack

Pokemon figuresThe Pokémon Company
There are tons of Pokemon figures in this pack.

Pokemon figures are a different realm of gift buying entirely. With so many different Pokemon to choose from, finding the right figure to buy and with the right style can be extremely tricky.

Thankfully, with this ultimate battle figure pack, you can ensure your loved one gets something new, and something they can either display or play with. They’re also an Amazon exclusive so it’s unlikely your loved one will already have a set.

There are so many Pokemon toys for kids and adults in 2023 but that is as good a start as any. For more Pokemon news make sure to check out our Pokemon hub.

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