15 best Fire-type Pokemon ranked: Charizard, Moltres, Reshiram & more

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If you’re looking to melt your opponents with the strongest attacks, these 15 best Fire-type Pokemon will definitely bring the heat to any battles in Pokemon Go, Arceus, and other franchise entries. 

Fire-type Pokemon have been one of the most popular types ever since Red hit our Game Boys in 1998. After all, these flame-loving Pokemon often have some of the coolest designs throughout the franchise.

From gigantic dragons to world-destroying primordial Legendaries, while other types like Fairy, Psychic, Electric, and Water may hold a place in many fan’s heart, there is no denying just how potent Fire-type Pokemon can be.

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In fact, Fire-types like Blaziken, Arcanine, and Heatran have all proved popular in competitive play thanks to their lethality. If you’re looking to dominate ranked battles with a sun team or just looking to add the strongest Fire-type Pokemon to your roster, then you can’t go wrong with any of these picks.


groudon pokemonThe Pokemon Company
Primal Groudon is undoubtedly the strongest fire-type you’ll see in the game,

What are the best and strongest Fire-type Pokemon?

Currently, the best fire-type Pokemon in the series is undoubtedly Primal Groudon. However, even though Primal Groudon tops our list, there are also 14 other strong Pokemon that are worth adding to any roster.

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Our top 15 list of the strongest Fire-type Pokemon that you’ll find throughout the series will help you pick the deadliest ‘mon to fend off some of the best opponents:

15. Darmanitan

Darmanitan Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company
Darmanitan’s Galar variant can be pretty strong.

Darmanitan is one of the most unique Fire-type Pokemon on our list, in that it has the ability to change forms depending on its ability and HP. However, it’s the Galar version that really packs a punch. While in Galarian Zen mode, Darmanitan receives a massive boost to both its Attack (160) and Speed (135) stats.

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It’s also in this state that Darmanitan becomes a dual Ice/Fire-type. This gives the ‘mon great move coverage, which enables it to utilize deadly fire-based attacks like Flare Blitz and chilling moves like Icicle Crash. Unfortunately, Galar Darmanitan’s poor defensive stats keep it from entering the top spots.

14. Arcanine

ArcanineThe Pokemon Company
Arcanine is one of the most iconic Fire-types in the series.

Arcanine is one of the most instantly recognizable Fire-type Pokemon in the series. Not only is this cunning canine known for its great Speed (95), it also comes packed with some well-rounded stats. In fact, Aracnine’s decent defensive capabilities enable it to tank a hit or two.

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Pair this with weather-based healing moves like Morning Sun and wall-breaking attacks like Toxic, and you have a recipe for success.

13. Moltres

Legendary MoltresThe Pokemon Company
Moltres bring the heat to any battle.

This Legendary dual Flying/Fire-type has a whopping 125 Special Attack stat, which enables Moltres to effortlessly melt through its opponent. Inflicting targets with burn is also extremely beneficial, particularly when you’re looking to remove any squishy damage dealers from the field.

If the threat of Scorching Sands wasn’t bad enough, Moltres’ ability to heal itself with Roost and remove hazards from the field is incredibly potent.

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12. Entei

Entei Pokemon Company
Entei brings the heat to any battle.

Despite its Legendary status, Entei has the lowest base states in our top 10 – maxing out at a not too shabby 580. If you’re after a pure Fire-type Pokemon, then you really can’t go wrong with Entei. The Legendary dog’s signature move, Sacred Fire is incredibly potent as it has 100 power and a 50% chance of burning the target. 

To make things even better, Entei has some pretty impressive stats with a base attack of (115), HP (115), and speed (100). Consider teaching Entei Stone Edge, Extreme Speed, and Flare Blitz for a competitive moveset that will leave your opponents in the dust.

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11. Houndoom

HoundoomThe Pokemon Company
Houndoom is one scorching hot dog.

Houndoom’s high SP. Atk stat (110) and decent speed (95) enable this hellish hound to quickly sweep opponents. Dark-type moves like Nasty Plot raise Houndoom’s Sp. Atk even further, enabling it to hit even harder. While a competitive moveset consisting of Fire Blast, Dark Pulse, and Sludge Bomb will give you great coverage, it won’t make up for its lackluster defense.

Houndoom’s 50 defense can lead to a quick KO if you’re not careful, so you’ll only want to switch out to this Pokemon when you know you can outspeed your opponent.

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10. Heatran

Heatran PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Heatran is the only Pokemon that is a dual fire and steel-type.

Heatran has remained a staple Fire-type pick since Diamond and Pearl thanks to its dual Fire/Steel typing. Unlike most Pokemon, Heatran has an extremely well-rounded stat distribution. This means it can both tank a hit, dish out damage, and even outspeed average Pokemon. 

Forcing fights is also extremely easy with Heatran, thanks to the use of its signature move. Magma Storm engulfs Heatran’s foes in a fiery prison, forcing them to take damage for four to five turns. During this time, moves like Toxic and Taunt can be used. Simply switch Heatran out and watch as your opponent’s Pokemon takes an insane amount of damage.

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9. Victini

Victini Pokemon

This cute critter may not look imposing when compared to the other Fire-type Pokemon on our list, but looks can be deceiving. Victini shares the same base stats as Volcanion, but instead of excelling at any, it has 100 points in every stat. When you combine this with Victini’s Psychic-Fire typing, you have an incredibly versatile pick. 

For example moves like U-Turn, Bolt Strike, and Final Gambit ensure that you have plenty of variety when it comes to dealing with your opponent – an area pure Fire-type Pokemon can often struggle with.

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8. Volcanion

Volcanion PokemonPokemon Company
Water is not super effective against Volcanion.

Mythical Pokemon have always been highly sought after thanks to their excellent move pool and high damage attacks. However, Volcanion is one of the most unique Fire-type ‘mons as it fuses both Water and Fire together. Because of this, Volcanion is completely immune to water-based attacks. In fact, its Water Absorb ability restores 1/4 of its maximum HP wherever it is hit by a water attack. 

Due to Volcanion’s high defense stat (120), a lot of competitive players use it to safely apply and withstand pressure from squishy sweepers. For example, moves like Toxic and Substitute enable Volcanion to make a significant dent in most teams. If you’re after a tanky wall that can both withstand and dish out decent damage, then Volcanion is a great pick.

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7. Infernape

Infernape Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company
Infernape packs a fiery punch.

Infernape has long been a fan favorite thanks to its Fire/Fighting typing. This mischievous monkey has a great mix of offensive stats, which enable it to punish squishy ‘mons and even pummel its way through tankier rivals.

Its Speed stat (108) can be raised further with Nasty Plot, which can prove useful when your opponent has particularly speedy creatures on their team. Meanwhile, moves like Focus Blast have a 10% chance to lower the enemy’s defense, making it particularly potent against any trainers that employ more defensive strategies.

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6. Cinderace

CinderaceThe Pokemon Company
Cinderace has often been banned from ranked online battles.

Cinderace is another Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon that continues to see great use in ranked battles. This is down to its high Attack (116) and blisteringly fast Speed (119) stats. Being able to quickly dish out damage with high power hits from Suck Punch, then swiftly switch out with U-turn is huge.

The blazing hot bunny also has decent defensive stats, which enable it to take a hit before being KOed. The Libero ability also enables Cinderace to change its type based on the move it’s about use, making it particularly tricky to deal with.

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5. Blaziken

Blaziken in Pokemon's animePokemon Company
Blaziken’s fiery kicks can make short work of even the tankiest foe.

Blaziken may be pretty squishy due to its fairly low HP (80), but that doesn’t stop it from hitting incredibly hard. Just like Charizard, Blaziken is a fantastic sweeper that can tear through multiple Pokemon if given the chance. The Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon’s Speed Boost ability raises Blaziken’s speed by one stage at the end of each turn. 

This is pretty potent considering Blaziken already starts off with 80 Speed. If Blaziken isn’t taken care of quickly, then it is not uncommon for it to completely outspeed every Pokemon that gets thrown at it. Combine this with the damage buff from Sword Dance and the lowered defense from Close Combat, and you have a recipe for success.

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4. Charizard

Charizard Pokemon Company
Charizard is still one of the most powerful fire-types.

This iconic fire-type Pokemon has been a fan-favorite in both casual and competitive Pokemon battles since the late 90s. While it may not be a Legendary Pokemon, that hasn’t stopped it from dominating the popularity polls. After all, it’s uncommon not to see a Pokemon team not utilizing this Fire-type. 

Charizard has even greater potential now thanks to its Gigantamax form, which enables it to shine brighter than ever before. Speed is key in a lot of Pokemon battles, especially if you’re looking to quickly sweep your foes. Fortunately, this is one area Charizard excels in. 

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With a whopping 100 speed stat and 109 Sp. Atk, Charizard is capable of dishing out some particularly lethal attacks. The Pokemon’s damage can reach even greater heights when used in coordination with moves like Harsh Sunlight and Sunny Day, which buff all Fire-type moves.

Charizard’s Solar Power ability even multiplies this Pokemon’s Special Attack by 1.5, making moves like Fire Blast and Focus Blast even more deadly.

3. Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh PokemonPokemon Company
Ho-Oh’s overall bulk makes it a pretty tough Pokemon to beat.

Ho-Oh shares the same base stats as Reshiram, but it just narrowly misses out on claiming second place. This is partly down to it being vulnerable to popular rock-type moves like Stone Edge. However, despite its looks, Ho-Oh is incredibly tanky due to its high Sp. Def (154). It also has the highest HP (106) out of the top three Fire-type ‘mons, which makes it the perfect Pokemon to switch between when applying various statues effects. 

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Ho-Oh’s ability, Regenerator also enables it to restores 1/3 of its maximum HP wherever it is switched out. Moves like Toxic, Sacred Fire, Whirlwind, and Defog give Ho-oh tremendous amounts of utility, so consider using this Legendary bird if you wish to greatly shake up your foe’s game-winning strategy.

2. Reshiram

Reshiram Pokemon Pokemon Company
Dynamax Reshiram is a true terror on the battlefield.

Unlike Charizard, Reshiram is recognized as both Fire and Dragon. Pokemon’s Black’s flagship Legendary just misses out on the top spot, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth adding to your roster. Having a 680 base stat total and an impressive Sp. Atk of 150, Reshiram is capable of pumping some truly dizzying damage numbers.

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Flare Blitz and Outrage not only help to quickly cut through squishy Pokemon, they also enable you to both burn and confuse your opponents. Not only is this an incredibly potent combination, but it also enables you to remove even the bulkiest monsters from the battlefield. 

Reshiram’s Dynamax form is also insanely powerful, thanks to moves like Max Flare. This attack both damages the opponent and leaves behind Harsh sunlight, which increases the damage of all Fire-type moves by 50%.

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1. Primal Groudon 

Groudon Pokemon Pokemon Company
Groudon really knows how to crank up the heat.

This primordial Legendary boasts the highest base stats of any Fire-type Pokemon, delivering a whopping 770 total. Groudon is capable of sweeping even the strongest teams thanks to its potent attack (180), high Sp. Atk (150), and stalwart defense (160) stats. Because of this potent combination, Groudon remains a top pick for those looking to sweep their foe’s entire team. 

If this wasn’t enough, the third-gen Legendary’s Ground/Fire typing also gives it decent move coverage, enabling it to learn potent moves like Stone Edge and Aerial Ace. Meanwhile, the buffs from Sword Dance also ensure Groudon’s signature move Precipice Blades hit insanely hard. 

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What are the worst Fire-type Pokemon?

Slugma fire-type PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Slugma should be one of the last Pokemon you decide to pick up for your team.

Despite there being plenty of Fire-type Pokemon you should be taking into battle with you, there are also some that you should undoubtedly leave fireside.

We’d recommend skipping the likes of Slugma. With a base Speed of 20, you’ll never stand a chance at attacking first during a fight. The same goes for its evolution, Macargo. While it has high base Defense stats, even that suffers from a middling Speed of 30. While Litwick eventually evolves into the decent Chandelure, it’ll take some time to get there, and so you’ll be stuck with base stats across the board that range from anywhere between 20 and 65.

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Numel evolves into Camerupt which has some decent moves, but both forms are either incredibly squishy or slow. The same goes for Tepig, with its final evolution, Emboar, being held back by lackluster moves and poor overall defense.

There you have it, 15 of the best Fire-type Pokemon you should be using, and which of the worst ones you should likely avoid.

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