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Can you get the Plague Doctors Mask in New World?

Published: 28/Jul/2021 18:38

by Nick Farrell


One of the coolest looking cosmetic items in New World is becoming highly sought after by players, but there seems to be only way to obtain this historic armor piece. 

New World has been one of the fresh spots in a rather dry gaming year so far, as Amazon Studios’ first major project in the industry has been a great hit among fans of the MMORPG genre.

Players will be able to pick and choose from three factions in the game and can tool their character into different playstyles, such as a Mage, Healer, or Tank. There’s also some fantastic armor pieces within the game that’ll boost your character’s stats – and, of course, give you some serious style points.


One of these pieces is the Plague Doctor Mask, and we’re going to run over how you can get your hands on it.

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Amazon Games Studio
Amazon Studios has been releasing new armor sets into the in-game store frequently.

What is the Plague Doctor Mask?

This specific armor piece falls under the Head Armor category in New World, and it was first introduced during one of the early Alphas.

The mask will range anywhere from a 200-300 Gear Score, and will also grant players an increase of 6-9 for Intelligence and 4-6 for Constitution. So, it’s not a bad piece of gear if you’re looking to increase your ability with the Ice Gauntlet or Fire Staff.

How to get the Plague Doctor Mask in New World

As far as we know, there’s currently only one method that Amazon has implemented that allows players to obtain the Plague Doctor’s Mask. Back in 2019, they revealed the set to players, and we can assume it was part of a store bundle for players to purchase.


There’s currently no listings for this item within the in-game Auction House, so it looks like players will not be able to obtain this item for the time being. Hopefully, they’ll re-add this item as a part of some bundle in the store, as it would be a great piece of armor to have for your character!