How to get Plague Doctor Mask in New World

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New World’s Plague Doctor Mask is one of the best-looking cosmetics, so here’s everything you need to know about how to get it and the rest of the Plague Doctor Set.

There are many different cosmetics in Amazon Games’ MMORPG, from armor and weapons to skins you can pay real money for in the Store.

One of the most popular pieces of attire is the Plague Doctor Mask, first seen in one of the early alpha tests, with New World players going crazy for it ever since. Here’s how to get your hands on it.


What is the Plague Doctor Mask in New World?

The Plague Doctor Mask is a piece of Head Armor in New World. It has the appearance of a headpiece doctors wore when treating patients during the bubonic plague epidemic of the 16th century.

It is Tier 5 Apparel, meaning you’ll have to be level 60 before you can equip it. Check out our leveling guide to help you reach it quickly.

How to get the Plague Doctor Mask in New World

plague doctor set in new world
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You can also Dye the Apparel if you wish.

To get your hands on the Plague Doctor Mask, you need to be in the Syndicate Faction, and have reached the maximum Rank of Alchemist. You do this by completing Faction Missions and earning Reputation.

Once you’ve reached the cap, speak to a Syndicate representative in a Settlement and open up the Armory. Here, you can buy the Mask, but you’ll need 30,000 Syndicate Tokens and 800 coins to do so.

Tokens are earned the same way as Reputation, so if you’ve not spent any while climbing up the ranks, you’ll have more than enough.

Additionally, for a limited time, you can buy a skin version of the Plague Doctor Mask from October 26-November 15 as part of New World’s Halloween 2021 celebration by visiting the store. While it’ll set you back 7,000 Marks of Fortune (the game’s premium currency), it’s worth it to live out your inner creepy medieval fantasy.

new world character in a medieval plague doctor mask

Plague Doctor Set

The Mask isn’t the only Plague Doctor armor in New World: there’s also Robes, Gloves, Boots, and Pants, all of which are obtained in the Syndicate Armory.

Each piece has a Gem Socket and has +22 Constitution, +13 Corruption Resistance, and reduces maximum cooldowns by 2.6%. The rest of the set is priced as follows:

  • Plague Doctor Robes: 45,000 tokens, 1,200 coins
  • Plague Doctor Gloves: 22,500 tokens, 600 coins
  • Plague Doctor Boots: 15,000 tokens, 500 coins
  • Plague Doctor Pants: 37,500 tokens, 1,000 coins
plague doctor set in new world
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All the pieces in the set are Epic rarity.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about the Plague Doctor Mask and the rest of the set in New World. For more tips and tricks, check out our other guides below:

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