How to get Iron Ore in New World: All Iron Ore locations

New World Iron OreAmazon Game Studios

Iron Ore is an essential crafting component in New World, but where is this versatile material found? Here are all of New World’s Iron Ore locations.

New World Iron Ore locations are scattered throughout brutal lands of Aeternum, but if you don’t know where to look, you could be searching for some time. Iron Ore is used to craft various weapons and armor – both of which are incredibly important if you wish to take down the game’s toughest foes. 

While materials such as Fiber and Linen are a must for explorers, locating Iron Ore should be a top priority for any adventurer that aims to increase their survivability. Fortunately, our handy New World Iron Ore location guide will have you collecting this hardy material in no time.

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Iron Ore locations New World

Iron-Ore-locationsAmazon Game Studios / New World Fans
New World’s Iron Ore locations are scattered throughout Aeternum.

Iron Ore is found in the Iron Vein outcrops that are scattered throughout the lands of New World. We’ve listed all of the best Iron Ore locations we know so far: 

  • North of First Light Town
  • South of Cutlass Keys Town
  • Southeast of Windward Town
  • Northeast of Monarch’s Bluffs Town 

These craggy boulders are pretty hard to miss and can be found nestled amongst the rocky outcrops in the game’s environments. Iron Ore can be obtained at level 0 and enables you to make some early-game weapons and armor. 

Mining Iron Veins will also enable you to rank up your mining level, which in turn, will eventually enable you to mine Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Starmetal Ore, Orichalcum Ore, and Platinum Ore. 

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Iron Ore crafting New World

Iron Ore New WorldAmazon Game Studios
Iron Ore has a variety of uses in New World.

Iron Ore can be crafted into a variety of early-game iron weapons, tools, and armor. Simply take your Iron Ore to any Smelter and begin converting your Iron into Iron Ingots. From this screen, you’ll see all the currently available crafting recipes you have access to. 

So, there you have it, all the Iron Ore locations in New World. Make sure you check out our other New World guides to ensure you maximize your survival. 

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