Best New World Ice Gauntlet build: Skills, Mastery tree, passives, more

new world ice guantlet guideAmazon Game Studios

The best Ice Gauntlet build in New World will have you dealing devastating amounts of damage to your foes with its Mastery Tree skills and passives.

While New World has lots of different paths to head down and weapons to choose from such as the Sword and Shield, Great Axe, or Life Staff, using the Ice Gauntlet is one of the best choices for fans of Mage classes within the MMORPG genre.

So, let’s break down some of the key skills you should opt into for the Mastery Tree, along with the best passives to use for the weapon in the game.

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A Mage in New World using the Ice GauntletAmazon Game Studios
Magic is a large component of New World, and the Ice Gauntlet is one of the weapons within this category.

New World Ice Gauntlet build

As one of the game’s Mage classes, the Ice Gauntlet build is great for providing strong AoE damage. It’s also perfect to use alongside other Intelligence weapons such as the Void Gauntlet and Fire Staff.

Using skills from the two Mastery Trees in New World can create an incredibly powerful build to utilize out in Aeternum, so there are some notable routes you’ll want to take to optimize your performance even further.

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Ice Gauntlet Mastery Trees

Now that you’ve got an Ice Gauntlet equipped, you’re going to want to understand the two branches of the Mastery Tree you’ll be able to spec into: Ice Tempest and Builder.

The two trees provide a great lineup of damage skills that apply status effects to slow to your opponents:

Mastery Tree Description
Ice Tempest The Ice Tempest mastery tree focuses on dealing damage to players/enemies rather than healing. It’ll consist of abilities that directly deal damage via projectiles or through AoE.
Builder The Builder mastery tree encompasses some offensive and stationary abilities to keep your opponents distracted while in battle with you.

Best Ice Gauntlet skills

A character utilizing one of the Ice Gauntlet skills in New World.Amazon Game Studio
There’s a wide array of skills that’ll pay off when using the Ice Gauntlet.
Skill What it Does
Ice Spikes Creates a trail of icicle spikes that go out in a straight line for 8 meters, dealing 56% weapon damage along the way. The last icicle will be a Mighty Spike, dealing 157.0% weapon damage and pushing the enemy away.
Ice Storm A ranged attack that deals 17.0% weapon damage every 0.25 seconds and slows enemies with a 5-meter radius of the AoE.
Entombed Players can entomb themselves in ice to become invulnerable and greatly increase mana regen. The Ice Tomb has a lifetime of 10 seconds and can be destroyed. Players have two options to cancel Entomb, exit by pressing RMB or break out of the Ice Tomb by pressing LMB causing a damaging knockback for 20 mana.
  • Ice Spikes: Ice Spikes is a viable AoE combat ability, as if a group of enemies is approaching you rapidly, you’ll be able to deal significant damage and slow them down in their tracks. This is a difficult skill to get right, as the Mighty Spike requires specific timing to land correctly.
  • Ice Storm: The premier AoE ability for the Ice Gauntlet, this storm will deal devastating damage to every enemy in its proximity. As well, it’ll stack damage with certain passive abilities we’ll get into later.
  • Entombed: A fantastic skill that helps to increase your mana regeneration, providing a cushion to the high amount of damage you’ll be sending out to catch your breath alongside the punchy Ice Storm and Ice Spikes.

Best Ice Gauntlet passives

To make the most of the epic Ice Gauntlet and its fantastic elemental power, we’d recommend running with passives such as Critical Frost, Cold Reach, and Energized Critical. When utilized alongside the above skills, you’ll become even more of a glass cannon, providing further critical chance and overall damage when meeting certain requirements.

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  • Critical Frost: Increase critical chance of hitting an enemy inside your frosted area, or with Frostbite. Crit chance is increased by 20.0%.
  • Cold Reach: Increase damage of light and heavy attacks by 15.0% against targets further than 15.0 meters away.
  • Energized Critical: Increase critical hit damage of all ice spells by 15.0%, when at full stamina.

Best Ice Gauntlet PvP & PvE build

Whether in PvP or PvE, this Ice Gauntlet build will be able to help you control the battlefield with your area of effect abilities.

While the Ice Gauntlet has six abilities to choose from, you can only equip three at any given time. As such, these are the skills we recommend for a well-rounded PvP and PvP build:

  • Ice Storm
  • Ice Shower
  • Entombed

Ice Storm is a huge area of effect ability that not only damages enemies in your vicinity, but it allows slows them as well. Ice Shower works well as a defensive ability because it places a barrier between you and an enemy, allowing you to be more strategic in battle.

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Entombed is exceptionally useful as it encases you in ice, removes all debuffs, and increases defense once you emerge from the ice.

To round off the Ice Gauntlet build, we recommend using these passives :

  • Cold Reach
  • Energized Critical
  • Critical Rejuvenation
  • Gathering Storm
  • Critical Frost
  • Heavy Frost
  • Quick Frost
  • Ultimate Chill

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about the Ice Gauntlet build in New World.

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