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Great Axe New World guide: What is it, Mastery tree, more

Published: 21/Jul/2021 18:54 Updated: 26/Jul/2021 16:29

by Nick Farrell


Amazon’s new MMORPG is finally here, and there’s been a lot of content for players to check out and weapons to obtain. The Great Axe is one of the premier two-handed weapons in New World, but it might take some time to get! 

While it was teased quite some time ago, Amazon’s MMOROP New World has finally released into beta stage and players worldwide are getting a chance to explore the new region and try out all the weapons within the game.

Like any other MMORPG such as World of Warcraft, there’s a ton of items you can obtain in the game, and most of these have some sort of mastery tree that players can level through.


However, for the Great Axe you’ll first need to unlock it, and we’re going to run over this procedure, along with the accompanying mastery tree.

new world
New World has taken over streaming services since it was released.

What is the Great Axe?

For those who don’t know, the Great Axe is a two-handed weapon that will be useable for the Tank/DPS role, and it heavily relies on strength given its size. Back during the Alpha stages of the game in December of 2020, they added a new update titled “Forged and Fury” which implemented the weapon class of the Great Axe.

Amazon Games noted that the Great Axe “is a new two-handed melee weapon that excels at large, sweeping attacks. While training with the Great Axe, adventurers will be able to progress two mastery trees.”


Players will be able to forge this axe earlier on within the game, and it’s accessible during one of the earlier towns in New World.

While you may want to dabble in the Great Axe class, there’re some notable characteristics and branches you can take with the mastery tree, and it’s a good habit to get to know these inside and out.

Great Axe mastery trees explained

great axe
The Great Axe is one of the strongest two-handed weapons within New World.

Once you have chosen the Great Axe weapon class, you will have the choice of venturing into one of two mastery trees. These are outlined in New World as the following.

  • The Mauler weapon mastery tree focuses on high damage and multi-hit abilities to hack and slash your way through your foes.
  • The Reaper weapon mastery tree focuses on crowd control and escape prevention. These skills will help you control the flow of the battle while your allies dispatch those who have caught in your grasp.

We’re also going to run over some of the best abilities in each tree, which may lean your side to one or another depending on your playstyle.



The Blood Lust passive ability allows players to move at an increased 30% which dealing 15% more damage, as long as your enemies are within 15 meters of you. As well, another noteworthy ability is the Death’s Embrace, which amplifies damaged and armor penetration.


On the flip side, the Mauler mastery tree is all about damage and controlling engagements to better your chances of winning battles. While your character may be slower, it’ll make up for these hinders with increased damage, thanks to perks such as Whirlwind.

As the name suggests, the player will spin in a circle, causing immense damage to players.