New World Halloween skins: weapons, armor & masks

New World warrior dressed as a skeletion in armorAmazon Game Studios

New World’s Halloween skins have dropped just in time to celebrate the spooky season, so here’s all of the creepy new weapon, armor, and mask cosmetics.

Just in time to celebrate one of the oldest traditions known to man, New World has released a slew of Halloween goodies via the in-game store to make sure you take to the mysterious plains of Aeternum in the spookiest style possible.

From armor to weapons, emotes to housing decorations, there’s something for everyone this spooky season – but you’ll need to have the gold to buy it.

If you’re struggling in the monetary department, be sure to check out our extensive New World gold guide, otherwise prepare yourself for a fright as we run through all of the game’s Halloween cosmetics.

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New World jack-o-lantern sitting on a tree stumpAmazon Games
Halloween has come with you to the New World, and there’s plenty of treats in store!

New World Halloween skins: Release date

The Halloween skins dropped on October 21, so you can pick them up now via the in-game store.

Where to buy New World’s Halloween skins

All of the Halloween items can be purchased via the in-game store, however, they are bought using the game’s premium currency, Marks of Fortune. These can also be bought at the store.

To top up your marks or, alternatively, snag yourself some new loot:

  1. Load up New World and jump into the game.
  2. Press “Esc.”
  3. At the top, there’s an option to browse the store.
New World's in-game storeAmazon Game Studios
The Halloween skins will be in the “Featured Deals” section.

All New World Halloween skins

Weapons skins

New World character holds a sword that looks like bonesAmazon Game Studios
Of all the new skins, the Skeletal Rapier has to be our favorite.

First up on our list of all the all-new spooky skins are the weapons. Rapier mains will be over the (full) moon with the new Skeletal Rapier skin, which looks pretty damn perfect when paired with the stunning Crimson Bloodlock Musket.

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Skin Weapon Price (Marks of Fortune)
Black Widow Staff Life Staff 8,500
Crimson Bloodlock Musket  8,500
Pharaoh’s Curse Great Axe  8,500
Skeletal Rapier Rapier  8,500
Frankenstein Hammer War Hammer  8,500

Armor skins

New World character dressed as a mummyAmazon Game Studios
Brendan Fraser would be so proud.

If you’re looking to kit your weapons out in all things spooky, you’ll need some new gear to go with them. Whether you want to be a Mummy or a Vampire this Halloween, Aeternum’s got some pretty good armor skins lined up to trick or treat in.

Skin Price (Marks of Fortune)
Bloodthirsty Count 14,000
Shroud of the Pharaoh 14,000
Skeletal Chevalier 16,000

You can also purchase 5 different dyes for 3,000 Marks of Fortune to kit our your new and existing gear:

  • Sublime Bone Dye – silvery white
  • Burnt Sierra Dye – burnt orange
  • Spring Grape Dye – bright purple
  • Blood Dye – blood red
  • Blued Steel Dye – peacock blue


new world character in a medieval plague doctor maskAmazon Game Studios
The ominous long-nosed Plague Doctor mask has become one of the world’s creepiest symbols.

Of course, Amazon hasn’t forgotten that you need masks to Trick or Treat with! Allowing players to buy a skin that transforms your mask into the coveted Plague Doctor mask, you can also scare your fellow travelers as a creepy Demon or neon blue-streaked Elemental.

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Skin Price (Marks of Fortune)
Elemental Mask 7,000
Demon Mask 7,000
Elusive One Mask 7,000
Plague Doctor Mask 7,000

Housing Items & Emotes

New World halloween decorations in an old houseAmazon Game Studios
The Haunted Housing decor bundle has everything you need to terrify passersby.

In order to deck out your home away from home in Aeternum, you’ll also be able to acquire some mysterious new decorations.

Item Price (Marks of Fortune)
Scapegrace Jack’s Lantern Free
Haunted Housing Decor Bundle 15,000

If some trick or treaters do turn up at your door, though, be sure to trick them right back with these two new emotes:

Emote Price (Marks of Fortune)
Courteous Applause 4,000
Coin Toss 4,000

So that’s all of New World’s Halloween skins and cosmetics. Looking to become the greatest warrior Aeternum has ever seen? Be sure to check out our list of guides: New World leveling guide | New World faction guide | How to get the Waning Crescent staff | Ice Gauntlet guide | Fiber and Linen guide | Great Axe guide | Fishing guide | Where to find sheep | Candied Strawberries | AoE Mage guide | Sword and Shield build

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