New World Saltpeter locations: Where to find and how to craft gunpowder

New World SaltpeterAmazon Game Studios

If you’re wielding a musket in New World it’s essential you’re familiar with a set of Saltpeter locations to farm the resource.

New World has finally arrived and with so many players exploring the world of Aeternum, the excitement around the game is at an all-time high. Whether you’re a fan of crafting, PvP, or even just grinding out levels, there’s plenty of content to get stuck into.

No matter what you’re doing in New World, you’re going to need a trusty weapon to take down any enemies you encounter. While some players prefer melee, a lot of the community have opted to use a musket.

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Although this weapon provides solid damage at long range, it requires cartridges to fire, which can only be crafted through gathering Saltpeter.

Luckily, there are various Saltpeter farming locations across the world that you can use to make stocking up on gunpowder extremely simple.


Saltpeter New World Amazon Game Studios
Saltpeter is typically found in caves throughout Aeternum.

What’s required to farm Saltpeter in New World?

Gathering Saltpeter is relatively simple in New World and has very few requirements. All you’ll need is a flint pickaxe or better to mine the resource and stock up on gunpowder to load your trusty musket.

The hardest aspect of farming Saltpeter is finding a location that can consistently provide plenty of resources for you to mine. Luckily, we’ve found a set of areas where Saltpeter can be farmed in all of the starting areas.

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New World Saltpeter locations to farm gunpowder

Saltpeter New WorldAmazon Game Studios/New World Fans
Saltpeter is used to make gunpowder in New World.

Saltpeter is typically found in caves across the world of Aeternum, so it’s key you’re always on the lookout for the resource whenever you go exploring underground.

However, don’t worry if you’re struggling to find a farming spot, here’s a set of Saltpeter locations we’ve found so far:

Monarch Bluffs Saltpeter Locations

  • Bayhowl Burrow – South of Monarch Bluffs Town
  • Hurtfang Hole – South-East of Monarch Bluffs Town
  • Offal Grotto – North of Antares

Windsward Saltpeter Locations

  • Inkwell Cave – Directly East of Windsward Town
  • Dankfur Hollow – Directly South of Windsward Town
  • Scratchrock Burrow – East of Buccaneer Falls

Everfall Saltpeter Locations

There appears to be very little Saltpeter throughout the Everfall region, so we recommend heading to Windsward or Monarch Bluffs to farm the resource.

How to craft gunpowder in New World

New World resource gatheringAmazon Games
Gunpowder requires wood, flint, and Saltpeter.

In order to make gunpowder for your musket, you’ll need to have gathered wood, flint, and Saltpeter, Once you have these ingredients, follow the steps below and you’ll be sniping down enemies in no time.

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  1. Head to a Smelter with your resources
  2. Select ‘Charcoal’ from the recipe menu and hit ‘Craft’
  3. Next, move over to a Workshop
  4. Select ‘Gunpowder’ from the recipe menu
  5. Click craft and you’ll have stocked up on gunpowder

As you can see it’s a relatively simple process, you’ll just need to do plenty of gathering beforehand.

So, there you have it, those are all of the best Saltpeter farming locations and exactly how to make gunpowder in New World.

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