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New World Life Staff mastery tree: Best perks, tips, more

Published: 7/Aug/2021 23:57

by Nick Farrell


The Life Staff can be one of the essential weapons when it comes to group compositions within New World. Building into this weapon the correct way can be a major difference-maker in winning Wars! 

The new MMORPG New World, witnessed immense success during their closed beta phase towards the end of July into early August. With this being Amazon Game Studios’ next major headliner, they’re looking to improve on previous titles.

There’s a ton of weapon classes within New World, specifically, there’re three magic weapons that players will have the choice to use. The Life Staff is one of these variations, and as the name suggests, it’ll be best used for Healers and light-damage mages.


But, selecting the right perks will go a long way for your player, and we’re going to run over the ones you should be choosing and what they do within the Life Staff mastery tree!

New World Amazon MMO
Amazon Studios
New World has a key emphasis on territory gain between the three Factions.

Life Staff mastery guide

Being one of the three magical weapons within New World, the Life Staff has been classified by players as the support weapon among these three. This is due to the fact that the weapon excels in healing, and a large portion of its abilities are centered around healing other players during battle.

This isn’t to say the Life Staff cant pack a punch to other players, but your main focus while using this weapon should be in the healing department. We’re going to run over the perks you should spec into while applying points to your Life Staff mastery tree.


  • Divine Embrace
    • This is the must-have perk for the Life Staff, as it’ll “heal target for 150% weapon damage,” a significant amount, especially when you’re in battle against other players or a strong NPC
  • Sacred Ground
    • A stable AoE healing ability that’ll “create an area on the ground that lasts for 12s and heals 10% weapon damage every second.”
  • Orb Of Protection
    • Although this skill is not directly a part of the healing line for the Life Staff. It’s still fantastic as it’ll “shoot out a light projectile that grants 15% Fortify for 20s, heals an ally for 10% of weapon damage, and deals 95% weapon damage when it hits an enemy.”

Some other abilities you may want to opt-in for when selecting are.

  • Splash Of Light – “You and all group members are healed for 50% weapon damage.”
  • Lights Embrace – “Targeted heal for 75% weapon damage +30% more for each buff on that target.”
new world
The Life Staff can make or break a War for your Faction!

Becoming your groups healer with the Life Staff is one of the essential roles within New World, and your friends will be thank you for it later!