New World Candied Strawberries: how to cook, ingredient locations & stats

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As Amazon’s new MMO, New World, continues to take over Twitch, you’ll need some Candied Strawberries to keep you happy and healthy. 

Despite only being in its beta stage, Amazon’s new MMORPG New World has taken the gaming sphere by storm. Overtaking the likes of Just Chatting and Warzone on Twitch, the game is off to quite the start.

As players take to the plains of Aeternum Island, they’ll have to get to grips with 17th Century-style living. You’ll have to craft your own Linen, get hide from sheep and much more, but you’ll also have to make sure you maintain a decent diet while doing so.

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Enter Candied Strawberries, the sweet treats that are absolutely the opposite of healthy, but are an essential for New World travellers. Here’s how to make them.


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As you delve into the depths of New World, some Candied Strawberries won’t go amiss.

What are Candied Strawberries in New World?

Candied Strawberries are a Tier 2 resource that can be crafted by cooking. They require a cooking level of seven, making them pretty easy to whip up.

While New World doesn’t have set classes, these tasty little treats are great for anyone running mana-driven abilities. Giving increases to mana recovery, as well as the “Invigorated” effect that accompanies cooked food, they can make or break a battle.

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New World Candied Strawberries: Stats

Cooking Level Ingredients  Mana Recovery Invigorated Effect
7 2 x Strawberry, 1 x Honey Small (Tier 2) 20 minutes increased Constitution and Health Recovery

Where to find Candied Strawberries ingredients

You can’t make these delicious bundles of joy without having the ingredients, though. Composed of strawberries and honey, here are the locations you’ll need to scavenge.

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  • Honey: Obtained from Honey trees. These are scattered throughout Brightwood and Everfall.
    • Simply click ‘E’ next to the tree to harvest Honey.
  • Strawberries: At the moment, snagging yourself some strawberries is a little difficult. Fruit bushes appear in high populations in Mourningdale, so this is the best area to try and get some strawberries.
    • Again, simply click ‘E’ next to the bush to harvest the fruit.

It appears that a Basket of Strawberries will also become available in a future mission.

New World MarketAmazon
Now that you’ve got your ingredients, visiting a Settlement is next on the menu.

How to cook in New World

Once you’ve rustled up all that fresh produce, you’ll need to cook it. In order to create the best quality food, you’ll need to level up your cooking skills by making progressively harder dishes.

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In order to get started on your culinary adventure simply:

  1. Go to a Settlement
  2. Visit a Kitchen
    • Kitchens can be leveled up over time.
  3. Cook away until your heart’s content!

So that’s it for all things Candied Strawberry! If you’re looking to take your New World Adventure to the next level, be sure to check out our list of guides:

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