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How to get the Waning Crescent Fire Staff in New World

Published: 8/Aug/2021 17:55

by Nick Farrell


Magical weapons are among some of the best to use in Amazon’s new MMO, New World, and over the course of the game, you’ll want to use the top-tier ones, and this includes the Waning Crescent Fire Staff. 

Weapons are one of the major components of any MMORPG, and within New World, they’re widely important, as players will get to choose from a wide array of weapon classes to take into battle during the game.

However, if you’re looking to use magical weapons, there’re three options you have the choice in taking: Fire Staffs, Ice Gauntlets, or Life Staffs, with the former being one of the stronger variants.


If you want to gain some incredible loot within New World, finding the right Fire Staff is how you’re going to want to handle things, and one in particular, Waning Cresent has caught the eyes of players worldwide. Here’s how to find and obtain the Fire Staff within New World.

new world
New World is gearing up for a full release this year, and it looks to rejuvenate the MMORPG genre.

How to get the Waning Crescent Fire Staff

One of the neat aspects surrounding New World is the way players will be able to obtain weapons throughout their adventure. More often than not, you’ll find the bulk of your weapons in chests throughout the world, or via the Auction House.

But, some will actually require you to craft the item with materials you’ll need to gather. One of the trickier aspects can be in actually finding the recipe itself, and this is how players will be able to get the Waning Crescent Fire Staff for the most part.


While we’re sure you’ll also be able to purchase it through the Auction House, it’ll run you a decent bit of Gold. As the weapon itself has a Gear Score of 590, making it one of the best within the game.

Waning Crescent Fire Staff
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The Waning Crescent Fire Staff replicates the moon itself.

If you’re looking to craft the weapon, you’ll need to find the schematic, which can be dropped via rare creatures, and random loot boxes throughout New World. Once you do manage to get one of these recipes, the ingredients needed to craft the weapon are as follows.

  • 2 Scalecloth
  • 4 Barbvine
  • 1 Fire Crystal Core
  • 5 Asmodeum
  • 15 Glittering Ebony
  • 20 Fire Quintessence

After you have all these materials, the weapon is all yours, and it’s well worth your efforts as it’s one of the better Fire Staffs within New World.