Which faction to choose in New World – Syndicate, Covenant, Marauders differences

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New World allows you to choose from three factions, namely: Syndicate, Marauders, and Covenant, and each one has differences that will shape the way that you play the game.

Factions play an integral part in MMORPGs, appearing in titles like World of Warcraft, The Elder Scrolls: Online, and New World is no different.

On the island of Aeternum, the game introduces three groups to opt-in to, each with its own aesthetic, armor, and quests. Let’s take a look at all three factions, the differences between them, and which one you should choose.

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A Syndicate faction member in New WorldAmazon Game Studios
The Syndicate is one of the three factions within New World.

New World factions

The three different factions in New World are Syndicate, Covenant, and Marauders. Players will be given the option to choose between the three after completing a series of quests and reaching Level 10.

Each features their own color scheme, along with distinct lore to fit into your particular fantasy:

Faction Description
Syndicate The Syndicate is a secretive organization of boundless guile and intellect in search of forbidden knowledge to usher in a new age of enlightenment.
Covenant The Covenant is a fanatical order that has charged itself with cleansing the land of heretics and defilers so that its true holy nature can flourish and justice can be restored.
Marauders The Marauders are a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength to do so can prosper and profit.
The faction select screen in New World.Amazon Game Studios
You’ll be able to choose your faction once reaching Level 10.

New World factions differences

While the differences between New World’s factions are typically minimal, your first choice should be made carefully, as you’ll have to wait 120 days before being able to change to another.

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Players looking to align with a mage-like group would be right at home with the Syndicate; those wanting to fight for glory would be better suited to the Marauders, and The Covenant faction is perfect for those looking to take on a Support or Defensive build.

Essentially, the only differences between the three are:

  • The faction’s lore
  • Faction-specific gear
  • Player Companies that are associated with a particular faction
  • The faction’s particular theme and color scheme
  • Unique faction quests
New World faction character with a bow and arrowAmazon Game Studios
The choice you make will affect the entirety of your New World adventure.

Which faction to choose in New World

With all this said, the faction you should choose will depend on which team you want to associate yourself with.

If your friends are all aligned with Syndicate, for example, it’s worth joining them to ensure you can play all of the game’s content together throughout Aeternum.

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There’s no option to do PVP within your own faction, however, so if you’re looking to spar with your friends, it could be worth having them join an opposing team.

Is there a best New World faction?

Even though the Syndicate is the most popular faction in New World, all factions have similar designs and offer the same benefits to its players.

You technically won’t be at a disadvantage if you choose a specific faction over the other.

However, if you are someone who cares about the popularity of factions, then the Syndicate is the most popular, closely followed by the Marauders.

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How to switch factions in New World

It is possible to switch factions in New World. Despite this, there are some rules if you do decide to make the switch:

  • You must wait at least 120 days (around 4 months),
  • You cannot switch to whichever one currently holds the most territory.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about New World factions and the differences between them. To become the best player Aeternum has ever seen, check out our guides for all of the latest tips:

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