New World server transfers explained: How to change Worlds for free

How to transfer New World servers: free server transfer date, moreAmazon Game Studios

New World server transfers are finally open to all. If you’re a player looking to change to a less populated world to avoid long queue times, here’s everything you need to know — including how to use your free transfer token.

New World’s launch has been a resounding success for players who have been able to get onto the immensely populated servers. However, for everyone else, it’s been a battle of who has more patience when it comes to queuing.

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It’s gotten better since the hectic first week, but long queue times led to thousands of players review bombing the game in a bid to vent their frustration.

The developers have done their best to roll out new servers in waves, and now they’re allowing players to transfer to different Worlds — for free — as of New World update 1.0.3.

Here’s how you can take advantage of the offer and pair up with your friends in Aeternum.

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New World Landscape SwampAmazon Game Studios
Joined the wrong world? Pair up with your friends in New World with server transfers.

When are New World free server transfers happening?

New World introduced server transfers in update 1.0.3, which launched on October 20.

It came after a few delays, but now you can finally join your friends on any World of your choosing — as long as it’s in the same region.

Players will automatically have one server transfer token in their account, which they can activate by navigating through the in-game store.

After you use your free transfer, future moves will cost you money. Amazon isn’t shipping paid transfers yet, instead waiting until the rush is over. We will update you on how much those will cost in the future.

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How to transfer New World servers

The process of transferring New World servers is easy.

  1. Log into New World and open up the Store
  2. Click on the “World Transfer” tab at the bottom
  3. Click on your free World Transfer token and purchase
  4. Choose a new home world to join
  5. Accept the transfer requirements and confirm
  6. Your character will now move to the server you chose. Relog and get playing!

Sadly, you won’t be able to transfer between regions; going between Europe and North America, for example.

However, you will be able to at least join up with your friends in the same region as you. You just have to make sure you aren’t currently in a Company and don’t have any outstanding Trading Post offers, and you’re good to go!

New World Inn teleportAmazon Game Studios
New World server transfers do have conditions — so be sure you are making the right choice.

Once you transfer servers, you’re good to go playing again. All you need to do is re-add people on to your friends list and get grinding.

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If you decided to put off the grind until server transfers were available, don’t forget to check out our New World leveling guide to make the early climb easier.

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