Where to find Ghost Ships in Lost Ark: Nightmare, Shadow, & Tempest locations

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Nightmare Ghost Ships Lost Ark

When it comes to Lost Ark sailing encounters, there’s one event that seems to be eluding the majority of players and that’s the Nightmare, Shadow, & Tempest Ghost Ships, but what are they, and where can you find them?

While visiting islands and exploring the seas of Lost Ark there are countless events to take part in that will each net you unique and useful rewards.

Although most of these are easy to find if you’re looking to complete a specific quest, some are a little harder to track down and can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.

This is definitely the case for Ghost Ships, but what are these mysterious vessels and where can you find them on your journey across the seas?


What are Ghost Ships in Lost Ark?

Ghost Ship Lost Ark
Different Ghost Ship encounters recommend specific item level requirements.

Ghost Ships are a sailing event that involves you encountering a mysterious and spooky vessel on the seas. After a short cutscene, you must board the ship and eliminate all the crew members to complete the event.

The opponents on board are not easy foes to takedown and you’ll be on a time limit as well, so you’ll need to be at your best to complete the encounter. In total, there are three different types of Ghost Ship that all require a different Item Level to complete, you can check them out below:

  • Nightmare Ghost Ship: Item Level 460 (North of Sea of Procyon)
  • Shadow Ghost Ship: Item Level 960 (East of Feiton)
  • Tempest Ghost Ship: Item Level 1370 (Southeast of Punika)

Before you can encounter these dangerous vessels, you’ll need to take on two quests from the Queen at North Vern called A Ney Voyage and Wall of Procyon Following this, you’ll have access to Rohendel and will be able to locate the mysterious Ghost Ships.

Keep in mind, each of these encounters occurs in specific locations on the world map which are marked out below.

Where to find Nightmare, Shadow, & Tempest Ghost Ships

Nightmare Ghost Ship locations
Here are the Nightmare Ghost Ship spawn locations.

As shown above, Ghost Ships are marked on the map with a small grey vessel symbol indicating Nightmare Ghost Ships spawn North of the Sea of Procyon, Shadow Ghost Ships appear East of Feiton, and finally, Tempest Ghost Ships pop up Southeast of Punika.

Keep in mind these ships only spawn once every few hours, so it may take a lot of patience to track one down.

After you do locate a Ghost Ship, we recommend that you equip Eibern’s Wound ship, and recruit crew members with the Fighter: Ghost Ship ability. While this isn’t essential it will aid you in battle and make the event easier.

Then, simply sail to the marked location and wait for a small cutscene to begin, you’ll be teleported onto the Ghost Ship and a horde of enemies will attempt to kill you.

It’s worth noting, Ghost Ships often spawn next to hazardous waters, so be wary of these areas while waiting for the encounter to begin.

So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about Ghost Ships in Lost Ark. Looking to master a class? Check out our Lost Ark guides:

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