Sea of Thieves Kraken boss: Location, rewards & how to beat

Lauren Bergin

As you sail the seven seas in search of fearsome foes and bountiful booty in Sea of Thieves, you’ll need to keep a weather eye out for the terrifying Kraken; both because it will absolutely massacre your crew and also because killing it gifts you some sweet rewards in the game.

While things often appear bright and breezy as you sail the seven seas in Sea of Thieves, danger lurks in the deep, just waiting to pounce and drag you down to the depths and the Kraken is one of the most dangerous foes.

The now-iconic sea monster is known for tracking down its prey and tearing it limb from limb so it can be tough to take down in Sea of Thieves. If you’re looking to channel your inner Jack Sparrow and take on the Kraken head (or teeth) first, here’s where it spawns in Sea of Thieves, as well as the in-game loot you’ll gain from killing it.


sea of thieves kraken boss
Is this how the end of Dead Man’s Chest looked from Jack Sparrow’s perspective?

How to find the Kraken in Sea of Thieves?

The Kraken attacks ships at random which means there’s no dedicated location associated with it.

If the Kraken does attack, you’ll be alerted to its presence by an audio cue, as well as the water around your vessel suddenly transforming into an eerie black, inky mirror.

Where does the Kraken spawn?

The Kraken will spawn under your ship, be it any boat type such as sloop, brigantine, or galleon. However, it’s quite unlikely for a Kraken to attack smaller ships with a small crew which means you should be safe if you’re sailing a sloop.

It is important to note that the Kraken does not spawn near islands, and also only appears when no other world event is active.

How to beat the Kraken?

The Inhaler Kraken tentacle in Sea of Thieves.
The Inhaler Kraken tentacle in Sea of Thieves.

To defeat the Kraken, you’ll need to be ready for a battle on multiple fronts. The boss fight revolves around the creature’s different tentacles, which operate independently of each other.

First off, though, be sure to drop your anchor so that you can properly fight the creature or try to rotate your ship 180 degrees and sail out of the ink if you’re not looking for a fight.

From here, divide your crew up to take a tentacle each, or double up if you’re on a larger vessel. The Kraken cycles through four different tentacle ‘types,’ so make sure you keep an eye on what your respective sucker is doing to combat it.

  • Inhaler – This tentacle has a mouth (as seen in the image above) that will hoover you up. Either go below the deck or try to shoot the mouth. If you get caught, you’ll be slammed around for a bit and thrown into the sea, where you can be rescued – if you survive.
  • Tangling – Tangling arms envelop your ship and do damage to it over time. Attack the tentacle standing upright that can be found adjacent to the tangling tentacle, but remember that if you’re using either a cutlass or gun it will spew poisonous Kraken blood. Instead, we suggest using either cannons or firebombs and blunderbombs to avoid getting covered in gunk. Additionally, keep one crewmate below deck at all times to stay ahead of repairs.
  • Slapping – These will slap the deck and do massive damage. Use your cannons, firebombs, and blunderbombs to try and defeat them before they cause havoc. In case of impact, be sure to station some crew below to repair the ship as fast as possible.
  • Target – These simply stick straight up for players to shoot, dropping loot upon defeat.

A general rule is that shooting the tentacles’ respective mouths drops more loot and kills the beast quicker, but we completely understand if you’d rather err on the side of caution and not get your head bitten off.

Additionally, you can rescue fellow crew mates from the jaws of death using a harpoon, and you yourself can escape the Kraken’s clutches if you have a cutlass equipped.

sea of thieves kraken attacks a ship wile two others sail by
The seas are a pretty dangerous place.

What is the reward for killing the Kraken in Sea of Thieves?

In terms of material loot, you can earn everything from treasure chests to trinkets, and even a piece of highly coveted Kraken Meat.

More importantly, however, you can achieve three different commendations to flex on your fellow scallywags with.

Commendation Krakens killed Dobloons earned Cosmetic unlocks
Kraken Hunter 1 10 Kraken Capstan
Master Kraken Hunter 5 20 Kraken Wheel
Legendary Kraken Hunter 10 50 Kraken Cannon

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