Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How to get to Lookout Landing

zelda breath of the wild 2 hyrule castleNintendo

You’ve just finished the tutorial sky island for Tears of the Kingdom. You’ve just dropped down into Hyrule and have no clue where to go. Sound familiar? Well, that’s what’s happened to millions of players around the world.

If you’re looking to get some structure in your playthrough and want to start unlocking the map, the best place to get to is definitely Lookout Landing, a small hub area with familiar faces that lets you activate the Skyview Towers, which are used to reveal the different regions of Hyrule on you Purah Pad.

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It also has shops, beds, weapons and side quests for you to pick up, making it the ideal position to start your exploration of the open world.

Where is Lookout Landing?

When you first drop down into Hyrule, you’ll be a fair way away from Lookout Landing. It’s positioned just before Hyrule Castle, which is now floating in the air, so it you head towards the centre of the map, you should be able to make it.

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Lookout Landing Skyview TowerNintendo
To get to Lookout Landing, head towards the tower underneath the floating castle.

To speed up your journey, you can try building a vehicle to get there faster. If you face the castle and climb out of the lake you landed in and then go down the hill, you’ll find a convenient box of tools and wheels that you can use to build a car.

They aren’t quite as sophisticated as the Zonai gliders, but if you’ve got the hang of Ultrahand and have a fan handy, you should be on your way in no time.

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As you approach the forest before the castle, it can be easy to get lost. However, there are some researchers outside an easily-located shrine in Hyrule Field who can point you in the right direction. Check in with them to get the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower highlighted.

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