Honkai Star Rail Aeons: Who are they and what are their paths?

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Aeons in Honkai Star Rail

Aeons are some of the most mysterious beings in Honkai Star Rail. Here is what you need to know about Aeons in this game.

Aeon is one name that you’ll come across while completing Simulated Universe in this game. However, unless you’re paying attention to the massive lines of text, it’s difficult to get confused about what they’re.

As it happens, Aeons play a massive role in the world development of Honkai Star Rail. Therefore, learning about them will help you understand the overarching story of this game a little better. With that said, we’ve presented a guide to Aeons and the paths they represent.

A screenshot of an Aeon in Honkai Star RailEvery Aeon in Honkai Star Rail has its own purpose and powers

Who are Aeons and what are their paths in Honkai Star Rail?

Aeons are the Gods in the universe of Honkai Star Rail. They preside over the galaxy and each of them represents a very specific path. It goes without saying that not all Aeons are friendly and most of them don’t care much about the mortals.

However, mortals fail to understand them either, on account of how complex these Aeons are. The only thing that mortals can do is follow a path laid by an Aeon. If they can do it successfully, they’ll be blessed with unfathomable power.

Here are the paths that each of these Aeons represents:

AhaElationAha is described as the Aeon of Joy. This Aeon believes that all sentient beings deserve to be happy and therefore it inspires them to embrace it.
AkiviliThe TrailblazeThis is the Aeon that presides over the Path of Trailblaze. Their description states that they escaped from Pegana and since then they have been lost in time.
EnaThe OrderThis Aeon is deceased and very little is known about its Path
FuliThe RemembranceThis is the Aeon that believes being an intellectual is equivalent to one’s existence. Therefore, Fuli records everything in the past so that nothing is forgotten and they is ready for the rebirth of the Universe.
HooHThe EquilibriumThis Aeon believes in creating balance within everything.
IXThe NihilityIX is the most mysterious Aeon of all. They are a literal incarnation of the Abyss, a Black Hole, a void in the Universe. They believe nothingness is the ultimate end of everything.
IdrilaThe BeautyIdrila is the Aeon of Beauty and they wanted to achieve the same in the world. However, this Aeon has vanished and nothing is known about them any longer.
LanThe HuntLan is the Aeon of The Hunt. Their goal is to destroy all undead who once destroyed their homeworld. Unfortunately, Lan does not know the difference between salvation and annihilation.
LongThe PermanenceLong is a deceased Aeon that preached the Path of Permanence. Apparently, they appeared as a giant long and gave birth to Long Scions.
MythusThe EnigmataThis is an Aeon that believed in the concept of an enigma. They had a concept that mortals cannot fathom infinity which leads to a sense of mystery among all.
NanookThe DestructionNanook believes in Entropy and chaos. According to this Aeon, the entire Universe is a mistake, and intelligent civilizations are bound to be engaged in war at all times.
NousThe EruditionNous is the Aeon from the Path of Erudition and their sole goal is to find an answer to everything.
OroborosThe VoracityThis an Aeon who is considered as the devourer of worlds
QlipothThe PreservationThis is an Aeon who has survived for the longest time. This Aeon protected all the living worlds with their power from imminent destruction.
TayzzyronthThe PropagationThis is a terrifying Aeon that was born from the desire of being alone. This Aeon is referred to as The Swarm and is a harbinger of destruction. Tayzzyronth can self-duplicate itself and thereby channel infinite propagation.
TerminusThe FinalityThis is Aeon who travels in time, especially to the Past, and murmurs a prophecy that will be fulfilled in time.
XipeThe HarmonyThis is an Aeon who believes in creating harmony amongst all. The Aeon believes that the strong should help the weak and that life should be protected with death.
YaoshiThe AbundanceYaoshi is the Aeon of Life. This is a being that believes in life existing for eternity and thereby creates a universe that is alive and vibrant.

It’s important to mention that not all of these Aeons will be available as some have deceased. The others should become available in the future.

This concludes our guide for Aeons in Honkai Star Rail. If you found it informative, please look into some of our other guides at Dexerto.

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