Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock the Room of Requirement

cover art for the room of requirement in Hogwarts LegacyPortkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy’s Room of Requirement is an excellent place to gather resources and improve your gear, but it takes some time to unlock. Fear not, for we have all the details in this step-by-step guide for Hogwarts Legacy.

The wait is finally over, Hogwarts Legacy is out for aspiring witches and wizards to enjoy. Fans of the game might be wondering about iconic locations from the Harry Potter series, such as the Room of the Requirement, or the Chamber of Secrets.

Having said that, locating some of these iconic places in the game can be a little tricky for most players. Owing to this, we have prepared this guide that will help you with all the steps needed to unlock the Room of Requirement and experience everything that it has to offer.

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However, before jumping into that, we also have a plethora of guides to make your life easier in Hogwarts Legacy. Be it learning Unforgivable Curses, advancing time, or changing your equipped spells, we have you covered. Having said that, let’s dive in and check out everything that you need to know about unlocking the Room of Requirement in the game.

How to unlock the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy?

screenshot featuring the room of requirement in hogwarts legacy.Portkey Games
Explore the Room of Requirement to experience everything that this mystical room has to offer.

Unlocking the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy requires you to complete a quest that is aptly named The Room of Requirement. Given that this quest is a part of the game’s main story, there’s no chance for you to miss out on this one.

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During the course of this quest, you will come across Professor Weasley and Deek, the house elf. They will not only introduce you to the Room of Requirement but will also teach you the Altering Spell and the Conjuring Spell. However, you can use these two spells only inside the Room of Requirement.

You will most likely come across the Room of Requirement quest after a couple of hours into the game’s story. This specific quest only appears after you have completed the Tomes and Tribulations quest, so make sure to keep an eye out for this one to know for sure that you’re on the right path to unlock the Room of Requirement.

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Uses for the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy

There are plenty of uses for the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy. Apart from being able to use the Altering Spell and the Conjuring Spell, you can also use the Room to grow helpful magical plants and brew potions to use in battle.

Additionally, the Room of Requirement is key to rescuing and taming a variety of magical beasts, like Hippogriffs and Unicorns.

screenshot featuring the room of requirement in Hogwarts legacy.Portkey Games
Students will eventually gain access to four different Vivariums to house magical beasts.

Eventually, players will gain access to the Vivarium, where players can house different beasts, care for them, and even breed them. Caring for magical beasts is key to upgrading gear and unlocking its full potential, so it’s an aspect of the Room of Requirement that students should not overlook.

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Apart from all the features mentioned above, this room is also ideal if you simply want to get away from the busy and noisy atmosphere of the school without leaving the campus grounds.

So, there you have it, that’s all you need to know about unlocking the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy. Players looking for more tips and tricks can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below:

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