All Hogwarts Legacy beasts: Hippogriffs, Niffler, Dragons, more

Nathan Warby
Hogwarts Legacy player fighting Dragon
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The Wizarding World is crammed full of magical creatures to meet, and Hogwarts Legacy looks to take Potterheads closer than ever before. Here are all of the fantastic beasts confirmed for Hogwarts Legacy so far.

Ever since its announcement, Harry Potter fans have been hanging their sorting hats on Hogwarts Legacy to fulfill their wildest wizarding dreams. Creating a wizard or witch and enrolling in Hogwarts has been a fantasy ever since the first book launched back in 1997, and it may be set to come true in 2022.

But aside from the quirky characters and flashy spells, it’s the magical animals that truly bring the Wizarding World to life. Hogwarts Legacy’s world is teeming with more bizarre wildlife than Newt Scamander’s suitcase, and we’ve already had a few familiar beasts confirmed.

Hogwarts Legacy player overlooking Hogwarts school
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Hogwarts Legacy lets players explore the world of Harry Potter like never before.

Every confirmed beast in Hogwarts Legacy

Thanks to the March 17 State of Play, we’ve got our first look at plenty of different creatures that will be roaming the world outside Hogwarts. As we edge closer to the Holiday 2022 release date, we’ll likely catch a glimpse of even more weird and wonderful species.

Here’s every beast confirmed in Hogwarts Legacy, as well as a brief description.


Hogwarts legacy Graphorn
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Not all of the creatures around Hogwarts can be friendly.

First appearing in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them book, these grumpy brutes are just as aggressive as they look, boasting sharp teeth and two formidable horns on top of their spiky skull.

Their skin is said to be tougher than that of a dragon, so take caution if you bump into one of these out in the wilderness.


Hogwarts Legacy Dragon
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Dragons are one of the more deadly creatures found in Hogwarts Legacy.

Speaking of Dragons, would a fantasy open-world be complete without them? Fire-breathing reptiles will be scattered around the Hogwarts Legacy map and were seen in the original trailer flying towards the school.

Harry Potter fans will have fond memories of dragons thanks to the TriWizard Cup in Goblet of Fire, so it’s no surprise to see them play a big part in the game. Will we see one guarding Gringotts Bank?


Hogwarts Legacy Niffler
Warner Bros.
Yes, you can pet the Niffler.

These adorable little rodents first won audiences over when they hit the big screen in the first Fantastic Beasts movie. They’re skilled trackers who use their long snouts to sniff out and hoard treasure but have been known to cause a little chaos when let loose indoors.

Hogwarts Legacy appears to let to keep your own Niffler as a fluffy companion. You can even brush them, which we think is very important.


Hogwarts Legacy plaer flying Hippogriff
Warner Bros.
Sometimes a flying broom just doesn’t cut it.

A Hippogriff is a striking creature with a build similar to a horse, but with the wings, head, and talons of an eagle. Fans of the series will remember Hagrid’s beloved Buckbeak, who featured in many of the Harry Potter films.

Much like Potter himself, players will be able to use Hippogriffs to fly across the map and take in the sights, although it’s unclear if this is a late-game ability or an option available from the start.


Hogwarts Legacy Mooncalves
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Players can feed friendly Mooncalves in Hogwarts Legacy

Another one of Newt Scamander’s loveable pets, Mooncalf are shy burrowers who only emerge during a full moon. Their large, bulging eyes make them one the of cutest beats Hogwarts Legacy has to offer.

Players will have to have to venture out at night to bump into a one, but it’s well with the journey. One of the earliest Hogwarts Legacy trailers showed a young witch feeding a group of Mooncalves, and they seemed incredibly grateful.


Hogwarts Legacy Troll
Warner Bros.
Trolls may lack the intelligence of other enemies, but they make up for it in brute strength.

Some of the beats confirmed on this list are extremely friendly, but Trolls certainly don’t fall into that category. These hulking monstrosities can easily overwhelm the player with their sheer strength and blunt weapons.

After a Mountain Troll played a memorable role in the original Harry Potter movie, it makes sense for Hogwarts Legacy to build mini-boss encounters around them. So, expect Forest and Rover Trolls to be lurking in the world as well.


Hogwarts Legacy Acromantula
Warner Bros.
No sign of Aragog yet, but there are plenty of other creepy crawlies to deal with.

Arcromantula are essentially giant spiders found in the Wizarding World, which already makes them frightening enough. To make matters worse, they can grow to terrifying sizes, like the legendary Aragog found in the Forbidden Forest.

The trailers so far have only revealed smaller Acromantula’s scurrying around as common enemies for spell practice, but don’t be surprised to see a much larger version tucked away as a boss fight.


Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper
Warner Bros.
There’s all manner of wildlife in Hogwarts Legacy, from the horrifying to the adorable

Fwooper’s may not be well-known among fans, but they have featured heavily across the Wizarding World. One of these colorful birds was found in the front window of the Magical Menagerie in Diagon Alley, and their feathers are used as quills.

While they look harmless when they first hatch, a Fwooper’s song can actually drive the listener to insanity. So much so, that each bird sold comes with a Silencing Charm.

There you have it! That was every beast confirmed in Hogwarts Legacy so far. We’ll likely see even more announced closer to realize, so be sure to check back here for all the latest updates.

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