Hogwarts Legacy: How to unlock all Unforgivable Curses in Dark Arts talent tree

Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts spellsAvalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games

Hogwarts Legacy’s Unforgivable Curses are some of the most powerful spells in the game, but how do you unlock Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio and master the dark arts?

Hogwarts Legacy plunges you into the wizarding world as a curious fifth-year student whose ready to master every type of magic.

Of course, there are a set of spells that the school refuses to teach as they’re tied to the dark arts, and offer the user an unbelievable amount of power.

While you won’t be learning these spells in a classroom like Levioso and Accio, it’s possible to unlock and use all the Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy.

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These dark art spells become available later in the game and you’ll need to complete a number of quests to add them to your magic arsenal.


All Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy

Before learning the Unforgivable Curses, it’s important to know their names and how many of them there are in Hogwarts Legacy. You can check them all out below:

  • Killing Curse – Avada Kedavra
  • Cruciatus Curse – Crucio
  • Imperius Curse – Imperio

Each of these spells is immensely powerful in combat, so make sure you utilize them frequently once they’re unlocked.

How to get the Cruciatus Curse: Crucio

Casting crucio in Hogwarts LegacyPortkey Games
Crucio is the first Unforgivable Curse you learn in Hogwarts Legacy.

The first Unforgivable Curse you can learn in Hogwarts Legacy is Cruciatus Curse or Crucio. As with all the dark arts spells they’re tied to Sebastian Sallows’ side quest chain. Once you’ve progressed through enough of Sebastian’s missions and hit level 16, you’ll be given the ‘In the Shadow of the Study’ quest.

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During this adventure, you, Sebastion, and Ominis enter Slytherin’s Scriptorium and eventually, you’ll reach a door that requires an Unforgivable Curse to enter. This is where you’ll learn the Cruciatus Curse or Crucio in Hogwarts Legacy, as long as you have completed the main story quest ‘The High Keep’. If you can’t learn it yet, you might have to wait to advance time.

The Cruciatus Curse deals damage over time in Hogwarts Legacy and is extremely effective in one-on-one combat.

How to get the Imperius Curse: Imperio

Casting Imperio in Hogwarts LegacyPortkey Games
Imperio is the second Unforgivable Curse you learn in Hogwarts Legacy.

After unlocking Crucio and progressing through more of Hogwarts Legacy’s main story, you’ll receive another owl from Sebastian and gain access to the ‘In the Shadow of Time’ quest.

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During this mission, you and Sebastian explore a catacomb in search of a relic but are confronted by Ominis. It is at this time that you’ll learn the Imperius Curse or Imperio, as long as you have completed the main story quest Professor Weasley’s Assignment. If you can’t learn it yet, you might have to wait to advance time.

The Imperius Curse forces enemies to fight for you in Hogwarts Legacy, which can easily help turn the tide of battle if you’re struggling against a large group of enemies.

How to get the Killing Curse: Avada Kedavra

Casting avada kedavra in Hogwarts LegacyPortkey Games
Avada Kedavra is the final Unforgivable Curse you learn in Hogwarts Legacy.

Finally, there is the Killing Curse, otherwise known as Avada Kedavra which has the ability to instantly kill a target.

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Before receiving an owl from Ominis to meet him at the feldcroft catacombs, you’ll need to reach level 27, which can easily be achieved by completing main story missions, doing sidequests, or just exploring the open world.

After hitting this total level, you’ll gain access to the ‘In the Shadow of the Relic’ quest in which Sebastian casts the Killing Curse and offers to teach you it. You will need to have completed the main story quest Lodgok’s Loyalty. If you can’t learn it yet, you might have to wait to advance time.

Consequences of using Unforgivable Curses

As there is no morality system in Hogwarts Legacy, there are no consequences for using Unforgivable Curses in Hogwarts Legacy. Although some NPCs will disapprove of the spells through dialogue, learning and mastering this magic has no impact on the story or the ending of the game.

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It’s also worth noting that they are not required for the Trophy for learning all spells, so don’t worry if you’d rather leave dark magic to other witches and wizards.

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