Tectone gives honest verdict on new Genshin Impact competitor

Tectone Genshin Impact streamerTectone

Tectone has revealed his thoughts on The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin – an upcoming anime open-world game that aims to compete with Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact continues to prove incredibly popular, but the free-to-play game has yet to receive any real competition. Well, this could potentially change when The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin releases. 

This upcoming anime game has a lot of similarities to Genshin Impact, while also adding its own unique twists to the F2P formula. Despite the recent 2.5 update and upcoming Sumeru region, Travelers are hoping that this upcoming title will force HoYoverse to improve the current state of Genshin Impact

Popular streamer, Tectone, recently gave his opinions on the so-called “Genshin killer”, where he revealed his thoughts on The Seven Deadly Sins game. 

Tectone gives honest opinion on Genshin Impact competitor

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin gameplayNetmarble
The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin could rival Genshin Impact.

While Genshin Impact fans have wanted a major competitor since the game’s release, there have yet to be any titles that have managed to rival it. However, that hasn’t stopped a number of anime-inspired games from catching players’ attention. 

One of the most recent examples is The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin – a free-to-play open-world game based on a popular anime. The title is still currently in development for mobile platforms, PC, and consoles.

Despite this, a trailer featuring the game’s open-world environments, flashy battle system, and overworld exploration has been released. 

“It’s cool, and I’m going to try it out,” explained Tectone. “I’m going to say that I’m decently hyped, but there are so many red flags with this trailer, it’s ridiculous.” The streamer’s main concerns were that the trailer was purely cinematic and did not show any in-game footage. 

Tectone also voiced his fears over the developer and monetization that could hinder the upcoming title: “Number two, it’s handled by Netmarble. Number three, this game screams downloadable content and paid-gated DLC.” 

“I hope that it’s just Genshin Impact, but better. I honestly hope,” said Tectone. “The other red flag is that if this is the entire environment they’re trying to showcase, then it’s really not that big.” 

Whether The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin ends up being a major Genshin Impact competitor remains to be seen, but for now, HoYoverse’s F2P giant continues to go unrivaled.

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