Is Genshin Impact on Steam? How to add it to your Library

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If you’re wondering whether Genshin Impact is on Steam and how you can play miHoYo’s free-to-play title through Valve’s client, we’ve got everything you need to know.

Genshin Impact enables players to download and run the game through a variety of clients, but travelers on PC will be wondering whether miHoYo’s open-world game is available on Steam. 

After all, Valve’s digital distribution service is the home to a huge catalog of PC games. While Steam’s extensive library of titles is more than enough to sway most players, Valve’s popular client also offers plenty of benefits to those who use its platform.

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From easy-to-navigate menus to dedicated Friends lists, Steam has pretty much everything a PC player could need. However, is Genshin Impact on Steam, and if not, how can you add it to your library? 


Lumine, Jean, and Amber in Genshin ImpactmiHoYo
Genshin Impact has proven popular amongst PC players.

Is Genshin Impact on Steam?

As of writing, Genshin Impact is not currently available on Steam. In fact, the free-to-play title is only playable through the official launcher, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, and various app stores. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean miHoYo won’t add Genshin Impact to Steam in the future. After all, Honkai Impact 3rd – miHoYo’s other title recently hit Valve’s client last year, enabling PC players to download and play the popular mobile title through Steam.

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Whether Genshin Impact will be added to Steam in the future remains to be seen, but we’ll update this section as soon as we get more information. 

How to play Genshin Impact on Steam

Ganyu and Keqing sitting at a tablemiHoYo
Adding Genshin Impact to your Steam library is pretty simple.

While miHoYo hasn’t officially launched Genshin Impact on Steam, that doesn’t mean you can’t add the game to the client. In order to play Genshin Impact through Steam, simply follow the instructions outlined below: 

  1. Download Genshin Impact from the official website.
  2. Launch Steam and log into your account. 
  3. Click on ‘Games’ in the top lefthand corner. 
  4. Select the ‘Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library’ option. 
  5. Locate Genshin Impact from the folder screen.
  6. Click the tick box. 

Once you’ve done the above, you’ll now be able to select Genshin Impact from your Steam Library. To make matters even better, you’ll get access to all the added benefits of playing games through the Steam client, so if you like to keep your games all in one place, we recommend using this option. 

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