Genshin Impact daily login rewards: Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit (April 2022)

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Genshin Impact daily login, otherwise known as daily check-in, offers free Primogems, Mora, and other in-game items that can be used during your travels through Teyvat. Here’s everything we know about the rewards for April 2022.

Genshin Impact’s daily login (daily check-in) gives Travelers access to plenty of free items. These range from Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mora, to other helpful items that can be used to spend on the game’s upcoming banners and level up your Adventure Rank.  

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While Genshin Impact promo codes give players access to free Primogems, the daily check-in feature is often overlooked by some of the game’s player base.

While the daily check-in may not net you loads of Primogems, it is still a great way to collect some free in-game goodies. If you’re aiming to roll on the Ayato banner, then you’ll want to begin using the Genshin Impact daily check-in.


Genshin Impact daily check-in rewards (April 2022)

An image of the genshin impact daily login rewards for aprilHoYoverse
You’ll be able to claim a whole array of daily login rewards for April 2022 in Genshin Impact.

The daily login rewards that Travelers can claim in Genshin Impact for April 2022 include everything from free Primogems to Fine Enhancement Ore. What’s more, if this is your first time using Genshin Impact’s daily check-in feature, you’ll be able to earn x100 Primogems and x10,000 Mora

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The Genshin Impact daily login rewards for April 2022 are: 

  • x60 Primogems
  • x54,000 Mora
  • x11 Fine Enhancement Ore
  • x26 Adventurer’s Experience
  • x6 Hero’s Wit
  • x3 Fisherman’s Toast
  • x3 Fried Radish Balls
  • x3 Sweet Madame
  • x3 Almond Tofu

How to get Genshin Impact daily login rewards

An image of Primogems in Genshin ImpactHoYoverse
The daily check-in is a great way to get free Primogems.

The Genshin Impact daily-check feature is not located in the game – instead, players will need to follow the steps outlined below to begin logging in and claiming free rewards. 

  1. Head over to the official Genshin Impact daily check-in page
  2. Login to your Genshin Impact account.
  3. Select the first item from the calendar.
  4. Boot up Genshin Impact.
  5. Head over to your in-game mail.
  6. Claim your free rewards. 

As Genshin Impact’s daily check-in page can’t be accessed through the game itself, we recommended bookmarking the official page.

This way you can get in the habit of claiming your login rewards whenever you use your PC, tablet, or phone. 

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Genshin Impact daily check-in requirements

Genshin Impact daily check-inmiHoYo
Make sure you claim your Genshin Impact daily check-in rewards before they expire.

Like most free-to-play titles, Genshin Impact’s daily check-in comes with a few rules. Make sure you read these to avoid missing out on any rewards. 

  1. You can check in once each day. 
  2. Rewards and check-in progress are refreshed on the 1st of each month at 00:00. 
  3. After logging into your miHoYo Account and checking in, your account will receive the rewards via in-game mail that will be valid for 30 days
  4. An account for PSN can be linked to a miHoYo Account in the game, and check-ins can be carried out by logging into the said miHoYo Account.

So, there you have it, all the items currently available in Genshin Impact’s daily login feature for April 2022.

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