Genshin Impact Kaeya skin: Leaks & everything we know

Kaeya official artworkHoYoverse

A Genshin Impact Kaeya skin could be on the way if recent leaks are to be believed, so here’s everything we know about the Frostwind Swordsman alternate outfit.

Genshin Impact has been hit with a wave of leaks, giving Travelers early glimpses of unreleased Fontaine characters and new skins. Those who follow the Genshin Impact leak community will also be aware that Ayaka, Lisa, and Klee’s rumored skins have also been revealed. 

Now, it also appears that Kaeya – the beloved 4-star Cryo Swordsman is on the list of units to receive his own alternate outfit. As one of the free Genshin Impact characters, many Travelers have access to Kaeya, which makes a potential skin all the more appealing.

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So, whether you’ve mained the Frostwind Swordsman sincere Genshin Impact’s release or just wish to get an early look at the new Kaeya skin, then we have all the details. 


Is there a Kaeya skin release window?

Kaeya in MondstadtHoYoverse
Kaeya can be obtained for free in Genshin Impact.

There is currently no news on when the rumored Kaeya skin will release in Genshin Impact, but we will likely receive more details in the weeks and months to come. As always, we’ll be sure to update this piece once we have more information. 

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Genshin Impact Kaeya skin leak

The leaked Kaeya skin above has been making its rounds across social media, with many players noting how his outfit has a striking resemblance to the clothing worn in the Sumeru region. 

While this drawing is not an official screenshot from HoYoverse, one Twitter user has made some small edits to help give players a more detailed look at how Kaeya’s skin could potentially look. 

Kaeya has seemingly ditched his Knights of Favonious attire and equipped robes that are better suited for the hotter climates. Whether the developers will make any adjustments before this skin makes its debut remains to be seen, but for now, this is the first glimpse Travelers have of this new look. 

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Can you get the Kaeya skin in Genshin Impact now?

No, there are no details on how you can get the Kaeya skin in-game. However, it will likely follow a similar pattern to the game’s previous Fischl skin. 

During the event, Fischl’s “Ein Immernachtstraumz” skin was available to claim for free by completing the requirements in the Resonating Visions event. If the Kaeya skin leak is true, then Travelers will likely be able to obtain it by completing certain quests in an upcoming event. 

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It’s also important to note that Travelers now have to spend 1680 Genesis Crystals to unlock Fischl’s skin, so if players don’t unlock the Kaeya skin during the event, then they’ll likely need to spend some money. 

So, there you have it, that’s everything we know about the rumored Genshin Impact Kaeya skin. As always, we’ll be updating this piece as soon as we hear any more information, so make sure you check back regularly. 

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In the meantime, check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest news and guides.

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