Does Lies of P have New Game Plus mode?

A promotional image from Lies of P.Neowiz Games / Round 8 Studio

Lies of P is a brand new game inspired by the tale of Pinnochio that promises to be a challenging title for players but does the game feature a New Game Plus mode? We’ve got the answer right here in our handy hub.

The latest soulslike release to hit the market is Lies of P, a video game retelling of the story of Pinnochio that promises to be far darker than Disney’s take on the beloved children’s novel.

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In this version of the tale, you’ll control Pinnochio as he journeys through an unforgiving landscape and takes on a handful of tough battles. For souls veterans, and fans who particularly enjoy the game they may want to know if Lies of P has a New Game Plus mode you can dive into after the credits roll.

With that in mind, here’s everything we know about whether or not Lies of P features New Game Plus mode.

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A promotional image from Lies of P featuring Pinnochio in combat.Neowiz Games / Round 8 Studio
Lies of P retells the story of Pinnochio in a dark fashion.

Does Lies of P have New Game Plus mode?

Yes, Lies of P does include a New Game Plus mode.

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While the feature isn’t called New Game Plus in Lies of P, the traditional NG+ experience is still there as players will have the oppurtunity to dive straight back into the game once they’ve finished the main campaign. As well as giving you the chance to go back and battle bosses with an increased difficulty, all of your gear, levels and stats from your intial playthrough will carry over which will likely make the early game experience much easier the second time round.

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There are also multiple endings available to get in Lies of P, so for completionists having the option to replay the campaign to see every available outcome will be ideal.

That’s everything you need to know about New Game Plus mode in Lies on P! For more content on the game, check out our guides below:

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